Some Of These Tents Will Be Priced To Sell Alone, But My Hope Is To See Them Become Pure Salvage Living Outposts Where I Can Send Clients Who Want Houses I Will Not Be Building Anymore For Sale To The Public... Just For Fun For Me And The B&B.

Salvage Business in a tent, a crazy thing to now invent? Start your dream, build, grow, store, it dry.

Imagine that you went to a tent sale and bought the materials for a house, a tent to build it in, and the business of building more with financed materials if you want to grow a career in this industry.  That is what I plan for at least a couple of the Tent Sales with inventory following as needed to keep the tents full as they are used to sell at markets, faires, and more, stocked with parts from our warehouses that I plan to empty.  Build a house in one while you sell materials and get the new business started, but the trick is, Tents don’t do big storms and high winds over 25 mph well without attention so you better have a good plan in the right season to start, or the blessings from the right entities to help when storms do come.

After the storms in some places, this is the key to getting dry workable space where new starts could begin, once dried in, rolled out and finished while the next shells are completed.  So much could be done where it is needed instead of hundreds of miles down the road and shipped at great expense.

Here is a shot of the smallest of the tents available: a few grand for the tent to give great shelter, a few grand for parts, and one could be on their way to building houses.  Imagine parking it next to a great salvage job where you can have one group building a house under the tent while the other pulls the materials from the big house you start with.


You could start the business and build a couple houses inside of a tent like this and if you were successful, grow into a building next.

These are long enough to store materials at one end, have a work table, and an area to build in the middle that could be high enough for many projects but the bigger tents are needed for most tiny house.

20′ x 30′ tent is enough to store and build some smaller organic cottages like a Loopholer, The Kidd, or the Gingered Swan.

The Next size up is much more friendly to having bigger projects as it is 30′ x 60′ and taller than the smaller tent.

These compress down pretty small for transport, three or more rolls of tent, some posts, and rope. Wow what a difference in the sun or rain though.

Now we are talking some space. 1,800 sf of cover from the rain.

If it is cold, you could actually have a heater going in one of these and off set it with the flaps down. Not toasty, but workable space that way.

Want to do a big seminar and teach others, or just have a great salvage materials building tent vending doors, windows, trim, beaded wood, shower tiles, etc. Traveling road shows do work and I might just back the right people who have some capital to start off with and the passion for the past, the artistic skills to create, that I will be glad to help them spread the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance in the many ways I can.

But Holy Cow with many colors, we have bigger for the grandest of dreams, though for now it is set up for our dreams.. at 50′ x 100’+ (yes it could grow more).  This tent is for the circus grade fun that some might want to have, besides giant celebrations, Bike rallies, Antique car rallies as they could all drive inside to keep out of rain and sun for the day, and have a stage to play music at too.

If you want to rent these spaces while they are set up for your events between now and New Years, now is the time to book them for nights with lights, or weekends for party and gathering of family and friends. Wedding too, but no shotguns for those… hehe

Gigantic, big enough for the flying circus act or one incredible party. This jewel is where fantasies come true in the old days. What will your new days bring inside?

Talk about some nice shade and protection. Chairs too if you like.

Now which tent do I use to put up the “Amazing Door Maze” with 500-1,000 doors to start with in October, and maybe growing it into the next year.

The guys look tiny under such a big tent. We will have some trapeze artists perhaps with at tent big enough for circus acts now.

Thank you for sharing and letting others know we will be selling off so much out of the warehouses for people to build houses with that 100 could be build and we would still have tons left over.  Come by booking an appointment if you are serious about getting into filling the void in Organic Cottages that people can live in for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these tents, from a couple grand to a bit less than $10,000, please get in touch.  I will let a few go and keep the rest for the goal of getting others building in other places where such shelter is needed.  It is a thought, a possible solution for some who have the passion, desire, and the people to start something up that could bring a community together, create a village of tiny houses, and open the door to many who might never have a chance otherwise.  A Revival tent for the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that will let people build a wonderful future out of the past. for more information.