Our First Male House In A While. STill Unnamed.

Our new boy grows and changes, getting better day by day.

Our new boy grows and changes

The long view from the bedroom but there will be a few things in the way, like the bathroom and the kitchen which will see this glass one day.

Oh what a difference a day makes too, 
at least in this boys life that’s new. 
I know we will be happy to see
how he turns out 
when he gets to go free.

He’s going to Comfort Texas 
where the hills and rocks abound.
There his pride and benefactor 
will find peace when sleep is found.

For within his arms he’ll hold her
with a strength no man can know.
He will shed the rain and lightning,
and his Love will always grow.

He will hold her warmth within his walls
and keep her warm at night.
Yet he’ll draw the winds that cool her
through the windows with the light.

So enjoy this child
as he evolves 
until his time to roam.
Then off he’ll ride
with Love in hand
to be his new Love’s Home.


The view from the french doors is a deep one yes indeed, but its only 28′ from this end to what you see.

The ceiling is a beaded wood with Milk paint but we sanded most of it off and left the rest to add the oil over to bring it all to life.

precut, stack, and shoot, the beaded wood goes on pretty fast actually, but it looks like a million bucks when it is all done.

Our first male house in a while. STill unnamed.