First You Have To Take A House Down And Clean Up The Mess.  After That You Can Create A House Or Three From The One You Take Down.  Here Is An Example Of One Of The First Gambrels Which Showed How Much Room You Can Create On The Interior With This Extra Loft Area Inside.  Love The Sunsets At Salvage, Texas.

So what happens to the real trash from a Salvage Job… dumpsters, fire, rot, or problems?

I need to make a blog post on the subject as the waste is one of the big costs for a project and can get out of hand if not careful about the way they are packed and how long they stay on the site. The costs for surcharges for fuel, over weight, hazardous waste, and dumping materials that the landfills do not want, increasingly that includes sheetrock now that they realize it causes Hydrogen Sulfide emissions once buried without air but getting water on it. This is the important part of taking on a salvage job that maybe should have just been a demolition job.

One of the houses that produced $3,000 in doors in a single day.

Pulling it apart by hand is a form of respect for the ancestors who put it together without electricity, as did the men who cut down the 135′ tall Long Leaf Pine Trees is created out of.

With bootcamps, people can learn how to do it so as to be able to tackle one themselves once they see how easy it can be.

Many factors and I am not an expert on them, so what could help is to get a brief cautions and overcharge dangers list from your dumpster suppliers to compare. It would be a good thing to work around to show the variables and figure out which plan works best for your situation and most importantly, your location. If you put a dumpster in the wrong place it could get filled up in a couple of days by people who consider a dumpster as a license to give you their trash without asking. One of the hardest parts of cost estimating in salvage is how to deal with the trash you can not salvage. The amount of trash container a container holds, what type they allow, how high it can go, how heavy it can be, how long it can stay before the price goes up, extra fuel costs, loading fees, surcharges for fuel or materials type in the container… each is a part of an art called estimating that can mean the difference between profit and loss on many salvage jobs. This is particularly true with heavy roof damage or burnouts where the water and mold damage is an unknown going into the project and could double or triple your trash fees and labor on a salvage job.

Picking it all up at the end but here there was a burn pit dug by a bulldozer.

Imagine outposts around the country with warehouses and markets, places to learn and build. I did many years ago. Seems it may be nearly time for it to materialize.

Amazing what a decade in this business can do to a person. Heh!

Oh yes, things like bees, well I paid to save this hive and bring it to Salvage, Texas to live rather than die with the house. Salvaged Bees too.

While I do not want it to sound like I am selling a dumpster service particularly, I am glad to use them when I can not bury, burn, or dispose of the trash from the site. Generally the cost is on the back of the owner of the property in my agreements for that reason but packing each dumpster to max out its capacity is critical to keep costs down. If the crew just throws wood, without thinking back to front where the door is, if they do not run the wheel barrows to the back early on so as to fill the bottom evenly, you can lose half the capacity of a dumpster which, at $500 or more a drop, could run into thousands of dollars in extra unnecessary costs. The foundation to build the bid on is the trash ratio to usable salvage ratio and therefore the labor, disposal, and possible hazardous waste elements of the trash must be considered to make a living doing salvage. Sometimes it is best to ask questions to see what the local landfill policy is, if they have one, state law on disposal and burning on site, as well as local burn bans that need to be considered as well as what you put in the fire. In Texas for example, you can burn the wood from the house on the site it is taken down from but not transport the trash to your own ranch away from the property you tore it off from. If caught doing that by the Natural Resources department you could get heavily fined or jailed for not using a legal landfill once it leaves the property.
The thought crosses my mind as I sit on the side of IH10 with 50,000 cars a day or more without a holiday traffic swell, that a really smart dumpster company could sit an example on the side of the highway in just the right spot to catch the eye of the 18,000,000 people who live with in an hour and a half drive from here in the three cities big companies service nearby:… Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. I pay for a tiny dumpster with a weekly pickup but a large one out there would be for advertising and possibly showing how they can be used for storable space, transport of salvage, and storage on the far end of the property. Containers, space to build, common tool areas, warehouse racking to empty containers into, then back into the field to other salvage sites. If one needed a central distribution point in Texas as well as sales office one day, no better place will be found. Besides being the last exit with utilities between here and Seguin with the toll road traffic having to stop at this exit for the first fuel going East to Houston, the giant new Truck stop going in on the opposite corner from mine at the ramp will be including a hotel / truck stop complex that started with a 33 acres tract at the exit ramp 628. The land cost was 1.3 mil dollar before a service road or foundation, just for the field it will sit in by years end. They will be complete and open in a year so the ability to move materials nationwide from Salvage, Texas will be amazing.

