Darby Takes You On A Visionary Path To A Sustainable Organic Cottage Tour With Some Great Video And Good Music Along The Way. 
Join Him And Support This Great Month Of Parties So That He Might Help The Masses Who Need It While Giving Many People A Great Chance To Use Their Imagination. We Want This Event To Be A Positive Reflection Of What The Future Will Hold, People Joining Together Without Prejudice, Hate, And Greed, But Instead With The Spirit Of Unity, Positive Visualization Of A Future We Can Manifest Together, And An Agreement To All Get Along And Help Each Other Instead Of Become Divided And All Suffer Instead.

So I finally put together a Darby Tours Salvage, Texas Music video

Laid back and full of picturesque views of Salvage, Tx, both down under in the Mud cavern and up on Miracle Mountain, this is a video that also has a few of our snappy tunes by the Apostles of Salvage and poems read by Darby.
We hope it is the right mix with a slow relaxed start but nice fast paced tune at the end to get you off and cutting boards to create your Organic Cottages too.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lD3uYS7HO4&feature=youtu.be This will take you to the Youtube video tour on our Pure Salvage Living YouTube Channel.


In case you wish to come out and visit, book a room, or join us for a tour in person, here is one of the paths to get there. https://www.airbnb.com/s/Luling–TX?page=1&s_tag=9CaUBgdA&allow_override%5B%5D=

This gift is a video full of ideas, images, music, and inspirational thoughts about what you can do to start your journey on the path to simplifying, downsizing, and changing your life to an organic vision you can dream of, then manifest into your reality, future, and solutions. Please join me in using your wildest imagination in order to achieve what seems like some to be impossible and yet to others, inevitable.

Welcome to the world of Darby, the SalvageGuru