This House Has Been Featured On The Front Of The Most Popular Book On Tiny Homes Ever Published By One Of The Sustainable And Organic Living Legends And My Hero, Lloyd, Kahn.  This Is What I Have Given Up For The Sale To Show The World That I Do Indeed Protest The Failure Of The Schools In Luling Texas.

Red Mascot for Sale: A Tax Protest Statement that you can profit from NOW!

Born in 2006, this is the first of the Classic Series, many of which are still being used as part of the BnB with investors owning the houses now.

Yes, in my battle against the forces of Evil that collect money under the auspices of taxing the public for a schooling system that cripples the children’s minds that they incarcerate daily for dollars, without having to prove they are effectively doing what we are being taxed for.  The failure of the local school district is nearly legendary now as they have fallen to such a low score of “F” for both the elementary school level where they cripple the kids for life by not teaching them how to remember accurately at an early age, develop accurate recall, and be able to then function as they go through the grades.  In the time I have been here I have watched their grades in schools drop as their occupancy in the corporate prison system in the county climbs.  The ratio of those kids who are undereducated, in fact, crippled by such criminal fraud as this school system perpetuates under the guise of teaching.  They can arrest parents if the children skip school yet their failure, yes state graded “F” for both Elementary School and High School (see the link to verify the elementary school disaster), and dropped now to the point that of 933 school districts in Texas, they rank in the bottom 50, or lower, which means given Texas’s low ranking globally, that kids in 3rd (click here to see the Luling High School grade) world countries are getting better  educations than they are in Luling Independent School District which I call LSD Schools for they are truly hallucinating if they believe that we are all going to let this go on without protest in the public eye.

This house has been featured on the front of the most popular book on Tiny Homes ever published by one of the Sustainable and organic living legends and my hero, Lloyd, Kahn. This is what I have given up for the sale to show the world that i do indeed protest the failure of the schools in Luling Texas.

For the cause of fighting for the kids who are being disabled intentionally by a school system that feeds the county prions… Today I have sacrificed the Red Mascot to be put up for sale with the Sheriffs (yes seven Armored uniformed, Sheriffs with weapons in uniform, plus 4 Lawyers in civilian clothes with legal papers in tow, and the Attorney for the negligent school system that has filed a claim against me on this debt of their imagination.  The tax they are applying is for inventory and equipment that they think once belonged to Tiny Texas Houses which shut down all operations short of the cyberspace functions a couple of years ago.  We have not taken orders, nor have we been active beyond the seminars I have given on a personal level which were not making a profit for Tiny Texas Houses, and the people involved were either volunteers or contracted so that the limited income from events paid those who helped, not the companies the taxing authority was here to collect on today.  Yes, what a great way to start the day, all men who I have met aside from this TAKING today by Sergio the ATTORNEY for the school system who I told a couple years ago face to face that the business was dead then, but he pursued this to the court where I was not allowed to represent myself even to prove out these facts that the company was not operating physically on the ground but only in cyberspace and on a laptop or phone, and in my head.  They could not confiscate my head, thus they decided to take a house or two or what ever they want in their minds to pay the $18,000 in Business Personal property Tax for the school system that gets “F” grades for their performance which meant, when I was in school, my dad was going to beat my ass with a belt, I would have been restricted for the next term in school, my life would have been homework every night with testing at home and my grades would improve or I might not see the light of day except for to school and home to my bedroom or chores.  How can a School District rate so low that they are about to be de-certified yet the attorney have the right to come in and take my personal possessions to pay for what they deem are taxes which are not truly even owed except in their paperwork process?

A bit more than a decade ago, I envisioned and created my first Organic Cottage under a brand I called Tiny Texas Houses. It is one of the houses we won’t sell an interest in, for it is to stay on site and be shared for decades to come.

So how do I fight back, besides the Vote that the judge said I had to change the system with?  Run for a position on the School Board to make change happen… ha… not in that county.

