Newest TTH Pictures and Answers for an article for the Czech Republic

Hopefully more information about what we do is going out in a new article in the Czech Republic, in a periodical called The Word, nice name, and written by a young lady name Jacy.  I felt the answers will be informative for the general public here as well.

Arched Vicki bath sink

1) My primary goal with this article is looking at the benefits that come
from reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in our lives and realizing we can
often re-purpose what we have into something new/different, etc. What
benefits can be had from more sustainable building techniques?  

Having all things you want or need for nearly free.  Having houses for your family, friends, and occupations that do not require college degrees to have a fulfilling life without toxins, consumeristic depression, and suffering from the drone existence that the corporate world would love to have us stay plugged into until we die.
This opens ones eyes to the fact that nearly all we need can be had for free, except for the cost of human energy and that is more unlimited than most people seem to believe.  One needs only imagination and the will to change their world to make trash turn into treasures, to a home, into a world.  The benefits of simplifying, reducing waste while increasing our asset base, our natural resources already formed and ready for constructing houses and villages that will last for centuries rather than a 15 years ideal built in obsolescence period by design.  The chance for our planet to recover from the devastation of creating the modern world by using what we have already harvested is vital to our species being able to survive in abundance without killing ourselves with greed.  
This is a path to that end and the benefits of that are far beyond any I can describe in one paragraph.  
Let us say this though….. if the local governments and people choose to salvage the incredible treasures hidden in this country in the guise of old barns, buildings, and homes which are actually full of valuable bricks, wood, sinks, tubs, lumber cut as flooring, cabinets, and much more, virtually for free compared with the cost to the world of trying to create it all anew from scratch.  The calculations of savings to the planet are incalculable the are so large and the benefit in the reduction of usage of resources just from creating the trash we throw into the get-rich-from-trash landfills is insane.  

Windows from as far away as India, the round window from an Anheiser Busch warhouse in Quincy, Ill., the Windows by the door from Buffalo NY, the door from back East somewhere, the stained glass from Kansas, and the siding from the El Campo Salvage Expedition (see Youtube video and music Videos)

We have the opportunity to capture and save massive stored treasures across the world that is found in all the empty buildings left behind where jobs are scarce now.  Let us use them to warehouse the future now, thus creating work for millions and thus too, inventory that is not imported to rebuild with as we learn, then teach the children of our society to be self sufficient once more.  That should be enough benefit for any one to consider making the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance an integral part of their daily psyche and thus move us closer to finding Salvation for our situations through the Salvage we can find for free.  

Here is a drop down tabe to go up when you need the dinner space or to work, down in a heartbeat when you need the extra living space.
2) Pure Salvage Living is dedicated to a specific area that probably most
people don’t think about in this area – building. How do you go about
sourcing your materials and what other benefits can be had from salvaging
besides the obvious (not contributing to landfills, etc)?

Here is the bath window to the inside, the antique mirror on the door is nearly 3/8′ inch thick.

 I have millions of dollars in salvage materials being offered to us from all over the country and yet no one seems to want to jump up to the gate and take them down, use the materials to build houses with, or take the chance that they will be worth the effort is seems.  I am not sure what it will take, but we are going to try the seminars to teach people how to build next.  Please see my blogs as to my intent and then we will see what comes.  I am confident some good things will surface and this will continue to grow long after I have set up all my assets in trusts to make this possible and lasting for the many generations who could benefit in the centuries ahead if we can adopt this perspective now, and fast.  Luckily, the internet makes it possible for global absorption of new ideas and the viral dissemination once it finally hits the right chord and the resonates through out the human consciousness to become a quantum story, thus reality for the next Millennia.  
We will succeed! 

3) Are there any statistics on salvage building?

Vesper Casa master bedroom looking across to the dressing room.

How many projects have you been involved in?  I have built some 75 houses out of 99% Pure Salvage, as welll as a 66 passenger school bus I lived in that I created out of salvage from dumpsters and crossed the USA from Florida to Washington and back through Las Vegas, Nevada.  There I did my 40+ days in the desert, eating out of dumpsters to survive, selling trash to get the money to fix my motor and head Eastward where i finally came to Texas with my $650 nest egg, and my motorcycle in a broken Dodge pickup towed behind a 40′ long Pure Salvage hOMe in a Bus with expired licence plates, inspection sticker, no insurance, and at 64′ long, illegal on the highways had they stopped me and measured me.  (Since I came after dark on July 4th of 1984, they missed my entry and I stayed nested here ever since.)  
I later created amongst other businesses, Discovery Investments, Inner City Home Brokers which is the vehicle that made my first accumulation of wealth possible, though my original intent was to use it solely to publish my book.  I got caught up with drinking the cool aid.
I rehabbed condemned houses, crack houses, whore houses, and other problems in East Austin during my first career as a real estate broker and investor/redeveloper.  I won numerous awards for projects, houses, and commercial, even for entire blocks of houses for revitalization.  In 1994 I won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my Salvaging houses, neighborhoods, and eventually an entire zip code in Austin before I retired from that world of real estate brokerage.

