Yes It Is True, We Are Finally Having Another Essay Contest Even Though I Said It May Never Happen Again After The Essay Contest Where We Gave The Entire House Away, Already Built, The Last Time.

Qualify to win until Midnight March 1st, Essay Contest is now ON.. $6,000 prize package.

In order to spur new membership as we rebuild and create a unique membership site that will enable millions to learn how to build sustainable housing for little more than human energy, and with the goal of promoting others to building them all over the country, we have come up with this great Essay Contest to attract members and give them a benefit no one else in the world will offer.
This will also open the door to many who want a new occupation in a ground floor industry, and a way to make a living they can be proud of. Our Membership site has broken links, updating software issues, antique software compared to what is available today, and thus, it is time to take it down and revamp it. Our thoughts are to unite the energies of the identities of our operations under one banner: Salvage Texas.

Now a destination spot with B&B Tiny Texas Houses, private spaces for group gatherings, romantic weekends, and much more. Skinny Dip Pool demonstrated by Darby too!

We are including the newest software that are available now for tracking our members, linking them up, communicating with them, establishing forums for members to link together to tackle Salvage Mining projects and Salvage Building projects together. The ultimate goal is to ship materials on consignment to Pure Salvage Outposts around the country to get groups of people started on establishing the Co-op facilities that people can join together at to manifest the support for the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance to flourish in your area. This will provide a space for people to learn from the local elders how to build with salvaged lumber and create Organic Cottages and houses that will empower millions to create their houses with help in return for helping others do the same. The community supports itself with sales of materials, membership dues, products created and sold when people are able to learn how to build with the materials that get salvaged and stocked at the local facilities.

The first of a series of contests that will make it possible for some people to manifest a dream that would be out of reach otherwise. Join us to make this possible for many more in the future and if you join by midnight tonight, you may have a very good chance to win this package of materials being offered in a contest that will likely have less than 100 entries.

The objective for my vision to create a network of Pure Salvage Outposts stations in small towns outside the big cities around the country where it is best suited to plant our houses, villages, and warehouses. Members who take advantage of the free seminars to learn how to build or salvage will be able to go back to their towns and grow the production and supply of the key ingredients it will take to grow these resource banks and lifeskill education centers by supporting them with income that is shared with the people who produce it. In this way the members become a community that can finance, supply the education, the support, space to build, tools to build with, and a way to move the houses that we will thereby support and create with the house that an outpost can produce. for now, few cities will allow such salvage construction so the country setting where you can have gardens, composting toilets, or other organic living cultures that seem to have trouble getting through the bureaucracy governments create to homogenize neighborhoods, people, and thus prevent people from using their property as they wish. Homeowners associations are also restricting such houses as they are too small, amongst other things, to fit into the deed restrictions of modern subdivisions. We can change that with this sort of Pure Salvage Outpost that takes the success and proof to the locals so they will help change the code to respect the treasures of the past instead of letting the corporation outlaw the use through the national code.

Little Sister sits out on a Lazy * ranch with her Big Brother and the once Blue Gambrel. Little Sister was another in the 11’x 16′ range. You could easily build this house with the Essay Contest Materials Prize.

First you have to take a house down and clean up the mess. After that you can create a house or three from the one you take down. Here is an example of one of the first Gambrels which showed how much room you can create on the interior with this extra loft area inside. Love the sunsets at Salvage, Texas.

Ayeveda House is West of Austin in the Hill Country by a river where you can sit peaceful in the woods. 12’x16′ I think.

One of the Classic Ranch House series that had a front and back porch, two lofts, a nice kitchen, bath with tub, A/C and more to prove you could have it all and stay in an Organic Cottage. (Until they built the 6,000 sf house to go with it that is.)

These are examples of what can be built from houses like this:

One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

The next level of this ideology manifesting is creating a financial support model that will work anywhere in the USA. This is necessary to complete the manifestation of Salvage, Texas which will be a model town based on the Pure Salvage Living Ethos of using 95% Pure Salvage to construct all things. If we teach our children to build birdhouses, doghouses, play houses, and organic cottages to live in from the treasures of the past and provide them with a way to build toxin free sustainable housing for a couple generations, we can make a difference on preserving so much of our past resources that are still valuable. We can build houses without imports or toxins instead of using the world’s limited remaining resources that are not of the quality which many materials from the past still offer for much less energy cost, labor, or environmental destruction than harvesting new materials to build with.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize.

