Stasis, why my Houses feel Alive


Stasis  & Resonance,

Why my Tiny Texas Houses are Alive


The Monty Grand Victorian looks small now, but it did look big when all alone.


Imagine if you will the lack of fluids not being a state of death but a stasis where by a cell still has the components in place, the DNA, RNA, Chromosome structure, as tiny as it is, actually contains a hard drive that recorded not only that trees entire life with fluids flowing, not just the energy in the form of light or sound, the resonance that holds it together now in this present form instead of all of the component elements, minerals, and molecules scattered all about on the ground like marbles or something so easy to imagine.

Each cell is a fractal of the whole organism, which by virtue of recording it’s parent’s entire life, day by day, laid on each layer as the tree grew, spelled out clearly in its cellular structure, like the rings of the tree that record the seasons rain, sun, and the vibrations of the planet at the time they swayed more than a hundred feet tall and swept the knowledge of the planet up through its roots, turned into life with the energy of the Sun, God in one of the many forms that Spirit breaths existence into all things.  The resonance still effects it as it does all matter on this Planet or the Cosmos.

We know there is no real matter at the core of any good atom, in fact it turns out there is no more than a vibration, a word manifested as energy which can be seen, heard, touched, or felt.  It is the finest form of Wibblizing that any Wubber can comprehend exists for it happens at the lowest levels of existence, manifesting the imagination of someone, someplace, into the reality we each experience willingly in the event that is reality, the result of these amazing thought we manifest as part of God.  We resonate that cosmic energy and communicate it through our special talents, energy, and Love.

It is not a good or evil energy, simply the force that holds it all together and makes it all possible, makes it manifest able for the little time it needs to be here and be part of our reality, like a sonic boom, the evidence that we have been here, thinking hard to create these beautiful illusions that are all recorded on the cells of these incredible creatures still watching, but from a static state of existence.  The joy of living is to be here and awake enough to appreciate what we have created together.  Sadly most have gotten caught up in the movie and forget that we are the audience and the director, the creators of the film.

This beauty is only 12′ x 21′ but it feels like it is twice that size. Lots of light, color, wood, and love

A stasis does not mean one can not be considered alive, in that if a cell can still record its existence, much like a DVD, where there is no mechanical contact between the transmitter of the information and the receiver which records it.  The CD or DVD is not alive or apparently cognizant of the recorders intent.  Still the information remains decipherable if you have the right apparatus and thus the knowledge can later be shared. So long as the material the information is recorded on stays preserved correctly, it will continue to last or allow for more to be stored.

Such is the life of an ancient tree that I use to build my homes. They carry with them not only the last few generations of their forefathers recordings back to the time that chromosome began as well as what has happened since they were put into this stasis and preserved.

I choose to save these Flash Drives that God has given us and respect what they have, what they can still hold, but also what they form when I encapsulate myself in one of my Tiny Texas Houses.  I believe I am preserving life, not just trash others choose to disrespect and throw away.  I would not do that to your corpse, nor treat you in any other such disrespectful way as to not show the Love of God for all things we have created as part of this manifestation.  As One, we are all responsible for what happens here.  The trees only record it, standing by helplessly watching us destroy the world they once knew for its peaceful natural energy and Love flowing from creatures savoring being part of this great experience we call life.

My Tiny Texas Houses are the shells of cells two layers or more deep that hold the story of time back before we can imagine without their help and stored the information for as long as they can remain intact and a part of this plane to continue adding more to their endless stream of consciousness that they are likewise linked to, the great Spirit by what ever name you choose to call.

We know now we can tap this information of the history, species, and much more, even bring it back to life in a form we can see the living evidence that the information survived being in stasis for centuries or more.  We have means, such as by grafting the DNA, the chromosomes of the giant trees or other cellular life on this planet and bring it back to life, in effect, turn on and read the flash drives.  We have not fully found or understood how to read these bio-flash drives.  We do know that they can easily last for many millennia and are the gift of God in a form we are still barely able to comprehend or even read, but we are getting closer every day that technology confirms what the Ancients have told us already

I propose that if people were to understand that this static skin you can put on by going within my house is like the Tesla effect on electricity conversion and amplification.  These outer skins become your shell to resonate with, to become part of, not separate from and with in.  You can vibrate your inner voice, your energy of soul, your Wub, upon the skins that become your new shell, and from within you can resonate further out into the universe than you imagine.

My best bed yet

This is a Trundle with California King conversion

It must be driven almost as if it were a car or a plane, with the intent of destination, with the intent of manifestation.  Otherwise, like all free energy mechanisms, if you don’t use it, you lose it and it disappears before it is ever seen, by virtue of no more than the lack of intent or tools that can put it to use.  There is always more and the more you transfer into this plane of existence, the more you have available in ever greater amounts for there is no limit we can imagine.

With that said, that is my revelation from our conversation, that it is indeed the stasis that explains how they continue to feel, to record, to resonate, to be what we need them to be in return for loving them, feeding them our energy of soul to give them a life they can no longer live.  We give them life through our love and respect for what those millions of cells that still retain their shape to fulfill our needs and imagination.  If we neglect them, let them rot and turn back into the components for new life to grow from again, we lose the recordings of the history of Earth, of Mankind, the planets as they passed around the Sun and caused the solar flares or felt the cosmic energy blasts of stars going quasar from across the universe in the form of its gamma rays sending out the massive energy and data that they conveyed to the rest of the stars.

It is an amazing universe we live in and you my friend live in a home of quarks, baryons, and mesons, bound together and still wildly active at levels we can not see, recording all of the world around them still, silently within the cells mitochondria there is still the energy flowing that is the very energy we all share and depend upon for existence.  Wub flows.  It just looks like a dead tree cut up.


Have a great day.  Love you all.