Some things Must be Special: Home is 1st

As I decorate and fiddle, and I look from yonder porch, I see this image only so I seek your thoughts as well.  What else can I do to make this memorable for You.

Star Gazing or simply spying on the neighbors

This is the detachable sort of porch that comes off for the trip from Homestead to Homestead.
fancy sides for struts, to keep the boxiness away.

Sooner or later we have to make a decision as to where we want to live for the rest of our lives.  This generally is not so critical when you are young, but as we get to those later years, each being different for all of us, then this is a nice way to consider.  I am.

I want a house so small I can leave it while I’m gone and not worry about all that can go wrong.  I don’t need five extra toilets, 4 garages, and a pool.  I just want to live life simply, to share all i have.  I want nothing of the hassle, and quite simply being Free.

I would love not living on the grid, detached from most that I don’t need.  I could easily survive without the city for my dreams.

One more house that can not be, at least that is the story at the city normally.  They can not live with my old glass.  They want new wood not old inside.  They want them bigger, not so darn small, and don’t want me saving water now.  No compost toilets, ancient trees, no handblown glass aged centuries.  It is for reasons such as those that i have done the things I chose.  I break the rules and build them strong.  I leave out most the junk they want.  I build them to outlast new homes, and keep the imports out you know.  I do not think we need the things that outgas, make us sink and think, there is a way that we can go, and build a house that always goes.

I build a house that goes with you.  It passes on to others too.  It will survive a century as a home for you, your kids, and those who follow that you choose to leave it too once you have lived your own life out there in.