By doing this we will create a venue for festivals, a market to bring stuff and sell, barter, or buy all you will need to get into homesteading your way off grid, creating community, and moving into the new millennium with a new ethos. We can do better and provide a future for our grandchildren’s generation that we can be proud to steward and share with them when their time comes.

Here is an overview of the 43 acres that comprise Salvage, Texas. There is even some land available for compatible investors to help develop and call their own while helping establish a place for the organic minded people who are seeking paths to sustainable and healthy living. Salvage, Texas will be a town where we have proven what you can do to manifest your dreams of downsizing organically one day.

I want to thank these first few members who are joining while the site is still not operating up to the level it will be soon and that is why we are offering such a prize give so few will have a chance to win. YOUR odds are incredible for as it stands, by midnight tonight, there may only be 50 people competing for the Prize package worth $5,000 or more with all the windows, doors, flooring, bath shower tiles, room metal, siding, and porch posts to get you on the way to building your house and living in the new world we can form with the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Welcome to the budding membership and thank you for your support. Even if you do not win this month, you will be able to enter for the next months ahead when the packages being offered will change, the contest format will change, and hopefully, the first members will be the greatest beneficiaries of the launch of the new Website and Pure Salvage Living Community.

So how will this work? We will be putting together some of the building plans that these materials could be used for this month as the essays come in from the few that will get to participate as the cut off is midnight tonight to join or you will not be able to enter the first Essay contest. We may very well post the essays this time, as there will not be many, and let the membership that joins in the coming month vote and thus have some say on the winning essay, though the heaviest weight will come from in house judging.

Just to show you some of the progress… here are some shots of how Salvagefaire has come along from what we started with:

This stairwell is built out of more than 30 houses worth of stair parts and pieces. It is a tribute to MC Escher’s work for it helps illustrate in reality how what appears impossible can actually manifest, though not to the level he drew it in, but as close as I can take it in reality.

Since not a one of the many Tiny House Websites across the internet have shared this contest, prize package offering, or content from the blogs I have posted on the subject, three will not be many out there that learn of these contest. Perhaps it because they can not make any money off from the offering of such information to you, few others seem to be eager to make the public aware of this chance to be a part of our new community where you will get to come to seminars for free, and learn what others charge $450 for a weekend without having to pay for more than food and lodging when you come. As it stands, the Tiny House Blogs will not share this information unless paid to advertise it on their site which I feel is going to allow our members a great chance to win some big packages with only a small amount of competition until the word gets out about what we will have on the new membership site that no one else has offered but us, since the beginning of the Tiny House trend started more than a decade ago. We don’t advertise thus add cost to what we offer but instead depend on the following to share with friends, family, and thus, get the word out to the world that there is a way to do this without feeding the corporate sharks of the world.

There is a way to empower the people to create small businesses with this industry, to build houses for nearly no materials costs, to create homes that they can put their family into, sell for a living, and live a good life from doing great things for the community and planet we live on.

That is the goal of what I do, what I offer to others to be able to share with the world. It is only through such open teaching, software, examples, plans, seminars, and other means of getting the word out that the changes I envision can materialize. I am willing to do that to make it happen and hope that others will see this as a means to empower others, thus give something back to the community and thus find a fulfillment that can not be found through consumerism, greed, and focusing on the material world.

The opportunity to have access to houses to take down through the new referral service we are putting into place will enable many to join together in your areas to take down houses, barns, and buildings full of treasure, then sharing the booty of such salvage mines with those who participate and following through with creating the places to turn the parts and pieces back into houses built for the century ahead.

Downsizing is going to become more popular, not less, and the path to doing that with the least amount of taxing on our environment is to use the salvaged materials from the obsolete structures. This reduces the waste that is filling our landfills by at least 25% as 50% of it is presently building materials. If we could get a life long tax credit for what ever portion of a house was built from Pure Salvaged American materials we would turbocharge this industry with the demand for materials that would catapult this industry into the forefront of the worlds’s attention. Media would follow it, people would learn it is possible, and the little guys, family businesses, and towns could capitalize on it without the global corporations blocking it with bureaucracy, codes, and requirements to use products with built in obsolescence, toxins, high resource costs, and environmental consequences we need not create.

