Reaching the Pinnacle, seeing the new Horizon

The Tantra Temple is still getting some attention but most has been focused on the Zebu sisters. Waiting patiently.

Thank you for the kind words from so many who have been disappointed by my decision to quite being a custom builder who lets his houses go when he finishes them.  I never was.  I have not expressed it so well with some of my earliest forms of this Functional House Art I have dabbled in for decades now.  This was the most fun of the businesses I have succeeded at during my last three careers.

I have come to realize many things about myself over the last two years and amongst them I feel I am not suited to be a public figure and find myself quickly disenchanted with the role, though more so with the responsibility of being a merchant and manufacturer, or basically the material pursuit phase of my existence here. While I have no personal need for the huge amount of money the business needs to survive, I am compelled to use a great deal of my life hours to that end when I do not really want to at this age and in this downsized state of mind.  I am writing the epitaph for Tiny Texas Houses as a builder of custom homes now, but I never intended to grow a building company that would evolve into a big corporation or build a million houses one day.  I simply wanted to make houses that would get the world to consider salvage as a future instead of our trash.  

You can step out onto the roof and meditate below the upper roof line that extends 4′ out and has plenty of room under it for a pillow, a person, and a dream.

Now that one of the richest men in the world has wanted three enough to learn about what I am doing and why, I have reached the pinnacle and it is time to make the leap to a place I have yet reached, the one that inspired all of this to be manifested, while having forgotten that I had written the fantasy fiction that would be my life decades before i ever dreamed this was actually possible.  It has been a phenomenal ride from digging in my first dumpsters at 7, as soon as I was big enough to climb in and I still don’t hesitate to enter where the treasure lie out in the open awaiting salvation instead of darkness forever and dying a worthless death.

 Like any artist, this is one of my art forms that I have chosen to create in, not the first or last to do it by any means. It took a long time for even my own Lovestory to see it that way, as Art, as my houses apparently were not considered very artistic looking in their simplicity to some when I started. I still love those prototypes for what they were and the lessons they taught me. Likewise they were the symbol of my early hubris, my pride of thinking I had created 6 great houses that God proceeded to toss around like cardboard boxes 5 days before my original grand opening just to be sure I understood I could do better.

 When I have completed the 100 houses in this series of Functional House Art Pieces it may be time for me and my Tantra Temple to take off for a trip few can imagine, even with all of the creative offerings I have proffered so far in my effort to finish writing my novel. This part has nearly proven all I can afford to learn from it and the offerings I have made that appear like they will go unanswered.  I am heading  back into the annals of fiction where I can preserve the idealistic dreams as I originally thought they would turn out.

From all appearances the reception or support for gathering the forces needed to create Salvagefaire and the Territories will not be coming down any path I have attempted to clear in the near future and thus I am making the moves to close the door of opportunity with as little cataclysm as possible this year. I will finish the orders I need to create my 100 examples of Salvage Building at its finest possible and proceed to build and keep everything after that for my own villages.

At 6’1″ I still fit into this spot just fine. Here is the route out to the stargazing porch on the other side of these windows. Nice little get away.

 Anyway, its time to start firing a big portion of the front office which has not been able to keep up with the many details of running a business while doing all things possible philanthropical with no real money. Since there is only me working in the office other than Mackey developing the new program over the few months he has been here, I have had to figure out how I am going to get along without me to do it all after I get fired and the only conclusion is that the business as it has been thus far will be all that it will ever be by the end of 2013 or soon there after as the last orders are competed and delivered. I hope someone will come to train and take on this mantle after I stop, but thus fare.Consequently I will be selling off massive inventories for those who wish to build what ever they choose with the parts and pieces collected to build the Territories and villages as well as hoards of other great stuff. So, get ready for a giant sale when we get the plans, design program Mackey is creating to use in Sketch-Up so all can use it nearly for free, and seminars perhaps for a bit, but only if we get the backing or time. I would love to do books for everyone to learn how to build a house for free if I can get the help, but again, only time will tell. Once these pictures are all put away in archives for the future when someone else picks up this harness and attempts to pull this concept fast enough to fly it across the Chasm again, I think the vault will hold ideas and concepts that will be more valuable when people appreciate what they have willingly given up, if that ever really happens. I have lost 10,000 pictures of the early stuff in hard drive crashes due to not affording back ups and that darn IT guy who keeps dropping some of these balls…..ooops, thats me too.

 I am finished paying people to come learn and leave and do not wish to remain an employer worrying about making an $80,000 month payroll, taxes, insurance, utilities, and expenses when I really do need to in order to satisfy my very simple needs. Once I get the Temple finished I intend to occupy it, and perhaps not come out for a good long time. I hope to continue doing many things I love and create houses for my homestead and shop where I will tinker and create what i wish there after while I finish writing my books.

Some say the houses are bigger than they really are, as if they grow bigger on the inside than on the out. That is what I call space magic. This is a 12′ x 21′ house that is 13’6″ tall at the highest point inside.

What ever else comes is supposed to come and I am no longer going to depend on my expectations to be fulfilled just because I think it would be a good idea. I clearly can not convert the world into taking action alone and I am coming to realize the beauty of fiction and writing over trying to materialize fantasies in the real world.

Thank you for following along so as to be there to tell the tale when Tiny Texas Houses morphs into its next incarnation, hopefully the butterfly after the coccoon.