In Case You Thought It Was A Short Staff, It Is Not, But Actually Nearly 6' Tall, So The Snake Is About 5'6" .
I Will Be Offering A Line Of These For Sale Soon As Part Of My Staff Designs.

Snaking our way Barefoot thru the night with my newly invented “Snake Catching Staff”

Yes, I decided I needed to move the snakes out of the chicken house and had been able to grab  the last one with one hand and staff, but this one guy, up in the top of the chicken coop, well he seemed a bit more intent upon staying up there and calling it home.   Barefoot in the coop, with our prize up high above, the night went well, I’m here to tell, and the serpent was set free…. (of life that is)… RIP.

Snake Bait that makes a great deal of chirping noise. Yes we have all the signs of spring now. New Mamma hen watches proudly over her new babies.

This was a shot from a few days before when I captured and released this fellow, but like the last time I tried that, he brought his bigger friend back as if it would be protection.

We agreed I would not handle him by hand but I did not say I would not come up with a way to get him out so he was a bit surprised when I returned at 2 in the morning.

Ruby and her Boyfriend Fred

Lucky for him, girlfriend, who was a bit smaller, had left the coop, something I made quite sure of before taking on boyfriend, and thus began the wrestling match that ended with with a knife to the throat in a merciful exchange and honorable death, though I was very sad to have to do so.

The view of Miracle Mountain is just off from your porch, but so is this fine friend who would not harm a human being, but chicks, and mice, eggs, and rats, well thats another story. Next time we will save him and take him much further away, on the other side of the river I imagine.

The Gingered Swan gets to view the Sunset from its Balcony and hear the songbirds sings in Morn. At night it has the choruses of tree and pond frogs conversing with crickets and nightlife.

From the front porch you can see the chicken coop and hear the rooster bring morning in with few calls to the day.

In case you thought it was a short staff, It is not, but actually nearly 6′ tall, so the snake is about 5’6″ .
I will be offering a line of these for sale soon as part of my staff designs.

I have a better plan in store next time but this did save my 16 freshly hatched chicks and eggs which he seemed to be getting plenty healthy eating.  Now he is Ant food.

Thus is the cycle of dust to dust, defending the defenseless, and tying to keep the peace in paradise.  Next time I hope to be able to keep them out, but that is not so easy with such snakes as we have here, serpents seeking food, or simply those you wish to look at more closely.  This can be used both to hold and to kill mercifully in its final version.

Have a great day, let me know if You need a Snake Catching Staff once you see the coming videos and demonstrations of how well this works.