When I built the first of the Tiny Texas Houses, it was a simple red cabin that told the tale of where I would start, and the journey since then has led to places I never dreamed of, and houses that will outlive me by far. Thank you for the chance to create from Salvage, a new life, happiness, and a healthy body I never dreamt I would possess.
The Pure Salvage Living Renaissance is about more than just sustainable housing, it is about healthy living for us and the planet… together.

So the alternative is to protest by not paying the tax, which means paying 20% penalty to this same attorney for the schools just for sending me the first letter, then stacking on more interest, court costs, and anything else they can to create in the end, a $18,000 tax bill they came to collect on for breakfast.  Imagine my joy, the volume of my protest against a corrupted system that used good men acting as officers of the court to allow a scumbag attorney with no conscience who takes the money from anyone who protests the schools failing to do what they contracted for, tax for, and would demand of others, perform on their obligation.  My tax is my obligation and if I fail to pay, they take what they want.  If they fail to perform, to teach the children of this school district, the kids suffer the rest of their lives, have greatly increased chances of ending up in the country corporate prison system, and thus the judges, sheriffs, and others who make money off the two systems will be happy campers until someone like me brings attention to it.  If we do, they come to crush us without being able to prove they have done what they are supposed to in order to justify the taking.  I PROTEST and thus do I send out the message that I will be selling the Red Mascot, either before the tax sale in about ten days, or before, for the amount owed to the LSD School District that gets FAILING GRADEs now for several years running on the decline.  They have failed miserably and will not be forced to do the children right, to teach them how to use the bionic computers we call brains, to load it up with great software, and prepare them with life skills that will help them work their way up from poverty.  The county is sorely in need of administrators who care about the kids enough to improve the school system or get out the trade they call education.

Truly this has given me the inspiration, adrenalin, and satisfaction of expressing the full breadth of my opinion of this system, the school, court system, and matrix that we can and should speak out against without fear of such retribution as this dear sweet attorney named Sergio has made his focus without being willing to play fair, or justify the failure of the side he comes to steal for.  Some say the lawyers’ cash in their conscience to pay for the diplomas and I for one, have found the poster child for such a proposition.  But, as each of the players involved in protecting the system and being paid for it left my premises with a clear understanding of the failure of the system that they are defending at the cost of the children who will be crippled for life because the school system FAILED Officially to do the job but take my hard earned manifestation, a globally recognized Tiny Organic Cottage that has been on the cover of a book seen around the world too.  It is an icon for the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance which represents the life skills we need to instill in our children if we are to correct the consumerism that sickens our society and grows around the world.  What better Icon is there to Martyr and sacrifice to them by letting them “Seize in Place”, as they put it.  Well, they actually had the gall to say it might not be worth the $18,000 they say I owed on companies that did not have assets when they claimed they did, nor did they even have employees, but within two hours I had three offers to buy the house and take care of the taxes.  More will come I am sure, though I do not expect to need them to take care of this so that I can have a friendly buyer who supports what we do and will leave the house on site to allow others to continue to visit, stay in it for a night or two, and feel the difference that organic cottages can give you in a healthy sleep, life, and sustainable living style.

If you wish to invest $18,000 and leave the house on the property, we will move it to the back with the other houses on site for guests to experience the holistic organic house I have been building for the last decade-plus.  You can be the proud owner of the first house ever created in this genre by me, the House Artist who has spent 30 years researching and creating sustainable housing alternatives since converting my first school bus into a home in 1981 and traversing the country to end up in Texas where I settled more than three decades ago.  This is a statement house that is not of the style and looks I eventually developed after my son passed away 7 years ago.  I gave up my workaholic ways not long after that and shut the business down in 2015 in so much as having employees and set about teaching as best I could, the kids of my son’s generation, those 25-35-year-olds who wanted to find a different path.  There is no profit in that mode, but I am not after money anymore.  I hope to find the stewards that will take this to the next level and give thousands a gift of hope, a passion for salvage that will take them to places, careers, and prosperity few can imagine.  Join me in this adventure by investing in one of my very collectible houses, be able to stay in it, depreciate it, get a great income off from it, or simply sell it again for a profit once people understand and see what it represents.

