See What’s Free

See What’s Free

The Vicky Zebu Picture Post that I am the first to know.

As i learn and see the world that’s free,
I understand why I am me.
The living matrix that I share,
the Earth I love for which I care.

I seek to give what I can find
to give back sight to those now blind.
We can have the bliss that all men seek
and save our planet, live in Peace.

To sleep and rest,
to heal and grow,
to love all people
you may know.

to be a part of One, our Earth,
and thus to God who gives us birth.
Earthing, birthing, back to dust,
the parts our spirits use for Us.

See the movement,
know the Truth,
Its just this simple,
we are Youth.

Open up your mind and soul.
See what is before you now.
Look and feel, then know yourself,
God gives us all we need for wealth.

Truly no man can contain,
the power that we have within.
The more we capture and give forth,
the more we have, the more we grow.

Join me as we realize,
the power that is centralized,
From in the body speaks the soul,
the path we pick is ours to hold.

Wake my friends and see the light,
knowledge brings the greatest sights,
open up your box to see,
what lies before you now is free.

Darby 2013

The Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun”