In The Manifestation Of A 
Vision One Must Live With  Many Dreams, And Know That Much Of What We Foresee Will Never Come To Pass, But So Much Could Have Been... When Later Looking Back.

Starting your Organic Salvage Cottage Building Business on $25,000 w/ nearly all the parts to build two houses +++

We can be many things in life, but first and foremost, To Thine Own Self be True… and if you do, then Truth is all that we can tolerate without speaking up at times to fix the wrongs that Lies can Cause.

Yes, one of the ways I am considering to get more people into the Organic Cottage building business, not necessarily all intended to fly down the road as my first 6 dozen have been.  This is about getting the materials to start the construction in your areas, to build houses on site if possible and save the $3,000-$15,000+ to move the houses and set them up elsewhere.  I want to help small businesses launch around the country by providing the doors, windows, flooring, trim, beams, lumber, and many of the parts and pieces needed to create great Organic House Art that people will want to live in for the rest of their lives.  Pure Salvage Outposts where others can come help build, learn, and buy the parts for their houses through you instead of coming to the giant warehouses.  Sell from your place and make a big commission and pick it up to deliver, build, and create your business with all my inventory at your fingertips for orders, and you can pay for the parts as your customers pay you with draws to build them houses.


People could create small compounds of houses that are built by a group of people rather than a factory.

Some of these tents will be priced to sell alone, but my hope is to see them become Pure Salvage Living Outposts where I can send clients who want houses I will not be building anymore for sale to the public… just for fun for me and the B&B.

This is an opportunity for families to start up businesses where the elders and the youngers can work together to be able to create a new generation of housing and occupations that will be USA based industries.  No imported products needed, and the human labor is the biggest energy cost, not shipping, warehousing, retailing, advertising, and legal costs.

This seminar will be the chance for people to learn how to build with the materials, and possibly take orders and build them for others closer to where you live. Thank you for your interest and sharing with others.

It seems like just a few years ago when I created the Red Mascot that has sat atop our hill in Salvage, Texas for more than a decade. It is indeed a landmark that tells a story that will now grow into a legend. Salvage, Texas…. a place to come to, share, learn, and carry your newfound dreams into reality with the gifts that coming here will bring forth.

The Gingered Swan gets to view the Sunset from its Balcony and hear the songbirds sings in Morn. At night it has the choruses of tree and pond frogs conversing with crickets and nightlife.

Please get in touch as I set about distributing thousands of doors and windows, parts and pieces to create a career or family business, and now you and others can take on the many orders for houses like I build, that I now turn away for my turn is over and I have to now find those who will take my place to fill the nationwide demand I have created with no intention to fill.  It is the tease for me to ignite the desire and for you to benefit by filling it and creating many other opportunities for those near you rather than a giant corporation, factory, and army of employees with little opportunity.  This way many more can be the beneficiaries of the tax write-offs for trucks, tools, food, and much more.  This is likely the only industry left that the little guy still has the advantage in Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, and the many other facets of the Salvage Industry that is opening up as Adversity drives ingenuity and inventions are created all around to fix the problems that are no longer ignorable.  Educate with lifeskills and build houses from salvage so the kids of tomorrow will have a future of American Made Pride like our ancestors once had.

For more infor about qualifying to get in on being financed with a downpayment, and given the materials, training, plans, and inventory to build your first houses, and then a credit line for more parts as you get more orders and grow.  We want to support your success so you can launch others down the road. to qualify to be considered for licensing and being sent orders to build a house near you. for more information on getting materials and starting a business, taking on a territory in your area for all orders from there.


In the Manifestation of a
Vision one must live with many dreams, and know that much of what we foresee will never come to pass, but so much could have been… when later looking back.