Pick a project that shakes up the world for school, not what they recommend.


My name (any student) and I am part of the (Any School). Inventeam is a extracurricular club where we get to create an invention that solves a real world problem. Our team is currently working to create a refridgerator (or produce preserver) that runs without electricity. We were wondering if you could tell us whether most tiny home owners run with electricity. Is there a demand for appliances that run without electricity? What about bringing tiny homes “off the grid”? Have there been many complaints about refridgeration and/or electricity?

I have to offer my response in whole and let you know I do believe the solutions needed are bigger thus:

Projects for High School, College & University curriculum

I hope you get a chance to visit and talk.  I have a number of Youtube videos on my thoughts about many issues on my specialty.  You ask questions that belie a need to do more research first to understand that the way I build saves more energy normally spent in cooling in a week of summer with a good breeze than your refrigerator will save in its lifetime.  That does not require a single moving part.  I can save as much energy as it takes to make all of the parts, less all the toxins the process of manufacturing materials and the forming of it, the transport and packaging of it, and the cost for heating along the way to create all of the components required for the plastics, metals, and electronics to make your refrigerator.

I can do that by putting in a salvaged cast iron sink in the bath or twice that savings by putting in a 100 year old cast iron porcelain sink in the kitchen.  A century ago, men mined the coal and died of Black Lung to make the machines at the foundries, the equipment to mine the ore with, the trucks to haul it with, the heat to cook it down to iron and form steel with, plus the energy to form it into tubs, sinks, add layers of porcelain at 2,400 degrees to heat, and create all the other hardware of their age that I still use instead of imported products.

Their work all happened over 100 years ago in a time when human energy was the primary driver of mass and inputting fuel into the furnaces that made the industrial age possible.

The energy that made the things I put in my houses represents human energy used to slaughter and harvest vast forests of Long Leaf Pine and Loblolly in Texas for example.  These were from the trees that were hundreds of years old when hand cut by your great, great, great, grandfathers contemporaries. This is known as sequestered carbon and represents so much fuel you can barely calculate the energy saved in one of my 20,000 lb houses that will last for another century or two rather than be thrown into the land fill.

Your generation will never see such trees again and yet the landfills are 51% building materials such as I build my world class Pure Organic Membrane houses out of.  No imports, no toxins, no new chemicals, no new fuel used to mine ore, kill trees, or add toxins to the planet.  We save more energy in the wood we do not have to feed through sawmills then you will save in a life time creating more waste by using conventional thinking about technology solving our present by creating more toxins.

My compressors to build with need air to pull out or put the nails in, a saw to cut each board once or twice, and the fuel it takes to get it from the salvage mining site nearby to someplace we can assemble the parts to form the houses into more efficient homes.

We do this with ingenuity, creativity, frugality, practicality, sensibilities, respect for what God has already provided and the lives of the people who will live inside the homes we create.  I do not want new toxins in a child’s world nor in the home they will be raised in.  Both goals can be accomplished with the same simple plan.  Salvage Mining and Salvage Building create so many other solutions along the path to harvest, from Salvage Hunting and establishing who owns the rights and if they will give the materials up as they do now for free.  Otherwise they burn it or send it to the already overcrowded landfills where they will never benefit your generation or mankind as a whole again.  Throwing God’s greatest gifts to our forefathers in the Garbage before their time does not beget endless gifts in the End.  Even if you do not consider there to be a God, there is a finite amount of preprocessed quality building resources left that are organic and toxin free, so why ignore them or worse, throw them into the giant landfill corporations coffers where they convert your future into their big bank accounts.

I ask that you consider discovering some other Truths that could save your generation much more and give you access to trillions of dollars in the best building materials on Earth, the virgin forests and ore of this country trapped and hidden in the thousands of houses, buildings, and old barns we burn or throw into the dump every year.  This is a chance to discover your freedom comes with building your home without using any new resources or imports from the planet if possible and getting most of your home and future nearly for free.  The only cost is the human energy it takes to imagine the results, join together with tools and vehicles, trailers and knowledge, and create a new future from trash.

