Oiling the Calling with Walnuts

Vicki Zebu’s inside Eyes

Oiling the Calling with Walnuts

Oil, Oil everywhere,
the Walnut does so well.
The sweetness and the purity
are all that you will smell.

The wood responds with colors
flowing from its hand cut forms.
Its age is never hidden
but instead made more the point.

Like wisdom from the ages,
old wood bears the heavy loads,
and will always give back more than
any new cut wood we know.

With an honor and a fortitude
that once was in our blood,
they give their lives to serving us
while formed thus into homes.

The hardware made by hand and sweat,
so very long ago,
to last a full millennia,
we’ve centuries to go.

I challenge all to save this treasure,
piece by piece I say.
preserve it and protect
for it will be gone one day.

Create new homes to live in
and to pass the those you love
Instead of simply taking more
destroying what is left.

Preserve, protect, and honor,
all the gifts we have thus far,
for we can not re-create them
nor import them from a star.

No need to wish we had one day
long after it is gone,
when the children need the treasure now
to fuel their passions strong.

If not they have no purpose,
but to be a drone and die,
to pay taxes and to fit into
a mold they dare not try.

I beg to all who read this,
do not let it pass your eyes,
without knowing of your calling
to rejoin the Heart of Man.

Tis the light within that guides us
that empowers heart and soul,
its the strength that makes for miracles
Like the ones we need right now.

It the chance to make it right again,
before it is to late,
but it takes the people acting
to Unite to stop this fate.

We can use the Power God gives all,
to overcome the Fear,
We can join in one great Union
That will change the end that’s near.

We can form into a Union
Of Believers One and All,
in the World Preservation
if our Species hears the Call.

Darby 2013

Vicki’s Outside Eyes

a balcony to the stars above.

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