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Back view of the Arched Vicky an 11′ x 19′ creation.

It appears that the filters on spam take out a number of our newsletters and notices. True, I generally only post the notices a few weeks before the events but over all, everyone is committed and had no time, like yourself, to work on this sort of change and solutions.

Once more the porches make the house seem much bigger than it is, but in Texas, this is living space.

I understand entirely.
The needles in our veins have hooks at the end so we can not pull them out without pain thus they continue to drain our life force out to pay the bills for things we will leave behind when we die. The memories lost, the children left alone to fend for themselves and grow up without direction and love, that is the price we pay for the luxuries we think are important.
I understand, I did it, I missed my sons life for sake of trying to give him things that in the end meant nothing. All he wanted was my love, my time, my attention, my approval, my help in fending his way through a cold world that does not care about its children being sacrificed for us to have such luxuries as he gladly gave away rather than be part of the problem. I just wish I could have understood this earlier in life.

Keep on doing what you are doing, see your kids a few hours at night when you are done making money, and I pray you make them quality hours together, and not just TV time that I look back on now as hours wasted that i could have shared and lived with my son. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking the things will make them happy, the nice house, the cars, the clothes, newest technology or any THING. You waste your lives chasing the wrong things and you will find the things you have left in the end mean nothing.

Space is in the mind, and this house proves it in many ways.

No one has time for fixing the world for our babies because we are too busy getting and taking care of the things we seem to think are more important than saving the world or the future of our children.
Everyone seems to have gotten comfortable with this situation now in America and the few who see it otherwise are trapped and afraid to break away and suffer the arrows that fly when you drop out of the matrix. Not just your credit rating, but the peer pressure, the giving up of possessions, and the breaking away of the expectations of your peers.
These are the real issues keeping this from growing and I have done many things that perhaps could have been done better or differently to make an impact. Many have suggested what I could do but few have come to help without being paid. So, it is mostly just talk I hear and thankfully, some are taking action to change their lives which is what has made this worth it.

Just a few reasons that I think everyone should consider building houses out of salvage.

Still, it is a letdown to see the bulk of our country, the 99% of my generation ignore this option of saving the assets we throw into the dump for our future. It will take more than one voice to be heard by a nation and I have faith that eventually it may trickle down to reach some of the people in the deep dark holes they live in.
Sadly though, I am giving up on being able to influence enough people to make a difference before the coming tragedies. I did my best, now it is simply a matter of watching to see what my seedlings are able to grow into once they people have a chance to realize what has been lost. I have learned that with the loss of my son, that you only truly appreciate something or someone after it is gone and can no longer by held, or seen, but only remembered for how incredible the life they could have had could be.

Porches make a huge difference on these tiny houses, and infact add living space to them.