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Once Upon A Time We Gave A Tiny House Away.  Guess What, This Time It Will Be A Package Of The Parts You Will Need To Build An Even Bigger House Where Ever You Want Yours To Be One Day.

Organic Cottage Parts Package Essay Contest for PSL Members: 1 pr Month

Yes, believe it or not, we will truly be giving away a package of Pure Salvage Building materials for an Organic House or Cottage each month for the next year as part of my “Spreading the Pure Salvage Living Building Drive”. It will include the parts one would use to help create a sustainable house using many other parts for walls, such as salvaged lumber for framing, straw bale, compressed earth, monolithic domes, or container homes…. the parts will work for all of them. Just what is included? Each month I will give away a package to include up to:

<strong>1 Front door
1 Bathroom door
7- windows 4 big for down, 2 for up in gables, 1 for kitchen
500 sf- of vintage tin for roof and some of the siding
250 sf- of T&G flooring in a Long Leaf Pine
4- 4×4 antique beams for a loft.
200 sf- of Cypress or Long Leaf siding
100 sf- of beaded wood for wainscot
1- bathroom sink
1- Kitchen sink
2- sets of cabinet doors and drawers vintage in wood.
50 sf- Vintage roof shingles for shower walls.

Some of the houses you could build with this kit are well known in our collection. Add the cool windows, ornamental metal, shingles for the shower included too.

That would cost somewhere around $3,000 -$5,000 depending on the package of the month which I plan to take pictures of each month so people could actually practice designing with the set offered as we go through the month showing what could be done so that who ever gets it has some great ideas to start with based on the path they choose to take with the nest egg of Pure Salvage Booty they could win. The big advantage will be in the first year as there are less members to compete with, but like with the Essay Contest Houses where latecomers missed out, this will run for a year and the new entries will combine with older 2 or 3rd place competitors still in the ring through out the year. If we get a month of dud essays or none, one of the past could win as well as someones updated version. ( I always see my mistakes after I send off my writing it seems so this will give people a chance to get it right)

Yes, this is just one of 7 houses you could stay in to find out what your organization could teach people how to build. It is a big downsize but with a common bath house, community kitchens, and other elements, new forms of village living could be created in the outskirts of cities that could become self sufficient using salvage materials, a market to sell the wares created out of them, as well as the houses they could build and sell. It is a way of teaching a path to Salvation through salvage. It works. Come visit, even invest in a Tiny House in Salvage, Texas and have it here to give you income, depreciation so that the government pays for it, be ready for the SHTF moment with a back up outside of the city, or just build houses somewhere once you learn how.
You could nearly build two of these with the first package of materials we are offering as it does not need so many windows as it is only 80 sf on the first floor.

So what do you think so far?

While not all you will need to build a house, it will get one well into the process of building their own house… which is what the essay is all about. How are you preparing and planning to build your Organic Cottage in the future?
Lots of possible answers and scenarios which we will pull from and publish each month, then follow up and see what they do with the packages of materials that each of the members wins. Perhaps some will get together and build a house or two, or twelve…. so I dream.

You could even create a cottage like the Blue Moon or Vicky One for simplicity. Even the Bear House which is only 10′ x 10′ on first floor.

Stay in different houses to see how you might fit.

How about you? Are you a member of the Pure Salvage Living website? Do you want to learn how to do this? Seminars are free for members, but the chance to win this is also only available to members too.
Anyone remember the Essay Contest House we gave away a few years ago?

Here is the ladder stair folded up against the wall.

Here is the folded up version that shows how it opens the path to the bath.

Once upon a time I gave a Tiny Texas Houses Away for an Essay contest prize. While not profitable at all, in fact a loss, I learned many lessons of life through it.

Yes, it seems like just a couple years ago, but indeed it has been more. Now you could get the parts to make an even larger Organic Cottage for Free as a member of Pure Salvage Living.

Speaking of tiny Bathrooms and sinks.

