Roll Me Over And Set Me Up, A Chance To Convert The Dream Of Our Thirties And Forties Into The Dream Of Our 50's And 60's With The Wonderful Use Of Barter If You Have A Classic Awaiting Conversion.  Yes, Transforming A Vintage Antique Car Into A Home May Not Be As Hard As You Might Imagine.

Now: a rare chance to barter into a Classic Tiny Texas House from a classic car you may not need now… Really? YES!

If you have a Classic car just sitting in the garage with the door stuck shut from the snow piled up outside and want to use it to barter toward having an incredible Classic Tiny Texas House in the beautiful warm state of Texas?  Imagine that if you had a few of those cars you might trade straight up for a house for your love story instead of a day at the races.   Or on the other hand, if hubby or dad left you with a few of these toys, why not trade them for a better one that you can use for the rest of your life and not have to pay any taxes on the sale or purchase of your new dream come true?


The Monty Grand Victorian living area with custom rolling game table.

Monty Grand Victorian

Imagine sitting on this porch and watching the day come to its end, relaxed.

The Monty Grand Victorian had one of the most complex, and nicest kitchens of any we have done.

The Monty Grand Kitchen was one of the nicest of them all.

Yes, I have an owner who is willing to trade a car or two, perhaps other things even as a way to allow this incredible house to move on to live with other great owners, or rather for them to live in.  This house, the Monty Grand Victorian is truly one of the finest Tiny Texas Houses ever built and incredibly, never lived in but stored instead due to health problems encountered by the owners before moving in.  While waiting and hoping for the day they could use it, the time has come to let it go and we want to make it possible for someone who appreciates the vintage parts and pieces used to create this house, which is likely also someone who can appreciate saving these wonderful classic cars too.


Suppose this is sitting in the garage and you could use a house about the size of the garage instead of the two. It could be the first step along that path.

Had a tree fall on that classic, Ouch. Can it be saved? Got more than one to work with. Imagine a house instead.

suppose that gift to the child you love so dear has made you rethink the speed you want them to move at. How about a tiny house instead of a fancy car, for a wedding gift, graduating college, or being a mother for a lifetime.

Roll me over and count me as dead?  Not a chance cause there is always hope for the classic dreams we know and love, but the fulfillment seems so far away to some.  This is a possible way to convert a dream of one decade into the dream of another fulfilled.

Got a car?  Want a house?  Got a few bucks to move it to a place where it can rest for you to live in?  Need a place to put it? (may have that too)  Want to own it without bartering and have some money in the bank, not a loan you might get one day… get in touch too… for it might work for you too.

Let us consider what can happen.  Here are a few pictures of cars that the owner loves, and the house you could have in trade.  Interested?  Contact me at to hear and see more as well as check out the other blog with more pictures of the house, inside and out.