Return of the Amazon Warriors

Return of the Amazon Warriors 

There was a time SO LONG AGO

Diana was in charge, 

Her Energy had ruled the world

and peace had been enlarged.

The peace had lasted centuries, 

More than an eon past,

When brought down from the mountain 

Ten Commandments were then cast.

Paternal rules came into play.

The masculine took hold that day,

and thence set out to take control.

It was the Earth that payed the toll.

Sacred Mother Earth Divine,

was raped and pillaged all around.

Wars were started just for greed, 

people suffered, none were freed.

Thus with Diana under siege, 

she called out for those who believed

and thus the women warriors rose,

To fight a battle that still goes.

The Amazons rose up to fight,

Great women warriors all.

But Man then far outnumbered them.

and thus they all did fall.

Unjust and bloody, Down they went.

Around the globe they fell.

The Amazons fought till the end,

The battles looked like Hell.

Then finally as Diana Lurched, 

The feminine had lost, 

Raped and pillaged, forced to cede,

She paid the highest cost.


Yet one last Amazonian 

Still stood who had not died,

and seeing the injustice 

gave her final battle cry.

Then in her anger and alone, 

She drew her sword and shield, 

and chased the demons into Hell,

when there she would not yield.

She closed the gates from deep within,

and swore there to defend,

Until the time that somehow

they could bring Her back again. 

Far into Hell she chased the demons,

running ever strong, 

and stayed to fight for eons,

in her anger killing throngs.

Then finally now the time has come,

Diana doth return,

The feminine will take control,

Renew the Earth not burn.

Thus rise the Warriors once again,

New bodies in new forms, 

 the Warriors Amazonian

are reborn by the scores.

Intent upon recovering 

the peace around the world,

we charge to bring Diana back

our banners are unfurled.

Yet this time we must fight the war,

with Love not hate you see,

for if we are to find the Peace,

Our spirits must be free.

Not bound to hate and anger,

uncontrolled and without Heart,

We strive to bring the world back,

to see a brand new start.

Where Love will flourish and will grow,

Where all the people here will know,

an Open Path, with Peace and Love,

Diana brings us from above.

So leave behind the hate and anger,

fuel the Heart with Love and more,

feel the Love of our Diana,

as we settle up the score.

Then suffer not my warriors bravely,

leave behind the Hell you know.  

Join us as we all awaken,

with that Love, the Power Grows.

Indeed the hate and massive anger,

from two eons spent in Hell, 

would make it hard for any warrior 

then to use the Sword of Love.

Yet finally you have been awakened,

to the powers that you all have.

As you Love you will get stronger, 

and will fight to surely win.

Its true that time has taught you harshly,

but the battles made you strong.

Now you simply have to take Heart,

 use our Love to right the wrongs.

Save our Earth, our dear Diana,

for this is your Fate in store.

You are gifted as a Huntress

who will win the “Great Accord”

The Sword of Love will win the battle.

Anger will fall in its path.

 the Warrior Souls will Win Triumphant 

won by Love and not by Wrath.

There will be legions fighting with us,

those who will give all for Love.

The sacrifice could be no greater, 

thus the blessings from above.


The sword of Love can win the war now

that is raging round the world.

The hate and greed must be put down for

new solutions to take hold.

We can not find them with our Anger,

Can not paint Her with new Blood.

For us to bring our Planet back now,

We must choose to cherish WUB.

Manifest the Peace with actions.

Each of us can make this work.

Its truly up to all the masses,

to destroy the greed that rules.

So join us once again new Warriors, 

born again from battles past. 

Let us lead the blinded masses,

forth to bring Diana back.

Leave your anger and your hatred,

purify your Heart within.

armor up with Love and Mercy 

there is no other way to WIN.