At 4 Years Old My Father Put My Boxing Gloves On & Explained To My Why I Was Supposed To Hit My Little Brother.  I Did Not Find That Fun, Nor Did He.  In Life We Have The Chance To Learn That Power Is Not To Be Used On All Who Have Less To Hurt Them But Instead To Help Them Up.  It Should Hurt To Hurt Others Who Do Not Deserve It... But For Some It Does Not.

Once upon a time Wii set about to change the world… then Wii did!

At 4 years old my father put my boxing gloves on & explained to me why I was supposed to hit my little brother. I did not find that fun, nor did he. In life, we have the chance to learn that power is not to be used on all who have less to hurt them but instead to help them up. It should hurt to hurt others who do not deserve it… but for some, it does not.

Once upon a Time, I built houses for the public to take away to places far away. I ran a business, played the game, and fed the great machine. My life hours spent for profits, my nights spent dreaming thus. But once found wealth is just an anchor holding one through life, to what we have not what we do that takes up all our time.

Cooling off and re-energizing… envisioning things done, but as they’re not, I’m up like a shot and back to working too.

What is your view of the world? From up high all things come into view that we can not see from down below. How will we look to find the light, the sunshine that comes out so bright? We do not go into a hole, but up upon a high spot so we can then see the coming clouds, the setting sun, the last rainbow. Off into the clouds I drift, to seek the rainbow’s end I lift, and fly without a thought of falling as I follow my life’s calling. No matter what the storms I see, no matter where the lightning be, I must fly high without regard for what is lost from where I’ve gone.


Look into my eyes as if they are your own, and know that Wii are One without the bodies Wii behold. Energy my friend is all there is after the end, and I pray you realize how strong that before our time is done.

Up higher and higher, it seems we are still working to make this my best house this year.

At first the rainbows seemed to far away to ever reach. The ends would keep on moving though the Bow was overhead. So up I went into the sky, I could not help, I know not why… and there I found the taste I sought,
my Rainbows finally have been caught!

What Rainbows lead to many say will make you rich one day. I find them all about me but the ends are not steadfast. I have chased them with my car so fast that some would doubt my goal, but never have I caught one so I can not tell, too bold.

She’s found herself above the rest and viewing what she sees, is nearly ready to fly up and touch the clouds again.

Danielle is overcoming so many fears and doubts, seeing what she had not seen in many years of life.

I wonder as I peer above, I wonder what I see… are they clouds with rain or are they just white puffs a glow.

Preparing for the rains by getting roofing on the Cottage way up atop Miracle Mountain. Bit by bit the game is played, the parts add up, the path is laid. The new mascot for what I dream is now upon the mount I’ve seen. The trophy for Humanity is the inspiration they can see. then all, the chance to answer to the call. Be what you can be to do the things our planet wants you too. Not words alone but more in acts, we can by our works change the facts. Reset the system, create anew, the homes we live in, the Art of Truth.
Up atop my house so high, I look about and Earth I spy. I seek to land but cannot stay, for soon I fly up and away.

No more it seems, do I still care for dollars great or small. The things that were my life are simply toys left all about.
Like a child who has grown too where new toys are needed now…
the old ones are still good and yet their interest is now gone.
What to do? They ask of you, the wise and elder guide, who can but say what worked that’s true, but no matter what we recommend,
Amazed at what ensues, we realize that each must size the life that’s right for them. Flow with the creek, become the pond or river for a while, then move quickly down the bed of rocks, move boulders if you wish, and when you reach the river, then down the waterfalls, know the source is where you started and where you will end.
Endless Creek will show that soon and life will grow again.
Cycles, seasons, turn, turn, turn.

As I hear more people choose to bail out on this life as the struggles intensify, as the Schuman Resonance kicks up to heights never seen by modern man and affects them in ways few can understand, Suicide is not the path to peace but a way out of fulfilling your true mission, your purpose, and Wii need you to hang on, come around with the Hope, the Passion, the Love it will take to create the True Peace we can manifest if Wii Unite as a World that cares, not wars. Please share the hope that Wii can succeed, not give up. Help others get past this hard bump in the cultural, global transformation all will experience.
This is a story written nearly 4 decades ago, finally coming to light in the many forms that modern media allows, and it can reach around the world in a few heartbeats if you help share, open the doors to the sadness and know that the failure to succeed at dying is sometimes the reason for us to live… to show that the unimaginable life we have yet to live could change the path of our world. One person working with millions of others can change the world, but never alone. Wii Can do it together but it Wii need you to stick around and help.


Join me in my favorite times.  My Spirit plays with toys and rhymes to form a plan that you can see, a way to think, a way to Be.  I form my body, shape my mind.  I alter the hurt land I find.  I dream great dreams that never end, except to morph and then to blend.  I do believe that Wii can do what others say cannot be True.  I know this for it is my way to do such things near every day.  Thus by example, Wii might prove the many ways that you might choose to turn Our world into a place that would put a smile on the World’s face!

Darby Lettick

September 2018