Here You See The Cabinet For The Fridge Being Built To Fit

Miss Lillie’s inner skins are simply Slices from Old Trees

The front door leads to a full width sized covered front porch. The sidelights are “New OLd Stock” Cypress sashes and custom built jambs using Long Leaf Pine.

12′ x 32′ looks bigger from up here where the loft will be. This house also has a downstairs bedroom with a wall to keep it private. Wow!


This is going to be below the loft and is the kitchen when we are finished.

Slices from old Trees nailed about.

In that corner there will be
a kitchen you may want to see.
An entry to a tiny bath,
a future down a different path.

The wood you see is Love for me,
manifested in a form
that will shelter and protect my friends
through any kind of storm.

It will hold them tight
and keep them warm,
with nothing but those cells,
once grown by God for centuries
as trees that Man did fell.

Thus from those gifts thus given
with respect for all that’s gone,
I build my houses just to prove
these gifts can last life-long.

They can last until our children grow
then passed along or moved
They will stand for what we used to have
I pray that much I proved.


This has turned into a very nice ceiling with wide plank. Some of the strips are 12 inches wide and 15′ long. Others show not a single knot in 12 feet.

at 12 x 32′ it looks gigantic for a Tiny House. I used thin slices of old beams I have in stock and sanded them, used spacers behind the cracks so they could sit close but not worry about a tight fit as the gaps are filled in behind.

Oh yes… a Comfort Cabin sneak preview of the other Kitchen growing up as this set materialize nearly simultaneously in Manifestation Bay. ┬áHere is the Comfort Cabin Kitchen coming to life.

The Comfort Cabin Kitchen cabinets slowly come to life.

Here you see the cabinet for the fridge being built to fit