Parts and Pieces, All as One

Parts and Pieces, All as One.

Our 12’x21′ Vicky Zebu is nearly ready to go.

No matter where the house is

No matter big or small,

If the sun is shining on it,

It will brighten up your life.

Do not let the trash its made of

Keep you from a look inside,

Just Like people who are broken

This is houses that have died.

But like houses can be salvaged

So can people all around,

Given hope and our compassion,

Their salvation can be found.

We can give them opportunity

To create the homes they need,

We can teach them how to help themselves,

Give them pride, their health, not greed.

We can take the things nobody wants

And turn them into life,

We can show a path that all can take,

To escape their fear and strife.

We can do so many other things,

If only we wake up

To the One that calls us to be free,

The voice that calls to Us.

So when you see a house I built,

Please know it once was dead.

Not one but many houses

Now united to one end.

They have joined to prove to all Mankind,

As diverse as they can be,

These parts all fit together

And most could be had for free.

I call you to consider,

Like the salvage all around,

There are also broken people

Who are just as easy found.

We can bring salvation to them all,

The people can have homes,

The sanctuary for their lives

To hand off when their gone.

A gift for generations

That can be found for free,

It’s the gift of hope and passion

That will fuel your victory.

You can win over all challenges

Succeed if you believe,

You have the power of God within,

You act, you will achieve.

Have faith that you can do it,

Grow my seed into your home.

Let the images take root and grow

Into your vine of hope.

Climb up the vine into the clouds

Dream of your Tiny House.

Work daily to achieve your dream

And it will be aroused.

Stick to it and tell all your friends,

Commit with others true.

Like losing weight together,

You can build your houses too.

So let this be a lesson,

Let my seedling houses bloom

Let them turn into reality,

For more than me.. for YOU.

I have made these just to lead you

To that very special place

Your imagination wanders

As you make your tiny space.

Then life will open doors for you

Amazing as it seems,

If you visualize the house you want

It will surely come to be.

The trick was in the image,

Getting planted in your mind,

That would trip the little switches

To wake up you soul inside.

Thus the roots have lifted up your lid

To let your inner eye

Now see that you have all you need

To spread your wings and fly.

Darby  2013

The parts and pieces make us whole