I Have Tasted The Victory Of My Faith, Through My Willingness To Swing My Sword For Truth, To Slay Injustice In Its Tracks On Behalf Of Those Who Would Suffer From Its Criminal Design And Intent. It Is Up To The Warriors Who Can Defend The Rights Of The Weak And Old, Of The Children, Or Anyone Who Loves Enough To Die To Save Others Even If They Can Not Fight To Defend Them With Weapons.

Warriors Can Use Many Weapons To Protect The Innocent, Some From The System That Threatens The Masses, Others From The Light That Comes With The Truth, With The Love For The Peace We Strive For, Not The War That It Takes To Overcome Tyrants.
While My Sword Of Anger Cut Many A Limb And Nearly A Forest Of Relationships Down To Take Me To A Place Where It No Longer Served Me Anymore. That Sort Of Victory Brings No Peace Of Mind Or Memory. A Warrior Does Not Seek To Add To Such Memories As Warfare Manifests, But The Peace That Should Come After Which Might Be Found Without Drawing A Sword Of Anger. It Has Only A Sharp Edge And Will Cut Anyone You Touch With It, Drawing Blood Even If You Do Not Intend, It Can Cut To The Bone Without A Thought To Do So, But In A State That Does. My Armor Protected My Chest And Heart, My Shield Of Self Righteousness Resisted The Blades Of Ax And Sword Alike, Allowing To Judge All Before Me As I Slew Them One And All In What I Thought Was Battle, But Was Just Life.

My Sword Of Love, More Sharp And True, Without The Armor For My Heart Which Now Feels, With Only The Shield That Truth In My Faith Can Offer, I Shall Move Forward Into The Abyss Of The Matrix And Smite The Very Core Of It Out. I Seek To Cut From It The Part That Wreaks Fear And Weakens Its Foes With Intimidation. I Shall Sever The Threats Such Demons Take To Prevent People From Having Hopes And Passions, Their Dreams For A Better Life For Their Children And Themselves Once The Suffering Is Over. All Beings, Not Just Rich Humans, Have A Right To Happiness That Includes The Right To Allow Spirit A Peaceful Ride In The Body We Reside In, Whatever The Form Of Life We Take, With Respect As If What We Perceive Is Indeed The Mirror Of Our Self, One Split Up Into Many Versions Of Life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You For Letting Me Learn To Use The Words Like Scalpels, And The Sword Of Love Like A Paddle That Does Not Draw Blood, But If Needed To Protect Those I Love, Can Cut Through Any Enemy That Crosses My Blade For It Now Carries My Light Into This World Through The Ways I Can Finally Communicate And Fully Ignite The Energy Of Spirit I Call Wub. 
Sharpen Your Sword, Prepare For Using It Well In Advance Of The Need, And You May Never Have To Draw It From Its Sheath For Those Who See You Will Know You Are Not To Be Challenged Without The Ability To Win. Let Your Faith Be Your Source Of Strength, Your Love For Others The Fuel, And You Are Unstoppable!

Who'd Think It Could Be This Good At 62 And The Sword Still Held Firmly In My Hand, I Fight For Mother Earth And The Children Of Her Lands.

2018 May

Savoring the Sweet Taste of Victory… & Seeking True Justice as Desert!

Yes, I went before the Guadalupe Appraisal Board hearing on the property on which Salvage, Texas is being manifested, for a request to fix a wrong property classification and thus reduce the taxes dramatically, for 5 years back.  For those who have been following the long battle over the failing schools that have taxed me in spite of the failure, but worse, for things they had no right to, then seized my first born Tiny Texas House: the Red Mascot, even though it was not owned by the corporations they came to harass, but instead me.


I have tasted the victory of my Faith, through my willingness to swing my sword for Truth, to slay injustice in its tracks on behalf of those who would suffer from its criminal design and intent. It is up to the warriors who can defend the rights of the weak and old, of the children, or anyone who Loves enough to die to save others even if they can not fight to defend them with weapons.

Warriors can use many weapons to protect the innocent, some from the system that threatens the masses, others from the Light that comes with the Truth, with the Love for the Peace we strive for, not the war that it takes to overcome tyrants.
While my Sword of Anger cut many a limb and nearly a forest of relationships down to take me to a place where it no longer served me anymore. That sort of Victory brings no Peace of Mind or Memory. A Warrior does not seek to add to such memories as warfare manifests, but the Peace that should come after which might be found without drawing a Sword of Anger. It has only a sharp edge and will cut anyone you touch with it, drawing blood even if you do not intend, it can cut to the bone without a thought to do so, but in a state that does. My armor protected my chest and heart, my Shield of Self Righteousness resisted the blades of ax and sword alike, allowing to judge all before me as I slew them one and all in what I thought was battle, but was just life.