From the dressing area looking back to the master bedroom side, all of which is only taxable as storage space, not living space because it is under 5’8″ in the loft.

I spent the next decade and change creating Discovey Architectural Antiques which eventually became the largest store of its kind in the country reaching over 130,000 sf of inventory under roof at its peak.  That was in Gonzales, Texas where I moved to spend more time with my son when he was 11 years old.
Eventually I started/conceived of Tiny Texas Houses in 2006 as a real possibility and over the next now 7 years I manifested what you see now, as well as what you do not see is in the works and materializing as you write this article. 

4) Anything else you’d like to add about salvaging, its benefits and why
building a home out of old home pieces is not such a crazy idea? 😉

Vicki Zebu Kitchen and the bath off to the left.

Tons of stuff, including how to build entire villages and the Tiny Texas Territories includes how to build Unity through community with the SalvageFaire Market where all can be bartered as well as bought.  
This concept is the completion of Book one of the Book of Wibblry and Wub, the manifestation of a fictional story that now reaches with seedlings of imagination sinking roots in the minds of humans all over the world.  These are my Wibbables, my manifestations of Wibs I created with my Wub.  Yes, gibberish until you have read and understand the reasons all of this exists at all, Tiny Texas Houses and what can be done with 99% Pure Salvage, not just decorations but solutions for the future we can bring into focus now.
If we establish a World Union of Believers in the Survival of the Planet and the Species, (WUB) and access the energy of the cosmos, the life force that comes into this body and brings it to be what we form it into, through which we learn, experience, and perhaps reconnect to our spirits enough to thoroughly enjoy the Love and Beauty of Life.  The highs and lows like a roller coaster, Love and Pain of Loss that brings forth even more Love for that which has moved on to other forms or spaces, though we often do not understand why, the reasons we end up where we are and with such experiences as we uniquely have that make us stronger for having survived.  Once we understand the benefits of our struggle, of our mastering and overcoming all the odds to still survive, we can awaken and recover from the damages we have been led to believe we suffer from.  
We can change our way with our daily acts.  We can change the lives of all we touch with out every breath and yet we waste them in the taking, not the giving, in the consumption not the connections to our world we are supposed to steward for the benefit of those who follow.  If our species can overcome division, excessive consumption and waste, social condemnation through religious or racial tactics that do not help unite us as ONE in PEACE.  

Another shower with Granite mosaic floor and antique roofing shingles for walls.

Simplicity is more natural than complexity and the stress of our modern world has proven catastrophic to the children and our society as a whole, in spite of pockets of incredible luster, other areas suffer greatly from greed, ignorance, and the failure of a system to ignite the spark of imagination, passion, the belief in doing the impossible every day, and visualizing the yet unthinkable solutions into existence with nothing more than your mind, body, and spirit being tuned and committed to giving back as much as you can to the world every day you are alive.

Zebu Vicki shower and bath vanity. 1880’s circa metal roofing shingles with a self sealing underlayment that is guaranteed not to leak for 30 years.

I create my Wibs, my thoughts, and express them through my Wibbables, in many forms of creative manifestation such as my poetry, my songs, my pictures, and my drawings, my houses though have been my most applauded form.  Thus fare in my short life, or at least it still seems so, i have yet to fulfill the one desire I have had throughout my life and still.  I must complete my books at last, both on my houses and my life, but the time to make it ready was for lessons learned through strife.  I used to think I would not live to see a day as this, when the miracles of childhood are the basics of the day.
I take pictures without film with a clarity unknown when I was born.  I write without paper and publish around the world without paying a penny per person that my images might reach, not for the articles around the world in many languages, videos I can make without film or physical evidence, just data streams to prove I have existed, done my deeds in this lifetime, and will one day move on leaving the physical legacy of my houses build from salvage and my writing hopefully on paper in some nicely hidden place.