Shadow Casting around the World

Shadow Casting around the World

Shadow Casting around the world. How far can Darby cast a shadow in a single day of sunlight? Lets find out. See how fast it can go around the world and help the resonance of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance continue to grow.

I couldn’t resist a little Vesper Shadow Dance. The outer bench around the treestair is placed but not yet fully fit. The sun it bright and thus the back ground hard to see, but this was for effect to show the shadow that I cast, then where it goes and who it sees, but most of all how fast.

Around the world the shadow goes, I hope the image flies. For with these seedlings that I make to place before your eyes, I hope to start a resonance that flows from land to land, convincing people everywhere to lend a helping hand. Lets join together one and all to make this planet thrive, so all the species living here will not die but stay alive.Salvage promises more hope than anything on Earth,
for it takes nothing to turn it into homes for millions here. It turns what would be trash into a house, a desk, a bed, or into occupations that create a new paths ahead.
The joy of building houses that will last for centuries and the pride of knowing nearly all the parts were found for free, will add so much to any home in value and in life that I think most of the people would sleep better every night.

I suppose if you look past the shadow that I cast, and see that you could do the same and build a house that lasts. You might thus see that each of you could do the same as me, and thus provide the housing for the loved ones who have need.

You could join together forces, from your friends and family too, so as to do the things that no one man might thing to do. For together you will have the tools, the trucks, the trailers and the skills of aged experience that will also come with you. If you simply join together with a bit of unity you will have all that you want and thus create community.

The doors, the floors, the windows,…. the many parts you’ll need, can all be found in houses people give away for free.
I promise if you do these things and build your homes as I, they will last beyond your lifetime and will move on down the line. To your children, friends or family you could leave it to them whole so that they could fold it up and take it to another home.
For while the home is where the heart is, it need not be land bound, for the house that is your dream come true, will follow you around. It can go with you when you’re old and be there when you die. It can then go to your daughters place for the grandkids there to thrive.

Then later when they too grow up and need a home for real, the Tiny House you build today will still generate the feel of the Love that I have strived to put in every Home I build, and the Love that builds up in the house stays with it when willed.

So even though a shadow has no mass or lasting soul, it can reach around the world and change a mind or two I’m told. It can open up the doors to thoughts no one had yet brought forth though a shadow can not lift a thing, I hope it lifts your hope. With passion roused and hope unleashed, the method to succeed, once in your hands and hearts you’ll find you truly will succeed.

So do not wait, don’t hesitate to move now on your dreams. Let this shadow spur you on to think of what your Home could be. Built from salvage valued not but for the thoughts you have, of turning it into a dream will be a your salve. Then when you’re hurting and you seek refuge some refuge from the storm, come hither to my dreams where-in my shadow will escort you back to this escape at hand for any one who dares to think about and then to act so they may to be Freed.


Here is the shot without my shadow on it but plenty of others to talk about.