My Sword of Love, more sharp and true, without the armor for my heart which now feels, with only the shield that Truth in my Faith can offer, I shall move forward into the abyss of the Matrix and smite the very core of it out. I seek to cut from it the part that wreaks fear and weakens its foes with intimidation. I shall sever the threats such demons take to prevent People from having hopes and passions, their dreams for a better life for their children and themselves once the suffering is over. All Beings, not just rich humans, have a right to happiness that includes the right to allow spirit a peaceful ride in the body we reside in, whatever the form of life we take, with respect as if what we perceive is indeed the mirror of our Self, One split up into many versions of life.

Thank you, thank you, Thank you for letting me learn to use the words like scalpels, and the Sword of Love like a paddle that does not draw blood, but if needed to protect those I love, can cut through any enemy that crosses my blade for it now carries my Light into this world through the ways I can finally communicate and fully ignite the Energy of Spirit I call Wub.
Sharpen your sword, prepare for using it well in advance of the need, and you may never have to draw it from its sheath for those who see you will know you are not to be challenged without the ability to win. Let your Faith be your Source of Strength, your Love for others the Fuel, and you are unstoppable!

Who’d think it could be this good at 62 and the Sword still held firmly in my hand, I fight for Mother Earth and the Children of her lands.

2018 May

I had tried to tell them what the issues were and I had attempted to get a delay on the Tax Sale sought by the attorney for the LiSD Tax Claim I have been battling for the last year.  I was seeking to postpone his attempt to take my land for refusing to pay for the school failing, and contesting the values that had been assigned for the last 5 years.  I filed affidavits telling him of the issues that would require he inform the buyers if he was to take the property to the tax sale and he refused to recognize my facts, refused to do the ethical thing and warn the buyers of the issues, refused to wait for the Appraisal Board to hear the claim that would wipe out all the back taxes, penalties, and money owed, in fact, leave the county owing me back $65,000 or more for taxes I paid in that were not justified. The $18,5000 for business property tax on corps that did not own even a desk is preposterous and I do plan to go back and now have that decision or value annulled as well for having taxed something that was misclassified or characterized as existing when it did not.  No justification for taxing that which is not in this reality or materials world, but in the minds of people who send out letters and file paperwork that is wrongly titled, not necessarily intending harm, but because of systems in place that move forward autonomously, the consequences can be more than just troublesome, they can be devastating.

One significant thing to note though is that the attorneys collecting taxes in Texas are incentivized to cheat because they get 20% of the taxes they collect just for writing the letter demanding it, taking people to court, and seizing property.  So if the tax debt did not exist, and he is told thus knows the truth will cost him some income, he could be determined to instead of passing along the facts to the Commissioners Court to get a re-examination of the evidence before proceeding and wasting money, court time, and frustration.  Instead, Sergio, the Poster Boy for Bad Tax Men, determined he would make more money if he chose to ignore any facts that might cause that to happen.  My argument is that he does not deserve the fees he was paid to collect taxes that were not really due, and he knew, but added court costs, and as much as he could find, legit or otherwise, dirty tactics that I will prove to show ill intent, yet he is paid with my tax dollars, thus still has an ethical obligation to play fair.  He did not.

Yes, we met the incredibly honorable men who make up the Guadalupe County Appraisal Review Board. They were as fair as any man could ask, and we have a reprieve.

For those of you who do not know of this ongoing battle with the county next to me, here is a brief update.  I am protesting the school’s utter failure to keep from falling like a rock in the pit of failing schools in Texas.  They have finally hit the bottom and besides my vote, a fairly worthless thing in the battle for quality education for children in Caldwell County.  It seems like the priority there is to have stupid kids that can occupy the Corporate Prison system so that they can support the stockholders, the guards in the jail, administrators and the many others who profit from incarcerating the kids for smoking pot, and thus making $50,000 per child for years as a reward for keeping them ignorant, actually damaging their brains by failing to teach them how to use it.  The School system gets paid tens of thousands of dollars per year to incarcerate the kids then the prison system gets more for keeping them for the next decade for non-violent crimes.  What a deal for someone. Should we not Track the Money and find out who benefits and perpetuates this symbiotic relationship that seems to get stronger each year instead of emptying the jails and educating the children in the county better.  Look at the evidence of what is going on in this industry that hopes to keep many of your children in jail for life. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-prison-industry-in-the-united-states-big-business-or-a-new-form-of-slavery/8289

Here is another great reference if you want to see who is investing, the Follow the Money trail to see who benefits by supporting such businesses that profit from incarcerations.


The Poster Boy for Tax Collecting Attorneys happened to be the drone assigned to take me down with his dastardly tactics that ignore honor, truth, and justice.  He makes money on how much he collects, whether justified or not, and regardless of the methods, honorable or otherwise, and in total disregard for the fact that the taxpayer he is attacking is the one paying for him to do that job, therefore he is obligated to treat me fairly, not use the system like a bat to beat me.  He chose to ignore the facts about companies that had no assets or employees for years he was siezing my dear First Born Red Mascot which did not belong to the companies he was trying to collect business property tax for.  As the corporations in question did not have a physical presence, employees, offices, or any other evidence of their existence except online presence.  Perhaps that justified the attorney to come to my address which not leased by either of the entities they sought to seize for, yet they chose to take my personal property with guns and threats of consequence instead.  The companies only have a mailing address and a cyber space presence, the Poster Boy brought 7 County Sheriffs, several other attorneys, and on an early morning, came to Salvage, TX. to play bully and tell us that we, the many other people who own things on the property, have a lease separate and apart from the companies he was making a claim against, and yet, he froze all assets, trash, tools, and houses in place until he was able to have a tax sale to sell the wrongly siezed house which was my personal property and thus not attachable to his judgement against corporations, seperate personas according to the law.

The best book on Tiny Homes for shelter in the world and our Red Mascot is on the cover. My first born organic cottage in the 80 house series unmatched throughout the world.

So I did my scream and dance, let him post his bright yellow sticker on the houses to show what a tough nut the Poster Boy could be with an army of Sheriff soldiers to protect him from my verbalized wrath… not violence to his body, a chance to express my displeasure to the top of my lung and vocal capacity, with terminology normally reserved for demon smashing and extreme humiliation for him being a liar and falsely extending his power beyond the judge’s approval.  I tried to communicate his erronious assumptions in attempting to collect in such a fashion but he ignored my pleas for honesty or equity.  Even with texts to warn him of his tactics and telling him what he was doing would be reversed later due to the various reasons that the Appraisal Board later used for justifying dropping my taxes and values by 80% which amounts to a million dollars in value that vaporized but I have paid taxes on for 12 years.  $30,000 a year, taxes I paid willingly until the school dropped off the charts by failing to teach the kids I was paying $30,000 to teach each year in taxes.  The results place the schools lower than the third world nations of the world, and no one seems to care as long as we pay the taxes.

The tax itself was wrongful due to the fact that the LiSD Tax Authority was making claims that were unjustified in the first place. So, as per the letter from the attorney, he was the supposed to have a $10,700 claim on business inventories of defunk corporations which had no offices or home base… tax that was not owed and that he jacked up to $18,800 range using wrongful claims that the judge had not approved, in fact, that is not even owed and I will now set about proving that none of it was owed, but most importantly, even if it was, they had NO RIGHT what so ever to seize my property for the corporate tax debts that were not mine, nor tell me that I could not move, sell, or even clean up the 43 acres of stuff, buildings, and things that had nothing to do with the mere $18,000 he claimed he might not be able to get from auctioning the Red Mascot for the supposed tax debts of TTH and PSL corporations.


I have proven that now, in spite of having been harassed and having to pay $104,000 before being able to prove I was right.  I will now seek the refund for the taxes paid, the penalties, lawyers fees he charged after me telling him all the things that I have since proven true and thus deny them the right to have taken my taxes, as I told him three years ago.  This Poster Boy for Taxmen refused to give me any break in spite of the evidence which he also failed to pass along to his superiors, the judge, or any entity that might have stopped his charge against me.

Next, I am going back to the Appraisal Review Board to likewise strike the false collection of taxes not owed that this Poster Boy used to take my First Born Sustainable Organic Cottage known as the Red Mascot.  It is the most viewed, published, and internationally seen Tiny Texas House in the world, having been on the front cover of magazines, books, and newspapers, as well as inside of many magazines as far away as Italy and other European nations.  Imagine if you owned this great piece of classic House Art, the first of nearly 80 examples of a new paradigm in building houses for the retiring Baby Boomers who will downsize as well as the new generation of kids who know that less is more and consumerism does not lead to happiness or a healthy world.

What I am getting ready to do next is to launch a campaign to teach others how to survive using their life skills and ingenuity, not just the hope of going to college and somehow have that open the coffers of success in a career, unlike the reality that leaves 1.4 billion in student debt at a 40% default rate on the loan, the biggest financial bubble threatening the loan industry this year.  What are we doing condemning kids to debts to the elite for schooling that will do them no good in life without jobs to support them and pay off the loans when they get out of school?


Thank you for following and supporting the expansion of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance by sharing, living the sustainable organic life, and helping the next generation get a leg up on escaping from the Matrix of consumerism and debt slavery that rules most of America.