Sitting on the Fence Still? Wasting Life Away?

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Are you Free?

Sitting on the Fence Still? 

Wasting Life Away?

Here is a thought,

a simple path,

that may lead a different way.

From the trash and Treasures of Our Past

comes a Middle Path I know

For the Blessings I am thankful,

the results I know will show,

that we can do nearly anything,

when our Passions light and grow.

Has the world turned in ways you thought

that you would never see?

Have you finally been Awakened to the Matrix? 

Are you Free?

Then perhaps you will be willing

to Wake Humanity.

It’s a simple proposition

that I make for all to See.

We can change the way we think and act

that will make us strong and Free.

Thus I’m putting out the call to reach.

around the Globe with speed,

by our actions, going Viral, with our words,

we lay the seeds.


Never fear, simply prepare,

Unleash your power now.

Imagine what can happen

and soon miracles abound.

Soon most of what we fear or dread

will simply disappear.

If we work united to succeed,

there’s nothing left to fear.

As simple as some things may seem,

we sometimes miss the point.

We walk around with blinders,

Un-Aware there is a choice.

We blast through days of boredom

dreaming of the days we’re Free,

Yet they seldom seem to happen

as your health begins to flee.

Does the stress and poor condition

of the vessel you hold dear,

mean your body won’t survive without

the Doctors being near?

What kind of life is this you live,

where stress consumes your days?

Your nights are spent distracted

as you try to hide the pain.

Wake up and leave the trappings

of success, I hope you see,

that the happiness you seek in life

can truly come for free.

My salvage creates houses

just like people with new hearts,

taking all the best from lives we’ve lived

to create a brand new start.

Thus Salvation comes to many things,

not just houses, barns, but more.

Besides the Hope and Passion,

it brings Promise to your door.

It will Light the way for you to see

the Treasures in the Night,

The Path that you can take away,

from any sort of plight.

So I Pray you see more than a toy

in my Tiny Texas House.

For Pure Salvage is a way of life

for your loved ones and your spouse.

There is Freedom found in Salvage

nothing else can bring you more.

For the only cost that you will have

is the Energy You Store.

Using both your body and your spirit

I am truly sure you’ll find

the life you lived has set you up

to leave the past behind.

There are people you can share with

and thus find the help you need,

for the more you give to others

the more you will be freed.

Our Happiness lies deep  With-In,

Not “In the Things we Have”.

Once you’ve had it all,

you may just learn

and thus so want to Give.

It’s time to Turn to WUB I know.

Fuel our Wubtron deep within

to form a body that we love,

to prep it for the Win.

Tis a great life we are living.

Others watch the Earthly show,

waiting for their turn to live here,

to live life the way we know.

We must do our best to save her.

Mother Earth we love and know,

to respect and not pollute lest

we destroy her ‘fore we go…

Tis the Seven Generations

who are watching as we Act,

who inherit what we leave them

May we share a common pact?

Still they all come strong and willing

to go through these lives we must

to become the leaders who will Care

for Earth while in their trust.

We are at the new beginning

as the Star Seeds come to life.

These are children sent here willing

to do all of the right stuff.

They have never become jaded

by the ways that we have gone,

that have led to all the wars and greed

our planet knows is wrong.

Thus comes the Time of Wibblry

as the Planet comes to Life

for a Union of Believers

in a Future Clear and Bright.

We have powers as true Wubbers, 

from the Cosmos far and wide,

We have come to join the battle,

to snuff out the darker side.

The time has come to halt the few

who scorch the Earth for greed.

They kill all species without thought,

They control the Human Breed.

Such a Goal might seem Impossible

but in truth they can’t succeed,

yet I do believe while hiding,

we will truly set you Free.

For the Secret to Reality

is held by YOU and Me.

We can form the future with our minds,

our deeds, and all thats True.

Our daily acts and words create,

the path that we so choose.

For the millions far outnumber

any forces that will lose.

Comes  a dream some call a vision,

or a nightmare that is planned.

For the weather is a changing,

and with it so will the lands.

Please Prepare to grow a new path,

if you hear the tiny call.

for the Earth she is a changing,

and there is no way to stall.



revised 6/2017

Inside Temple Tantra is imagination manifesting what most people can not know. though you likely can not touch it, see it, but perhaps the glow. So perhaps deep in the night when the stars and Moon don’t show, you will see me meditating in the Pulsing Light of Wub.

I’ll tell you all a secret if you promise first to tell…

Sleeping in the bedroom will be fine.

Remember this is just imagination forming houses out of trash and the things I have collected on the path to having less.  Going through more to get there is nice, especially when it can all be had nearly for free.  Care to follow such a lead.  See the videos on Youtube on the Pure Salvage Living Channel, or just the pictures on the website here and and on Facebook still at the Tiny Texas houses page.