Our Houses need not Die but thus “Reformed”

Vesper Casa comes to life created from some 20 other houses that were parted out as they disolved back into the stream of consciousness that formed them back as One manifested as a tiny house that will live on and on.

Tiny Houses prove Salvation breeds New Life through Love.

Vesper Kitchen needs a nook as fine as it can be to feast upon the food they’ll cook with Love and gratitude.

From my essence spawns new life enduring once I’m gone.
I never die. I’m simply passing in and out of vessels new.
Thus now and then I get the chance to see old friends that I hold True.
Though we pass through rather quickly if we’re busy so it seems,
as our Spirits lead our bodies with our passions and our dreams.

We are here to strike a chord or tune,
to cast a spell or teach the Runes
to Light the fires before we leave
so there will be Light for the Free.

You are not dying as you live,
but Living out the Life you Give.
It is the Loving that will prove
your Spirit helps to form the groove.

What looks like just a scratch one day
Upon the Earth of Hardened clay,
Once rained on turns into a groove,
and then a trough, a gully smooth,

and soon a valley deep and wide,
a path that others now can ride
for in the winter snow that comes,
that groove that started with your thumb.

Will be a path which others follow
to the heart, safe in your hollow,
from the worst that might have been,
If you had not been here for them.

Mesquite is a pretty wood and perfect for this nook.


I believe in Sexy Bathrooms to brighten up the evening in so many different ways. This one even has a window just in case you want to play.

From the Vesper master bedroom looking to the sitting room and the balcony that will be formed outside the tiny door.

The guys that make it happen have been taught and learned so well that we really are a cranking now to build the finest in the land.

Darby thanks you for the sparks.
For your words of inspiration,
for the Love that you spread freely,
living fully, giving daily.

She doesn’t look that small for a Tiny House at all, she is 12′ x 28′ with the porches running long.