The View From Salvage, Texas Is Amazing All The Time. Morning, Noon, Or After Dark The Sights Are Always Seen.  My Ship Sits Through The Day Atop The Mountain Of My Dreams, Then Lifts Off In The Night When It Can Barely Then Be Seen.

Pure Salvaged Horizons of Treasures restored, a life thus empowered will never be bored!

With Twilight setting in,
a slice of moon pie,
a view of the world
made for the Eye.

A dream on a mountain,
a thought on a string,
the path to a vision,
and a song Wii can sing.

Tis a path seldom taken,
carved into the woods,
where nature is calling,
and all do as they should.

I go forth with the compass
of Truth in my hands,
my heart led by Love
and a Light that expands.

Shoreline to shoreline,
Across the whole world,
my words fly with vision
as the story unfurls.

Pure Salvaged Horizons,
Treasures restored,
a life once empowered,
then housed and much more.

Solutions for all who are willing to Hope,
to work for a future that’s not filled with Dope.
To take our life Energy, use it for good…
and then make our world
turn out as it could.

Thank you, thank you, Thank you.


I am indeed filled with the light that glows new every day, it is the light within my self that keeps me here at play.

The view from Salvage, Texas is amazing all the time. Morning, noon, or after dark the sights are always seen.

Do you get to view from high upon a hill where few can sigh?

Standing in a loft from a barn older than me, by a lot I can honestly say, but not to big for me to take down and take away. Want to join me and learn how to make a million dollars off from Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, or Salvage Hunting to find the jewels hidden in the trees.

Dear Emily, the sweet 6th-grade girl below, handed out wishes to come true for the people who took the gifts she offered them with a smile, hope, and a charm that adults can rarely find in our own faces. She is a jewel and the age groups I work hardest to give hope to. Thank you thank you for the helpful young lady, others will know you for the moment you gifted them for the rest of their life.

Up in the trees, not hidden by day, a good ship waits for the night, then slips away!

Shall Wii split from the mainstream, move up in the world, by being the people that prove that we could?

Up in the trees, not hidden by day, a good ship awaits for the night, then slips away!

October of his new year 2018

Spend your days like gold that brings others up to share the joy Wii all could feel if we lived such ways as Wii could throughout acts, not just our words.