Just a thought…. Bartering is a great tool for business …. not sure how it would benefit us all but timing is never shear co-incidence.
Better still, consider that one of my followers started a dumpster business just for the stuff that he could then salvage for free in the giant boxes with a hole and door on the end of them. They bring home treasure… metal, wood, and so much more by that vehicle which can be sorted and as has been proven, converted into resources that create work, housing, feed families, and manifest solutions out of what would have been buried in a landfill normally. My Friend who started that business of putting dumpsters out turned down being bought out for that reason too… for if you know what you got, it is not trash, it is treasure. I am offered up so much for free but I can not get to it all. The Vehicle you all have in your hand to create a monumentally profitable business is astounding but big corporations can not really tap this realm unless they are willing to think out of the box…. heh.. a pun in this case.

I can show you a plan that pulls in millions upon millions in salvage and runs it through Co-op warehouses where contract labor sorts, stocks, and turns it into jobs, products, and exports in towns that have no resources that are making them prosperous anymore, yet are sitting on buildings, houses, and assets they can dismantle and ship away.

Massive stocks of small batches of flooring 150-350 sf in Long Leaf Pine, Oak, Northern Pine, in several sizes no less too.

Dumpsters work to move brick from resource rich areas to resource poor areas, save the cost of creating them, and expedite the processes. Combined with trains and shipping, both in the pits right now and offering better deals, we can ship far and wide using containers that are indeed dumpsters, but full of treasure instead of trash by positioning them in the right places. The Pure salvage network would allow us to move materials around the country on otherwise empty trucks as well as move houses designed to travel on the same trailers or created out of trailers that are going out of long distance service and can be converted to houses by adding salvaged house, barn, and classic buildings that have been taken apart. We have lots of options given the capital that a larger company of state or national size that has ample capital available to work with for launching new avenues of income without much additional equipment. Otherwise, without partnering, the up front costs to set up would require more investment than if the operations were added to existing networks. Sadly history shows the behemoths in the industries being wiped out by the newcomers because the big corps could not move fast enough, change, integrate smoothly, or maintain their accumulated benefits costs to the employees that built the original behemoth. They Die… whether in Detroit, Pittsburg, New Jersey or other once industrial giant towns. Software has taken the same course as once household names are lost… Netscape, AOL, computer companies, as well as solar companies, or other investment boom balloons.

This is only one element of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that I speak of and have written of before. Massive assets are being moved as the old men die off and leave a slew of women who are then downsizing at high speed without being able to realize the value of the assets, let alone capture any of it. Cleaning up the mess for free, or offering dumpsters with a contract team to take down barns, buildings, houses, empty garages, etc…. and then the market such at event venues such as Salvagefaire will be… to sell and barter all things Old, American made, crafted from the parts of the past or repaired so as to last another few decades…. that is the next level of this plan. Music, film, events, a Salvage Market with Artisans showing how to turn the treasured trees and products our ancestors made into a new generation of housing, furniture, and many of the things we no longer need to import more of rather than respect our past.

Here is the building that houses the Music/video recording studio, the restaurant for the events that will happen on the stage that is being built to go on the back of the building next.

Believe it or not, tapping the billions of dollars in Salvage in this country will need to include some larger companies of financial stature to break the rules and get through the territorial land fill / trash industry issues so as to transform how we view what goes into the dumpsters and where it goes after that. This is not the realm of the little guy trying to do salvage jobs to support his family, feed, house, and make a career that will provide for loved ones while making a positive contribution to the community and planet. I see this as a path that many could take right now and find work to keep them busy the rest of their lives.

Ultimately my goal is to see us spearhead a tax credit for life for what ever portion of a home is built from salvaged materials and thus create the demand for the materials to be saved. IF we can do this, reduce imports, landfills running out of space, and create industry in America that only we can do, not export the jobs, not import the parts, but do it all here for the next generation of housing.
How we deal with the waste, the trash, the salvage, is the deeper soil I plant these seeds in for it will allow this Renaissance to blossom as it is fueled by trash in the eyes of most observers for now. Soon, as you are seeing with the demand rising for using salvaged materials in all things from decor to construction, the recognized value will move up as the demand is growing and will not stop as the economy hits the debt skids and the need to grow jobs local, find new ways to get building materials, and create hope is first on the agenda instead of the consumerism and service industries that are finally dying on the vine. My goal is to see the supply and demand lead to affordable alternatives to cheap toxic imports and new modern resource depleting building materials being used. Our government need only get out of the way and let us get more creative about answering individual housing needs instead of forcing people to use New Products that only support the corporations that pay to write the code and then have their bought and paid for politicians get it inserted into the nations building codes requiring the public use them. Seldom are the endocrine disruptive compounds, the formaldehyde, plasticizers, or other toxic outgassing products screened by anyone who does not have a motive for their being sold without buyers hesitating to consider the cost to their health over their budget. Size does matter because with houses, the more space you get for the dollar, the cheaper the quality of the materials one has to use based on the modern builder/subdivision/ condo/apartment construction today.

