Let Us Do All We Can To Keep From Joining Our Contemporaries Over At Tombstone Falls.

Saving the best of the past includes our body, so here is how we salvage it and build new

Yes, it begins with the body we get. As parents it is the most critical thing we must protect in our child’s short time with us as they grow to become adults. If we have healthy housing, feed them good food, and teach them how to take care of their primary vessel, their body, then they can live a long and healthy life. If people do not know the toxins and lifestyle will cause their early death as well as that of their children, and do not care to learn how to prevent that, well, I liken such a perspective like those who burn down houses and barns, throw the materials of our planet into landfills with no replacement in site on the planet, and allow the autism and health issues to continue as the leaders seem to lose control.

Start with the body from the inside working out, bring in spirit, strength, and the power it brings with it. As stewards of the planet for the generations to come, I believe it is time for my generation to set an example of what we could do instead of the American Dream house in the suburbs and a life long job at one company. That is not going to happen again unless the job is with the government and it can survive without a working economy. This concept of Pure Salvage Living puts people back to work if they are physically able and the sad part is, so many Americans of my generation are not. So what do we do. Get more fit now.

Please start thinking about your future one day at a time. Move away from Big PHARMA for a best friend offering by the doctors and take care of yourself and loved ones naturally, with the immune system that is amazing if you take care of your body. Breath lots of oxygen by working out a bit, stretching so as not to get stiff and hurt yourself using muscles you forgot your had. Wake up to a new body daily and push it a bit further toward the youth it can feel once again.

I hope you like the little video of what three years has wrought in me. This is a compilation of the different moves I have used to reach a state of physical fitness I have never known in my younger decades. I hope to be doing this into my 70’s, 80′ and more if the world around me allows. I hope to see you there with me.

Here is the link to the Body, Mind, and Spirit Salvaging workout.

Thank you for sharing…

Darby, SalvageGuru

The video intends to demonstrate the various movements from different Gongs (Disciplines) that one can use to keep the body in shape, and putting you through a meditation in motion once you get the routine memorized. 5 days a week for an hour a day and you will have a new body in a couple of years that will feel 10-20 years younger. Isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about? Minimal effort at 5-7 hours a week for a body others die for the lack of or suffer while hanging on for years in pain. Lets show the kids how to do better before we stop teaching them anything about physical training in school entirely.