One Ray Dallies On

The Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun” is getting her trim colored now and nearly finished on the outside.  Upon here lie the Rays of Sunshine that could light up the World.  Will the Rays Live up to their Destiny?

One Ray Dallies On

Why would a Ray of Sunshine,

Stay long past it’s normal Life,

Lest that Tiny Ray of Sunlight

Sought to make it through the Night.

Seems it happens each Millenium,

Like a long awaited Flare,

there’s a Ray of Hope that Rises up

Awakened by the Dare.

Once the Light is Shined from Sun to Man,

No matter who should see,

It will Light the Hope for all who know,

It Awakens more than Thee.

So come up my Ray, Awaken,

Come Alive out from the Dark

Let the power of the Sun you hold

Help Mankind reach it Mark.

Please Come Up my Friend,

Awake Alive,

You’ll make it through the Night,

For One Tiny Ray of Sunshine

has such Power to Ignite.

Twas the Ray of Sun that shone one Eve,

That made it past the Moon,

and by living through the Dark of Night,

Gave Rise to a new Tune.

Twas a Ray to be Remebered

Long past all the Sunny Days.

For the One Ray made it possible

To Light the Golden Way.


Cast from the SUN

Can Light the Way for All

To See in Dark, a Path to Take

That leads Us to a Door.

If we Light the Candles

 One by One

With a Single Ray of Light,

Then others soon will Share the spark,

and thus light up the Night.

Even when the clouds block out

the Sun we need to Thrive,

That Ray that lit the flames of Hope,

Will keep Mankind Alive.

So Thus the Flames that Ray can light

Are more than they appear,

and the Legacy Ray leaves behind

Will ring forever Clear.

When other Ray’s Gave Up the Fight

To go the Extra Mile,

to Wake Up Wubtron’s Worldwide

and with a Loving Smile.

One small Ray that Dallied On,

to go where none would Dare,

Into the darkness without Fright,

To Rise and make a Flare.

To Come out in the Morning,

With the Sun that set him Free,

to let others thus Awaken,

to Fulfill a Bigger Need.

Yes it took that Ray that Dallied On,

To finally break away,

to Lead the Others round the World

To Share the promised Day.

Twas a beakon to Mankind but More,

Lighting Candles All the Way,

Ray became a Global Hero,

left a Legacy that Stayed.

So as Man looks for the Rays of Light

to ignite their Candle’s Wick

In the Darkest Days that face us now,

We must all Join to Win.

Once the Billions are released again,

their True power will unfold,

a new Renaissance of thinking

a True Miracle, BeHold.

For a Ray of Sun can Light the Hope

and thus Inspire All

to Unite behind a Cause so Great

No one will be left out.

Who can but Love a Ray of Light,

Igniting with its Heat

This World of Ours that needs its Help,

It’s Love that sets us Free.

Five Million times a Minute,

Candles Light along the way,

As a Single Ray of Hope

Dallies On to Legacy.

It need not be much more than that,

five minutes at the Dawn,

When the Voice that comes a Calling

Asks the Ray to be the Sun.

For it is the Path laid out Before

The Ray had left its Home,

That this meeting was intended

Thus great battles will be won.

Out from the Dark It Finally Burst,

So nearly Lost in Dreams,

From the Demons of the Night and more

The plans and all the schemes.

The Ego Lost gets Shaken,

Thus it needs some form of Faith,

If One Ray can do what others can’t,

Then it was Meant that Way.

So now’s the time to Watch the Ray,

Absorb the Cosmic Winds,

To wake up to it’s Calling

Gather Strength, Pay Off its Sins.

Out of the Box of Thinking,

At the Final Stretch we climb,

Comes the Message you can Carry

Sent to you in this Pure Rhyme.

Its the World of Salvage thinking,

that can Save us at this Time.”

Tis the Words of Wub and Wibblry,

a World Union who Believe,

that Save our Earth and Species

with the Light one Ray can Leave.

Twas the Tiny Texas Houses

that led to Wibblry,

and the Wub that Coaxed the Ray to Light

up the Future that can be.

By Igniting Its Great Wubtron,

And expelling from It Doubt,

That One Tiny Ray of Sunshine,

Carried on, not Dallied Out.



The Book of Wibblry and Wub

Just One Ray, that’s all we Need.