Here Is The Entrance To Skinny Dip Pool.  It Needs A Bit Of Work And That Is What You Will See.  Beware Of Seeing Buns Warning Label

Skinny Dip Pool is The newest Addition to Salvage, Texas. Darby Shows How!

Yes we finally finished the first of the series of ponds that will be fresh water fed and in this case, great for a Skinny Dip. Deep, cool below warm on the top, and flowing so as to keep clean and clear. Join us at the new B&B operations now that we are getting all the kinks worked out, the houses all with air conditioning, electric, and a bath house to boot. Go down deep into the caverns below to take a mud bath then up again to dip into grounded clear water from deep below the ground.

skinny dipping pool 4092

skinny dipping pool 4089

pink sky and grapes 3920

Just to let you know how good it can feel though, Darby has allowed us to use him for a model to show how to enter the pool for a Skinny Dip.