The work it will take is going to be done by Americans with the incentives that entrepreneurship seem to generate. Getting a piece of the profits, being part of the decision making process, having a way to support and employ your family or friends…. that is empowerment. All it takes is people communing together to create a solution that is at their fingertips for little more than human energy. The tools, trucks, trailers, and Salvage Mines are all around in every community to feed this new industry. The need for downsized housing for the elders and kids who will not be having big families, wanting big houses, or even able to afford to maintain them. We can provide that without imports, using what we have already created for the most part, and by doing so, impress upon the world that we are serious about making a difference on the global landscape when it comes to sustainable housing in the future. Please join me in showing how we can do this as a cyber community that can join together in reality and make magic, indeed, create hope for the homeless, the people who are older and can not find work, as well as the kids whose strong backs are needed to combine the wisdom of the elders with the strength of youth to build a new America from the great beginnings our ancestors worked so hard to manifest.

Created by the company that set the standard in Pure Salvage toxin free building.

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

Download this to your smart phone, maybe helpful while walking around while your here!!!

This membership is going to be a way to live your part, to make a difference by not only joining in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Website and thus supporting our being able to offer this education, example, and model of a town that others will then be able to copy, morph, and use to help grow their local efforts to capitalize on the treasures of salvage to rebuild lives, towns, and create a global community focused on maximizing sustainability through salvage. Your charter membership will helps us get fully into the next phase which is substantially on its way. Salvagefaire, the main building where the recording studios are located, the stage for music and film festivals, and small restaurant for our guests during events we will soon be having. The Market will be for all things salvaged, from doors, windows, beaded wood, and more as well as all that can be created from them. Thus we will have seminars going on regularly to show how to rebuild old windows, doors, and refurbish old furniture, parts and pieces that will allow you to create a 95% Pure Salvage home or anything else you wish to build on an organic homestead. Finally, the Bed & Breakfast is now operational for our guests to stay in and experience the many forms of organic cottages that can be created, feel the sleep they give you, and visit before you take the big leap and downsize.

With hands on experience we can share the knowledge and empower millions with the Pure Salvage Outposts that will help teach new life skills to both young and old.

One couple took nome the wall shingle package to put their own bath shower together when they get home.

Learning how to reuse the 100+ year old roofing shingles that are still good for another hundred years in a shower.

Access to the membership only portion of the site will enable you to view videos on how to be a Salvage Miner, how to build with salvage, and seminars that we will record on how to fix and even to get certified to be a Pure Salvage Living Miner, Builder, or Broker. These are just some of the benefits we will be offering as our membership grows and our ability to help others start outposts gains support. We can supply and open at least ten Pure Salvage Outposts where people could then build and sell products created from salvage with a Salvage Builders warehouse to commune together in and thus create the financial support locally to then employ people to find, salvage, stock, sell, fabricate from, and create careers and businesses from over the next decade. At the moment, this industry has 20 years of materials if we start now and grow this with the intention of saving, not just demolishing and throwing away the valuable resources we have at our fingertips without manufacturing anything to add pollution to our country. We would be fools to throw it away and leave our children in the future without any good resources except what we have to import from other countries. Our trade deficit will no longer allow for such behavior in the long run for we are essentially broke as a nation, and already far to indebted to China and the rest of our creditors.

Thank you for following our course, considering joining us to help manifest solutions that no one else seems to be considering in the plans to create jobs in America and make it great again. Help us form the schools that will teach our children life skills, give our people a chance to build the next generation out of the treasures we have on hand, and turn the massive wasted human energy of the 92,000.000 unemployed and turn it into the power we need to create these solutions that are at our fingertips NOW! Remember, you must be a member to win.

From hardware dating back to the 1830’s to roofing tile, doors, windows, tubs and more… largest warehouse sale for architectural antiques and lumber in the USA.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

Massive warehouses full of materials at big discounts to members, and the goal is to open more smaller outlets at Co-ops near you.

Ready to go guys? You have until midnight to become a member and be one of the few to compete for the first Essay Contest prize package of the parts you need to make your dream come true. Indeed, no one in the world has ever offered such a package, a membership with such rewards or benefits, and you have a chance to be the first winner, have your house manifestation tracked, publicized, and be able to create your dream from your words and human energy, not money. Please join us so that many more can join us in the future and learn how to find freedom and salvation out of being part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance. Click here to get to the sign up page and enter your Essay from now until the end of March.

Brad Kittel
Tiny Texas Houses