People have gotten upset when I say that Tiny Organic Cottages are a political statement.  They represent a break away from the Global corporate driven modern building methods that have profit and speed as the priority rather than longevity and healthy quality habitat as the goal.  They are toxic, plain, built to break, and cost a bloody fortune for what they are, disposable housing on wheels as it has grown to be.  It is a sad state of affairs if the world will be taxed to dumb down our children, then take away the paths to empowerment like the life skills I attempt to share with the houses I have created being the examples.  I learned as a child to lead by example and I live what I speak.  I am happier, healthier, and will profess no other way to find happiness in materials possession that will work better than finding it by living a loving life helping others, taking care of the planet better by not consuming and thus polluting so much, and thus perhaps setting the example for the next generation to follow instead of the one I grew up with.

Here is the house… created in 2006 in the warehouse long before I knew how to build it right.  It was the first prototype that I created out of 95% Salvage, though it had fiberglass in the walls, EPS in the ceiling, and blown Icynene under it later.  It is a classic Texas-style cabin and is build from barn wood over 150 years cut and cured of a tree that was 500 years old when cut down.  Texas wood, windows, and Long Leaf Pine all throughout, with Loblolly and Cypress playing backup here and there.    Want to own a giant collectible and support the cause of fighting to bring the light on the school system and legal system that is chronically failing and apparently feel they are above consequences and scrutiny.  This is my path to bringing attention to the cause I am fighting for, the PROTEST that will release my first house, the RED MASCOT for a price it could never be bought for otherwise. No profit to me, I just want them to get their money so we can show what it goes to, how they waste it, dollar for dollar, and track it so as to show what your money went to support, what my Blood, Sweat, and Tears will be wasted on.

What an incredible day. The lawyer took the bait, the Sheriffs came and claimed the Red Mascot as the prize for the taxes I did not owe, refused to pay, and now we need a buyer to own it, keep it with its brothers and sisters here at Salvage, Texas for an income and depreciation, staying in 30 days a year, and help me use this Martyred Organic Cottage to get attention and show the world how bad the education system is. Yes, when it scores (15.7 on a 100 scale) “F”s in Elementary through High School as a district, literally in danger of being decertified if the state could figure out what to do instead of teaching kids in Luling, TX where they live. Please view, share, but know the house may already have a buyer who knows the value is greater and supports my fight against the failing school system that feels they are beyond punishment or answering for systematic failure that shows no signs of getting better.

Please consider joining in a Renaissance of thinking about how we live when we go home from work, and how we could live if we did not have the debt that kept us at work all the time our kids are growing up, and leaving them to a school system for care that dumbs them down for their entire lives by not teaching them to remember and use their age at the beginning when they education counts the most.  The evidence is clear on this, the chances of ending up in jail when poorly educated, and odds on spending life in poverty.  All this could have been stopped with my tax dollars but they spend it on lawyers, administration that clearly fails year after year, and this is all I can to protest.  Please consider helping by investing in my first and favorite Mascot so that we can continue this fight and add a new value to the Red Mascot as the Martyr for a cause I do believe in, the education of the children of the poor.  The rich in Luling School district bus their kids over 30 miles each way to escape the damage this school causes, but the poor people have no choice.  For them I speak out, I SCREAM OUT to the World, please let us give them the recognition they deserve so that the fools in charge will be so embarrassed by their acts being exposed to the world that they will make changes happen instantly or face their notoriety for the rest of their career and life.

Thank you so much for following, sharing this ongoing story of my fight against corrupt schools that take money, imprison kids with the threat of jail to the parents if they do not comply with dumbing down their children so as to stock the country prisons with high paying docile, stupid kids.

Brad Kittel

I have cleared the woods ahead so that others can be empowered to learn how more millionaires are made from salvage than any other occupation in America. The Red Mascot was the first house I built when I set of to learn and prove what was possible in sustainable building with salvaged materials.


Join me in Salvage, Texas for a visit, for moral support, for sharing with the world what we can do if we live our truth, protest at great cost, that which is unjust.  We must speak out, stand up, and know that the truth is paramount and letting the lie go unquestioned is as criminal as the liars themselves are when they hide their failings and pusish those who scrutinize them.

Darby Lettick