I can do this as a blog, focusing on the issues of the industry and let all competitors know in advance what one aspect of my bigger picture is, as I have just done with you without a confidentiality agreement, inspire others to step up to the plate and compete in this one venue. It would be wiser though to take this to the people at your company who could actually look at what I have written and see the bigger picture so as to consider joining me on this adventure that will rock the nation if we do it right. This is the path to empowerment that gets you the loyalty and name recognition you are seeking in the marketing realm that still has little competition. I like to start businesses that fit into that objective. I have taken that approach on all my business adventures, to take the path others will not take and cut the cost to the consumer. Give the people something that no other big corporations are offering, a path to success through salvage by joining with me and showing the public how to tap this treasure trove hidden in plain sight.

Somehow I will inspire this to happen and since many have the business and savvy to come up to the plate and take a swing at the ball. If we hit this out of the park one time, it will be repeated across the nation, perhaps even further, though it is not so foreign a concept in other countries that have not become as accustomed to waste as we in America have. This thought was inspired by a national dumpster company who could easily help make this happen and grow their business by leaps if they do. They have inspired me to share the idea in an open blog so as to give the seeds of this to the people who could develop the model further with me if they want to help create a national clearinghouse for salvage as I envision. This blog that will go out to the world is meant to inspire the next generation taking over demolition, disposal, and salvage businesses to grow them to the next level. Someone new will surely take this on if the big guys will not for history has proven the big corps die and new grow up around them.

My one friend proved the model out and could easily retire just by selling the business in Colorado, a business which, like no others, makes millionaires by the thousands compared to any other startup business in the USA. With this sort of help creating transport and storage solutions, locations for co-ops where people can build houses, barter, learn, and develop professions in this new industry.

We could take this to a new level, an entry level family business that will allow us to pack good materials in one dumpster to go to the Pure Salvage Outpost (PSO) Co-ops and the other to the landfill knowing it holds naught but waste. From there the world opens up for people who had no truck and trailers to haul distances, warehouses to store materials in once recaptured, spaces to build the houses using common tools and a transport system that could deliver the finished houses to villages we would be creating just for this path to downsizing for the 72,000,000 baby boomers facing the deleveraging and reduction process in the next decade. On this path, a single mother with 4 kids could turn a family of unemployed teens into a small business that could support them, feed them, house them all, and best of all, write most of it off against the taxes as expenses, and give them a life they could not have had without the relationship we can build using dumpsters, a transport system, and adding a few marketing components, my name brand, and the book and video that I can produce that would go along with the plan on how to set up your salvage mining business with the help of a few friends.

Some of the houses you could build with this kit are well known in our collection. Add the cool windows, ornamental metal, shingles for the shower included too.

Want to consider being on of those friends?

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How about to a web site where you could win a package of salvaged house parts, yes windows, doors, flooring, and more for less than one fifth of the words in this Photoblog. Last time we asked for 300 words for an essay, we gave away this house.

Once upon a time we gave a Tiny House away. Guess what, this time it will be a package of the parts you will need to build an even bigger house where ever you want yours to be one day.

This time there will be 12 contests in 12 months. Are you going to participate as a member to help make this happen? Here is how to do that. Go to the site to learn about the essay contest, inventory, the B&B houses, as well as the other specials including free attendance to seminars.

Imagine my 75,000 Facebook followers, as well as the newsletter following around the world, all sharing new solutions at the same time, along with millions of future customers who could use such a service if we can get the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance up and running across the country. Soon the people will be figuring out the vast treasure that will go through our hands as we organize, filter the valuable products to ship to other PSO’s, or sell using the online network where we can market beams from St. Louis to Texas or Colorado and move them from dumpster to PSO.

From there onto trucks, trains, and ships to any destination where the assets made long before we were thought of or born, can be valued, bartered, cashed in, and contribute to the construction of a new way of thinking in our country that was once the norm, now nearly forgotten, but revivable again.

Made in America, by Artisans, with Quality and Pride to be a part of saving the planets resources for the generations still to be born.



Good thing I type at over a hundred words a minute as this is a bit of a blog now, once triggered…. hard to stop.
Let me know if I can add your link to the masses of people who would love to see this aspect for moving salvage and trash to their proper places in the future. Let us see if you link-masters might want to help create a solution through helping find the right companies for the relationships that few others could offer and grow an Renaissance in our country in this form. I offer this and suggest solutions so as to help others become part of the wave of salvation that could wash the free the treasures from old buildings, barns, and houses, as if panning for gold, where it takes the people to bring it to the surface like reaping gold in a pan.

To become a part of, invest in, or explore the possibilities, please contact