I regret that the university systems and giant corporations that support them do not wish to free you from the idea of saving a penny while they teach you to let your future be thrown away without regard or accounting for the cost for energy to reproduce it, for the knowledge to recreate it, for the industrial equipment, plants, and knowledge to fabricate all you need to build a home. They teach more dependency on new technology and imports when I can prove that natural law and free energy supplies work to save more than any thing you can fabricate beyond what is being made now around the world and what has been used for centuries, even to make ice long before refrigerators.

So, yes, while I would like to help, I think that what I have given you in this letter as a full term paper for your course.  It has within this formula, the key to saving energy, by choosing to not use any more, not to create any toxins, not use huge amounts of fuel to fabricate, transport, or advertise.  It saves more and should be taught as if it is a new discovery because you and your teachers in your blissful educational bubble appear to be nearly devoid of the bigger picture in which you can create a future out of trash and nearly no energy.  Instead you aim to create new toxins to support the toxic low cost houses with newly manufactured crap that is designed to break instead.

I hope this will provide some guidance and also that you have a chance to change your choice for a subject and pick something that could free your whole generation from being caught up in the matrix and believing that you can not be happy in a tiny house made out of trash that will last until your great, great, great, grandkids are your age.  You can learn to do that and create houses in Texas up to 1,000 sf in size and build them without a license, degree, or any sort of government prevention that requires you pay enormous sums in education loans that will never go away.

Instead, the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is designed around instilling the idea that you could be free for the rest of your life to travel and teach people how to build houses, save enormous amounts of energy in the world, and free them to be with their families, form communities again with unity of purpose in mind. Pure Salvage Living is intended as a means to teach these survival skills of self-sufficiency, as a person, a family, a community, and ultimately as a nation once again.

We can save what is left of the planet if you and my generation all Wake-Up.  I only pray that schools will help one day instead of just indoctrinate you further into believing the lie, that solutions lie in the ravaging of the resources of the planet and not the preservation, that war will save us by getting us secure resources to preserve our way of life, not peace and unity because we no longer need all of their oil, food, and other resources to support America’s endless consumerism appetite.  The illusion that it makes us happy now has the rest of the world running headlong after us like lemmings toward the cliff.  If we do not change course quickly and abruptly, they will insure there is no way back from the cliff and the Earth will not support this insanity any more.

We are at the edge of a deadly precipice and there is no longer time to be distracted by the little stuff.  You are focusing your report on a speck of sand, look up and see the boulders that might be used to block our path before we cannot buffer the rush of Sheeple to the bloody edge of human annihilation.  That seems like a better project for class, or at least as a goal for a university to give you as a target for your imagination.

We will look to your generation for answers if we should last past when mine is gone.  Giving you the proper tools to think with and the eyes to see the problem with should be what you are there for and I hope the future classes and teachers will be focused on that bigger picture for your sake too.  Failing to teach you to see it and the solutions that offer the simplest and fastest results to the most number of problems in  single stroke is what you should be looking at, the bigger picture instead of the passage or verse from the dogma Bible you read from now.

Thank you for thinking of me and asking my opinion on this subject matter.  I have found it inspiring and thus this long devotion to the subject for the benefit of both you and the many others who will read it.

I am glad to see you seeking knowledge with your schooling but please do not think that all you have to learn about the reality out here will be learned in an institution that does not direct you better than that.  If they fail to see the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance solution matrix is an ideology that could take hold and give your generation a chance over saving a few watts on refrigeration, then it is part of the matrix, not the path out.  It is the difference from learning dependency on electricity instead of freedom from the fog.  If they cannot guide you better than this I will not be of any more help and in fact only get you into trouble with the instructors.

Good luck with your education and this venture if you cannot change your subject matter from trivial to Earth Shaking.  I am not interested in perpetuating the Global corporation perspective of throwing away your birthright before your eyes while dazzling you with the promise of riches or solutions coming from the allure of technology.