Summer Classes at TTH for Salvage Building …. finally?

A kitchen with a timely theme…. simplicity is beautiful.


AFTER 8 YEARS OF BUILDING TINY TEXAS HOUSES, I am going to test the waters with this blog to see what sort of actual sign up potential there is versus all the talk I have listened to about all of those who want to learn how to be Salvage Miners and Salvage Builders.    I hope this will go smoothly and lead to many more but if not, then we will move on to other things and quite attempting to teach when few seem to be interested enough to take the time and energy to actually do something besides talk, wish, want, and whine.  Can you tell I have some history with this effort already?  So here we go again, a new idea on how I can help others to help themselves and their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Vesper Casita as she comes to life, the alchemy of Salvage and the creation of a dream.

Will you be one of the people to help spread the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance across our country to empower others to break away from the Matrix and free themselves to live, have fun, and enjoy what is left of this life if you are one of the aging babyboomers who has had it all during our lives.  Cars, houses, sweets, junk food, clothes, furniture, cable TV, Cell phones, and so much more that has nothing to do with our happiness fill our lives and destroy the world in the process of being created for your whims.  For those of you who want to take personal action to help change the world, to better your own world thus the one we share with others and will leave behind for our children.

No it will not be at the right time, the right temperature, the right place, the right weather, and many other things that seem to be used for reasons/excuses to not change one’s life by acting differently than normal.  For some it will simply be a matter of desire to come, to change their lives, learn a new occupation, chance to have a home, or even to learn how to build them so as to teach others how to have homes for their families with only Human Energy, not US Dollars to pay for it all.  I want to offer this opportunity once more, to give others the chance to learn, work, and share what can be had and learn what it will take to help grow the solutions that will open the doors for your family, friends, and those who may be in need and see no solutions. You can take those to them if you learn how to do this and that is a gift that will change people’s lives.  This is an opportunity to change your path and give instead of take from the planet, to add to the solutions not the problems/

So here is what I propose and we will see if there is enough support to be able to justify doing this.  I will use the Evening hours, yes, 5-9 pm….. perhaps 4-7 days a week

The Arched Vicki gets her porch roof, but not your ordinary porch posts, or beam for that matter.

depending on how many and how enthusiastic the people who come to learn are.

This is for serious seekers of Pure Salvage Living methods to not just build houses, but to build villages all around the nation that stand up for the freedom to live as we choose, simple, toxin and import free, organic, spiritual, and thinking free until the day we die and move on to the next wonderful life that follows knowing we have done our best to make the world a better place once we are gone.

Temple Tantra slowly comes along

So I have come up with a plan to let the people have a chance to participate in my great dream and with it have a chance.  This is an opportunity to be who you can be, a person who is new at birth, but with a life now free.  Learn how to simplify your world, to take what lies there for free, and turn it into something that will make  our lives and others better in every way we can.

This is a chance to participate by either being a volunteer in return for learning how to do this, and only a few will be selected to join us as we house, feed, and care for those who are part of our community while helping build it into the example others can use to build their dreams too.  We will provide a small stipend to some who excel and get the chance to stay, perhaps become instructors, help sell in the market, or barter their lifestyle instead of slaving for it and paying enormous taxes for the privilege.

I will also offer the seminars in the evenings, 5-9 like a second shift for me, and thus try to get the windows people seem to need to participate.  We can offer camping sites with a shower and bath and in some cases places to stay inside, on air mattresses, in some houses with beds, in the Pure Living Retreat in Gonzales, or in RV’s that will be on the site being converted into tiny houses in some cases.  These will cost some money to attend.  I regret I must charge but I have to buy tools, and pay for the help it takes to make these things happen, not to mention putting some value to my time so I can pay the bills it takes to keep the facility and the acres that form the Tiny Texas Territories.  The costs of participating will obviously vary based on housing, food, and how far someone wants to go toward learning and being a part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

The final option over the summer will be to participate in a teardown of a 1900 circa house within 7 miles of our site, then use those materials to build three 12′ x 12′ Tiny Texas Houses over the summer on weekends and weeknights.  People who want to participate will be able to come and go on the days they can and with three houses going, be able to be a part of the framing, installing and finishing floors, adding skins inside and out, and even building the kitchen and bath cabinets in the unique way we do.

So what do you need to do to be considered for the seminars or to participate in the summer long come when you can program.  I realize there are many who should have the chance to learn for free and we will try to give out some scholarships, but understand, the volunteer positions are effectively that.  There is price for knowledge.  The cost of one semester in college for basic remedial courses will be more than a whole summer of opportunity here and what you take away could put a house over your head for the rest of your life.  If you fit in and choose to stay, it could create a career for you, a future of working with and helping empower people to break loose of the Matrix and give their children not only a home for life, but a way to make a living for life and be debt free as well. all out of salvage.

There will be many talks in the day and evenings if you choose to learn.  You will hear so much of my voice that you will dream in it at times if you are really determined to be one of the few that know how to do this in the country, and to do it with style.  You will work hard, likely loose a bit of blood before it is done, and walk away knowing you have really learned something that you can pass forward and perhaps actually act upon to bring positive change to the world, not just your world.

With folding porches poised to be dropped to ship, they look like they should stay that way, but they fold down, and fold up like wings. The bottom detaches and bolts back on when you get there.

The cost will run about $300 for a weekend of building or salvage mining classes.  The weeknights will run about $20-$25 each with power tools and instruction, and different requirements for different phases or jobs to be learned or done while here.  You will be liable for your body, in all way, for all reasons, even the stupid or negligent mistakes or fates that you may run into, will all be your responsibility.  If you want me to be responsible, you can not come.

