Mamma 2 Is Equally Gifted With At Least 4 So Far, And Maybe More Yet To Hatch??

Spring Flowers & Chicks in Salvage, Texas

So if you are not yet getting a spring of this sort, here is a taste of Texas that I love.

Its Berry time for the next month… we have ten thousand pounds of incredible sweet berries.  Come stay at the B&B and pick a few gallons for the fridge, jelly, wine, and pies.  

They are so dark and many that they seem like shadows. Pick a pound a minute in some places where the berries are the size of quarters.

We are pickling some berries and putting them out for sale. Organic, rich in vitamins and valuable blues that will fill you with delight.


Yes we have all the signs of spring now. New Mamma hen watches proudly over her new babies.