Please join us for the adventure of a lifetime as you learn how to move off grid, homestead if you wish, and downsize so as to get disconnected from the stress of the matrix and the American Dream. Join us in a paradise of simplicity, peaceful living, and an organic perspective that may change your lifestyle and health before you turn your attention away again.

Want to become a member fast and get started???? https://puresalvageliving.com/become-a-puresalvageliving-com-get-up-to-free-set-of-plans-or-bb-stay-or-both-free/ This link will take you to a page to tell you more and depending on when you read this, a special that was going on for the membership when that blog was written.

This special offer starts February 1st for all present members and new members. The first prize package will be given away at the end of March. If it goes well, we will give another away the next month and is more members keep signing up and showing interest, we will continue. We reserve the right to discontinue this contest at any time and for any reason after the first round and prize are given. That is just in case you should be thinking there will be many more, join later… maybe not if we do not see the interest level thus find that many of our followers that are interested or can not string 300-500 words together so we will like reading them. Judging is no easy chore. You will need to be a member to win a package of materials. Essay guidelines are simple and only require about 300-500 words. Not less, for the ideas that must be shared to win can not be as simple as some I got in the essay contest we once gave a house away in years ago. Some people sent in a one sentence essay…” I want the house so give it to me.” Yep.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

From the first house created by Tiny Texas Houses to the newest, it is like getting a chance to stay in a museum of houses that show the progression of Salvage Building.
This is a way to understand the issues in building, the methods that are now possible to make the houses energy efficient, and the Space Magic Designs that make these seem like they are much larger inside than they appear.

NO! This time it is simply tell us the true story of your path, plans, and how this would fit into it, for though you might not win in the first month, your entry will stay in the running for the whole year… each month being reconsidered next to the new ones that come in. Yes you can re-enter every month. Yes you can win more than one time as all names will be separate from essays for judging, thus unbiased selection does leave that open, but we will limit you to two wins per year.

Yes…. it is really true everyone so tell your friends, get your plan together, and share with us so that we can discuss the virtues and issues with some of the plans people come up with and figure out how to solve them and make their dreams happen. Want to play the game?

Submit for the end of March when I will give out the first Free Prize Package. Members must belong for at least 30 days to be able to win a package so do sign up in February in order to win in March’s first drawing for a materials package that could change your world. I will be posting more information to members as we go and just announcing the basics to the public so please check into Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living websites to get more information and sign up for this incredible running Essay Contest for Pure Salvage Living Parts and Pieces that few could find and assemble any other way than this.

This was set up originally for use as an office and home mix.

The Monty Grand Victorian is a great example of what is possible with what some think of as trash. This is a house that most people could live in comfortably.

Darby takes you on a visionary path to a sustainable Organic Cottage Tour with some great video and good music along the way.
Send Him your essay so that he might help you bring your imaginary reflection of what the future will hold into reality.

Welcome to Puresalvageliving.com and Tinytexashouses.com Essay Contest and membership, particularly if you have not been before. It is changing and morphing to what it will be in the decade ahead and this is just a sample of what is to come. Join us now for some great specials and the chance to also stay in the Tiny Texas B&B Organic Cottages at Salvage, Texas too.

Contest applies to people in Texas for the purposes of picking it up as the laws in other states on essay contests with a prize may not agree with this and if so, it is null and void in those localities. As we are not going there but doing it from here, you can submit regardless of your state laws, like driving to a neighboring state to buy lotto tickets. Cheers everyone. More to come as we select, put the pictures up for the package in March, and start looking at and sharing the points brought up in the essays and how to design with each monthly package.

Good Luck everyone.
Here is the link to the blog on the membership special offered in December which is not valid but gives links and info on how to join. New blog on that coming soon.

To submit and essay…. contact brad@tinytexashouses.com

Darby invites you to show your creative energy and writing talent, your dreams that can yet be fulfilled, then see what comes of it over the next year. Visualizing your goal is the first step to manifesting it. This should help I hope.