Display Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinets, And So Much More Will Work Its Way To The Tents, But If You Have A Need Before They Go, Contact Us To See If We Can Fill It Sooner Than Later.

Salvagefaire cranks up Swap Meets & giant Tent Sale to liquidate massive inventories! Nov-Dec dates

Yes, now that the Halloween parties are over and the tents are freed up to pack full of architectural antiques, we are on the move.  The dates for the Swap Meet and Tent Sales will be the first weekend and middle weekend of each month.  The first chance to come look around will be November 18th and 19th, but we will still be unpacking things as we move the mountains of things from places unseen by the public for years.  November 18-19th will be the first weekend but the bigger launch will be for December 2nd and Dec. 3rd.  Want to have a space at the swap meet too.  Contact us about getting under a tent or be out in the open to swap some of your treasures too.  Vendor spaces available including free materials to build regular use spaces.

Imagine these tents full of salvaged Architectural Antiques and building materials.

Soon they will be.  Need stuff.  Come barter or buy all you need here soon.


Imagine the Bike rally you could have with a venue like this for October…. Guess what? We have days available to book for your event and WE WANT an Antique Car rally that the people can all come to in costume for a day if you can pull it off, as well as a Biker Costume Party if we can get the peaceful biker clubs to join me out here at Salvage, Texas where the country roads are aplenty and the path with trees and few cars to worry about in the midst of the three great cities, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

We will be cranking up the Salvagefaire Market, Horror house, Spooky Campgrounds, the Trick or TreaT through the Salvage, Tx. Sweets & Fear trail. We will also be having some incredible parties on the weekends so please get in touch as vendors, sponsors, and secure you spaces for the events.

Lighting, windows, doors, trim, decorative metal ceiling, cabinets, and so much more will be getting put out on shelves, bales of hay, and many other forms of display as we create a great get away from the city for a day, and even a night if you book it at the BnB houses at Salvage, Texas.

Some of the things that will be getting put out can be seen on the past blogs showing our warehouses so if you have an interest, write us an email ahead to see if we have what you are looking for in the 120,000 sf of warehouses and we will put it in the tents where the big discounts will be had.

Please share and join us as we begin to liquidate tens of thousands of items from the vast warehouses of accumulated vintage building materials in the collections being exposed to the light of day once more.


PS:  Membership will not be required to come to the Swap Meet or Salvagefaire markets but entry into the warehouses will continue to be by appointment only so please call if you have interest in larger orders that merit the time it takes to walk the warehouses.  We do not just shop for the fun of it, but with a list of goodies you are looking for so as not to get too distracted.

Please take a moment to consider if we can provide you with a FREE event venue for a music or film festival that might have a problem due to the issues of the weather than have messed everyone up so much. Please take a look at this option.

For more information or private appointments, call 830-875-2500 and leave a message or email to Brad@puresalvageliving.com