A Bright New Sunset That Tells Of The Days To Come.  A New Truth Coming From The Ash Of All That Has Been Churned.  New Lives That Come From Those Now Lost Will Yet Turn Out To Be, The Greatest Of Your Gifts In Life, Besides Just Being Freed.

Salvage, Tx is the Best Place to create Salvagefaire Market: Last High Exit on IH 10 that did not flood!

My prayers and blessing sent your way way for all who need such now. I hope that what I offer will help enable you somehow.

Prelude to What Appears

How do you say so many things

in such a way as to absorb,

without the trauma of the waves,

of waking up amidst a storm. 


I do not know but I will try, 

These poems might help, 

I know not why… 

But offer them as gifts, these words, 

to help, I hope, but there is more.


I know the pains of being poor, 

Not money but what’s even more…

No Hope, NO Love, No Friends, No Food..

Yet still inside I always knew…


Somehow surely there must be,

a path important, here for me.

In spite of all my times in doubt,

the biggest trials all worked out.


I would not be here but for my losses.

My son, my business, or other things,

that made me stronger as a Being.

Thus I say this to my Friends,

I think the time has come:


Darby Lettick

Shaman of Salvage

9/ 2017

A bright new Sunset that tells of the days to come. A new Truth coming from the ash of all that has been churned. New lives that come from those now lost will yet turn out to be, the greatest of your gifts in life, besides just being Freed.

So it Appears:  What Could Be Now

So it Appears: What Could Be Now
140 miles to Houston and it flooded towns all of the way.
Hundreds of years of records broke and houses washed away.
The crops are lost, the herds hurt too!
There was not much that we could do.
We look to see what does remain,
for some the places aren’t the same.
Their lives now torn and shredded so,
there is no way someone would know.
No job awaits on Monday morn.
No food to eat, not even corn.
The stores are closed that we once knew,
the gardens flooded that we grew.
Where do we go when we get up?
How do we restart… but with naught?
Is there a way to glue it back
the world we knew, once bright, now BLACK!
How long before I have a way?
A path to take that I can say:
Thank God for giving us a chance,
to live through this and try again.
No matter what you did before,
So many jobs will not appear,
Thus millions now will have to learn,
the skills it takes, new ways to Earn.
No credit cards for many now,
no debt that can be “Paid Back” How?
Just mouths to feed, and wounds that bleed,
Love for those whose tears you see.
What can we do but now unite!
There is no other way through Plight!
If we can just commune as One,
In Peace find answers and have fun.
Love each other, share our wealth,
of Knowledge, skills, of teaching Health.
How do we eat w/o Monsanto?
Sort our seeds for the things we grow?
We learn from Elders who are here!
We care for those we Love so dear.
We learn from those who did prepare,
The Wisest Elders and Teachers.
We write the books that can survive,
We spread the word while the net survives.
We grow a new world I believe,
Where even poor boys can achieve!
Its true that now the chance is here.
The Truest Paths will now be Clear.
The motives not the wealth to gain,
It is to help, to ease the pain!
We can but give a lift to those
Who do believe they have a choice,
of being Victims or be strong,
and guide the others who are lost.
Please come forward, every Being.
Join me in the Global Meeting.
Here upon the WEB you see,
The Webblers will abound like Seeds.
Like Tiny Texas Houses
which I built to sow the Earth,
With an image of the trash they wasted,
forming magic and “Rebirth”!
So much of what you had before,
Your children did not want.
So many bedrooms empty, ‘
One would think they were a “Haunt”.
Indeed they were, you soon will see,
Big houses full of memories.
The past that you can not replace,
The need now for a better space.
For this I offer but one choice.
Sustainable, and fueled by Voice.
A house to last your life and more,
a new career that is in store.
Not just one house, many more.
I always said I dreamt of Doors.
These doors of Opportunity
your chance to learn how to be FREE.
Free Parts and Pieces, gifts to build.
Your hands, your minds, your new learned skills.
Imagination mixed there in,
with Spirit fueling: Hope will Win!
Join me as I pass this Torch,
Knowledge gained through years of work,
Preparing for the time the teachers,
would come to learn this path, not preachers.
Join me to create a new Trust,
in the cities where it’s Night!
Take the pieces loved ones left us,
Use them to ignite the Light.
Empower others into action.
Passion leads us all ahead…
If we know that we can do it,
We will join and help all grow.
We face a world of many battles,
But in the end I do believe,
That we shall come out from the Darkness,
With a New Path Clear to See
A way of building our new houses,
Towns, and villages, near Free!
Not needing lots of gas, electric,
imports or Technology.
We can rebuild amazing lives,
from the salvage we will see.
One man’s Trash
Another’s treasure! Best of all it Free!
Argue not and Thank them Well
For those in doubt who this pass up.
Accept the gifts for all your needs,
except the Human Energies.
So join me in a global setting,
Webbling about this Word,
A World of United Beings,
Believing we can do the work.
We can live in smaller places.
We can build with all we have.
The treasures of the past we save are
All we need to form our path.
Join me building with Pure Salvage,
From bodies, minds, and homes alike.
It is your Spirit in your body,
Who’s passions I do seek to strike.
Like matches to an unlit candle,
Please let me fire up your stove.
Then with it cook up great ideas,
Manifest your Treasure Trove!
For once we plant the seeds of Salvage,
Houses, Buildings, Barns, and more,
They form into our world without one
Single tree need fall to ground.
If I can give but that one blessing
To our people all around,
Then I have written all I have to,
and can put my ink pen down.
Darby Lettick

Open your minds to the Possibilities of Salvaging Mind, Body, Spirit, and Home now that the old ones have been left behind.

We are open to your help,

donations, human energy, and the Spirits who are Awakening with a positive mind to the possibilities

Of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Visit Salvagetx.com to see what is coming that you can help sponsor, participate in, or send someone to learn so they can bring this Pure Salvage Mining and Building Ethos to your town as a Pure Salvage Outpost.. Co-op for you!



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