Summer Camp? How can I be part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance

You need not be to normal for it makes you less unique. Here is all the rules broke that an architect would heed.

Here is a response for one of the people who would like to come for the summer.  I hope this helps clarify that the limits are only what you want them to be.  You can learn so many things if you just come, work, be at the talk sessions and ask questions after you study the many Youtube videos, or Vimeo so you have some idea before you come and thus speed up the learning process for all who want to know even more.

The Temple Tantra, my sweet hOMe. She is only 10′ x 23′ total footprint on the ground.

I hope my look does not scare him away some of the people who could be of the most help in these exciting times.  While I may not look it, my appearance would be considered conservative a hundred years, better still a couple thousand.  I reach back into the centuries past for simple answers to questions that include the workings of the cosmos and find more there than on TV or in the media today.  Solutions come in the simplest of forms and the easiest to access without the technology of today, yet we honor it like a god that leads us to the store where we pander to the marketers in hopes of meeting the expectations that will never be fulfilled.  Happiness, Love, Truth, and Honor can not be bought, and they are indeed the most important parts of our lives if we take the time to consider what is really most important to us, not just physically, but more to the point, spiritually.  If you don’t feel you have one than the rest of what I tend to say will be mostly meaningless to you or seem like the rantings of a crazy man who believes in the powers of the universe that can not be calibrated, quantified by any metric we know of today, or limited in any way once we become awake, aware, and impassioned.
For those who wonder about a Schedule for the summer courses, or for the days.  We are organic by intent and may find our priorities change as new opportunities arise, and thus teach that versatility for I believe it is essential to survive, personally, in business, or as a community.  The work, if I am up to par, is as tough as you can handle as I put in 80 to 100 hours a week generally on many projects simultaneously.  We never come close to getting done so you can be getting to learn nearly all hours of the week.  We do have some rituals, morning meditations, yoga, or what ever anyone is willing to help host, inspire people to do, and participate in becoming better beings.  We have many areas where to meet but I am guessing the underground caverns will be the summer choice.  It is already 30 degrees cooler below in the daytime.  Cheap AC.

Always different, this you’ll know. I will not build a copy for these are my children now. Why would I want a twin the same, in every single way, instead of having two unique, and always full of fun.

I would love to have you teach a class in your specialty as well for I never studied that style and would be thrilled to get some exercise in a new form.
If you could get a small following and give paid or bartered lessons you could add more income to your pocket if you chose for I envision people staying at our villages from the Highway trips that they plan just so these options are available while they get away from their homes in cities near and far.
In part, it will depend upon you interest and if you are just wanting to learn parts or the whole process including how to build the villages in which case you could end up in high demand for teaching seminars as we help manifest other Pure Salvage Outposts, assuming my generation wakes up and helps more with some funding.
I have many projects and if you want to be building a camp space that turns into a house then that would be after what would be a work day of about 8 hours 5 days a week.  Some will be instruction, a good bit hands on work so as to know why and what is actually involved besides just putting words to thoughts.

Special discount for Mini Cooper owners who come to stay.

Salvage Mining
Salvage transport
Salvage warehousing
Salvage Retail
Salvage Building
Salvage Hunting
Salvage Appraising
Salvage Brokering
Salvage Seminar and Video Training
Salvage Renaissance Instructors at all levels
Salvage Renaissance Music and Video production
SalvageFaire Markets as community gathering points
Salvage Outpost Development techniques for low budgets
Salvage Village Development
Salvage Village Admin and logistics post creation.
Salvage Clearinghouse for brokering Salvage
Salvage Network for linking up all members
Salvage Website for information disbursement or publishing
Salvage Village Guesthouses  which is effectively a motel network marketing
Salvage Village Guesthouse admin
Well at least that describes some of the many areas of work that will evolve from the salvage of the trillions of dollars in salvage simply awaiting the public’s recognition before its true value is seen, exploited, and thus turned into our newest, strongest, self sufficient industry that will last for several generations more if we just ACT NOW before it is all thrown away.
I am here solely to see this come into fruition and thus if you come, add to it and help make that possible, you will share in all I have accumulated to make that possible for as long as you participate.  Ultimately, if you build a space to stay, and you fit in and feel like you want to be here, staying is free in return for your community participation and your potential to earn income as you become proficient in various areas will grow until you do not need to worry about how you will ever make a living again.

Under porches in the shade

There after I hope you will be part of growing this and teaching others.  I hope to have a trust set up for the villages and properties to go into and thus you could work you way up to one day being part of much more than just a job building houses.
Hope that helps.  My Youtube videos should show that I actually espouse some very old time conservative views with a very spiritual and cosmic twist.  I don’t deny being far different from the norm, but the norm is destroying the world and someone has to be willing to be different and look crazy in order for the rest of the world to consider the initially outlandish propositions espoused by those of us at the fringe.  I love it and would not trade it for anything else, especially not for dronehood in the matrix.
Thanks again for your interest.  I hope you have the will to act and fulfill your dreams.