Salvage Faire on the Horizon

Googlemap 20501 East IH 10, Luling, Texas and on the south side of the highway, within 45 minutes to Austin and San Antonio, an hour and a half to Houston or less to the coast. We have city water, city sewer available and tapped. We have a well we can purify for water too, along with rainwater, but we need more capture systems for our massive roof line on the main facility. You can nearly see the outline of the 48 acres just by the fence lines.

SalvageFaire has a building in place with electric and water, a septic in addition to the city sewer, a giant parking lot ready, materials to build the covered market spaces below and a tiny house above to stay in on weekends. We plan to host events, whether music, festivals, weddings, or other events that various villages will sponsor once we get rolling.

Finally, after 30 years of preparation, a vision is about to materialize. 100,000 square feet of inventory, doors, windows, flooring, sidings, trim, tile for roofs at the market and the pavilions, beams of all kinds, tin to cover 150 houses, and hundreds of feet of market spaces with the trusses to do much of it as well.

Now, after decades of hoping others would want to join in, here is the chance to find out that “if you get all the parts, the place, the proof it is possible, and the time is right for people to finally give up the ways that have not worked and create a new world out of the best of the past, and the spiritually aware use of modern technology for good, not war, riches, and creating unhappiness throughout humanity.

Here is the chance to be part of the proof it is possible but it means being able to commit, be reasonably sane, positive, ready to make new friends and create the foundations for a global community founded at a local level. This must be done by the masses, by people willing to make the sacrifices and do the work it will take to turn this into a national renaissance in self sufficiency.

These are intended to be started by mentors who realize it is not what we have but what we do with what we have in the end. Our generation, after causing so much harm, has the chance to unite people again to save the world by doing the obvious, saving the gifts that we have all around us to rebuild with rather than be dependent on imports. It means preserving the wisdom and knowledge of our elders before it is lost while also respecting the hard work and incredible hardware, parts, and pieces that our forefathers created for us to use.

This is about the freedoms of choice, to be educated without government intervention, free to live a spiritual life of our choosing, live with a tiny footprint, drop out of the matrix, live a relatively toxin free life, organic if we choose, and spend time with those we love. The reality must once again include the treasures we have left, the knowledge to appreciate them, and the understanding that the world can not produce it all again, so what we have is what we will leave behind to when we are gone.

Only a few houses are in place, but the materials, space to build more, spaces to put them when they are done, and the means to ultimately fuel this and others like it down the road by having the Pure Salvage Outposts and SalvageFaire Markets, the Tiny Texas Territories and other Pure Salvage Territories in other states joining together to form a web that will move information, materials, plans, people for villages where they are needed for their talents, and much more.

The membership will give us the ability to dispatch salvage projects all over with people who have been taught, certified, and empowered to go out and change the world, one house, one building, or one barn at a time so as to create millions of Tiny Houses that will last for centuries in sensible villages once more.

More info coming soon!