In The Manifestation Of A 
Vision One Must Live With  Many Dreams, And Know That Much Of What We Foresee Will Never Come To Pass, But So Much Could Have Been... When Later Looking Back.

Sometimes Victory is living to fight another day… thus time to find another way to win! Postponed=Battle Won but not the War.

We can be many things in life, but first and foremost, To Thine Own Self be True… and if you do, then Truth is all that we can tolerate without speaking up at times to fix the wrongs that Lies can Cause.

In the Manifestation of a
Vision one must live with many dreams and know that much of what we foresee will never come to pass, but so much could have been… when later looking back.

I went to court today to protest paying taxes for the Luling Independent School District which has sunk through repeatedly incredibly declines in their scores from tests of all schools in Texas.  They have dropped until they cannot possibly match the 54 places down the list of 933 School Districts rated because they are too close to the bottom now and that would take them to a negative number which I believe, though I may be wrong, the State of Texas will then De-Certify the people running the facade called a school and they will have to have some qualified people take over. For now, the next battle is January 17th, 2018 so please let your legal beagle friends know that I need a creative lawyer with a good spirit and intentions…. do they EXIST?  Please show me they do!

In the meantime, paying them over $100,000 in school taxes over ten years of steady decline, 214 places in one year for example, or measured by another standard that many schools have reached, say 95% of a 100 score possible…. but LiSD has a 2016 score of 17% out of 100% possible.  Given Texas does not rate high in the world for educational scores to begin with, being at the bottom of the state list means that 3rd world nations, not even heavily industrialized, are scoring better than Luling, Texas for math, reading, and writing skills, let alone the fact that they do not teach any life skills like carpentry or other vocations in Luling as a backup for those who can not afford college (That is most of the town.).

We have to stand up at times to pray, to speak out where the message can be heard, that is it wrong to take advantage of the poor, of the people who will not stand up because they know they most likely will lose. That is not cause to let bad things happen, and get worse until they are of no value for the children in the schools pay the price for this failed system through out their entire lives of ignorance caused by a broken education system in this tiny town.

I will need a lawyer to work with as I set out to address this in some way that will bring about solutions and change to a broken education system that seems to think that being a Poster Child School District for how low you can go has some merit or sense of pride or success associated with it.  I protest and would like to help others bring the light to the schools they are suffering from as well to link up the cause for fixing this or not having to pay for the results by sending kids to private schools for the most basic of education that other public schools are doing a great job on elsewhere.  Why here?  That is my question and quest for if we know this, then we can fix other places too.  Got to start somewhere and this is as close to the bottom as I want to see this school go.  Admittedly, why you are at 51 and can climb to 75 on the list of 933 it will appear like a 50% improvement in their score so they have to look better if they will just start up the ladder we call a rating system again.  Perhaps next year?


The public record says so much, and yet there is no chance to argue the results, to change the way they still get paid to carry on the ruse of educating the kids while scoring in tests that show they have failed year after year for more than a decade and are at the point of digging a record low score for the future too.  When does the madness stop?