It is not just the houses that I make, but the philosophy I make them with that is the most valuable gift I have to offer.  Once you have that, the rest will come once you get the techniques I have developed for building down pat.  Learn how to take the time to build something that will last using the best materials God ever grew and the best hardware man ever made to create houses that will last for centuries and be cost efficient, and energy efficient through out their life.

No imports, no toxins, no plastics, no vinyls, no toxic paints, no formaldehyde, no carpet, no reason to be unhealthy in your house.  They are energy efficient to the point that they self ventilate and cool most of the summer and most could be taken easily off grid.  This is what I offer.  I wish I could offer it for free but I ran out of that luxury a couple years ago.  For mothers, fathers, grandparents, and mentors, this is the gift that could change peoples lives.  So, if you want to know more, I am testing the waters with this post and will likely put it in the newsletter to judge the interest.

If you want to know more and are seriously interested I am posting this email address for inquiries

I am but a reflection in a house I made to Be.

When you write I will read it thus you will be taking valuable time of mine which is hard to find and I want to spend it wisely.  So, please do not just email on a whim without serious intent.  This is not for just taking up time talking about what you would do if you could, but won’t for excuses, conditions, or other reasons that mean you are just wishing and wasting time.  I want to hear from people who are serious about acting on their words and beliefs.  I do not care what sex, age, nation of origin, religion, sexual preference, or other supposed issues of the world.  If you are poor and can not afford to come, I can only help a few and this is not the time to tell me that because I will not decide on who to give scholarships or volunteer positions to until I know what the response will be and what the needs will be , the funds to make it happen with, and the will of the people who will read this and hear about it.  Will it happen?  I believe it will or I would not spend so much time and energy trying to make it materialize but I have learned that I can not make the people drink of my elixer and thus the benefits will elude them until they consider alternatives to the path they have taken that has brought us to this point in our world.

Again, none of these prospective plans are finalized and all will depend on, as is always the case if there is to be a miraculous success, the people who choose to participate, if there are enough who want to that we can justify the potential sacrifice for that time from my day on top of the many other hats I wear each day.  If we get the support, I will hire a secretary/receptionist, perhaps a second person for the office as well one day, but for now, I choose to remain as far from corporate and typical as possible and thus, expect perfunctional sleeping, housing, and incredible food.  The spiritual potential under the bright stars at night, or in the depths of the earth in an isolation chamber that will leave you knowing what it is like to simply exist, and then to understand what your potential to see and experience the full potential of your spirit to manifest your dreams, which may in fact, simply be your path envisions yet disbelieved.  I am here to help you believe in the impossible, for it is simply something others who can not do it use to excuse their lack of faith in the miraculous power of Passion, Hope, and True Faith.  It is what drives me to create, to give back what I can and hope for more to the Oneness of our Planet and Species.  We have taken more in this lifetime than any other generation, each of us using the energy of the universe as we choose from with-in the body, what ever shape, origin, or appearance, it is the vessel we occupy as a gift in this human form that we long awaited to experience.

I get to make a few dreams come true. Here is one proud Mama of the home I made for her.

I want to add to the richness of your experience by empowering you to think in the way you might to have all that you see in my pictures and hear in my stories that range from the dumpsters I once ate from in the desert, survived joblessness, depression, and eventually built my first home in a school bus with more than 3 decades ago that brought me to Texas with $675 to my name, without a job, a friend here, or a plan other than to write the great American Novel and publish it myself.  If you come to see the villages, to be part of building the Tiny Texas Territories, SalvageFaire. the sound and music studios, or any other part of this trust I am setting up for the generations to come and learn from before the knowledge is lost, then you will become part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that I pray will one day lead us back to a sensible lifestyle without consumerism at the head of the holy cross our society seems to have come to worship most at times.  It will be the teachers of those who wish to learn that lead the masses to their dreams, not the soldiers, governments, or corporations.  The elders are nearly gone and the baby boomers mostly did not take the time or make the effort to learn all that could go with them if we do not learn it now.  No one is ever to old to learn for the best teachers are the eldest with the most patience at times, yet they can be the hardest to convince that we will listen for we seem to be the generation in America that chose not to value the wisdom of the ages but make up our own.  After we started institutionalizing the elderly and forgetting all they still had to offer, hiding them from the generations that could learn the most, the children of the newest generations that are just now stepping in to take over what our generation leaves.  They are the ones who will need the knowledge most.  Are we going to finally listen, everyone included?   Turn off the TV and in the quiet, listen to “The Song of Salvage” we have no choice but to all sing together lest we soon have no planet left, and the forces that have fed the downfall will survive us when we’re dead.

I want to help you make your dreams come true, and if they are rooted in the right foundation, in your desire to Love more, give more, and grow, then most likely you will never spend money more wisely than to come and visit, share your resources and we can offer you what ever you would need to build your Tiny Texas House of your dreams one day when I am gone.  I can only build so many and they are meant to inspire, delight, and move you into action.  Please show me it works by sharing the opportunity, by learning how with our seminars on Vimeo, live hands on if we can pull off more, and with the many Youtube videos I have produced, all without profit I might add like these thousands of pictures.  I do this in hopes that you too will find and feel the passion I have and share it with others who can also make their dreams come true from the trash and salvage, the pieces of the past that can never be replaced once they are gone.

Okay, email

Do you want to participate?

Can you help cover costs by paying for seminars and classes?

Which of the three options spelled out above:


weekdays as an intern/volunteer


month long stays  (actually not in essay above but will need to be special for that and get along with us)

becoming part of the community you help create by living in one of the houses we build until you get your own built and also become part of one of the villages.

Darby hugs a beauty before she goes away.

Just so you know, the Villages are 1 acre tracts with a common house for the bigger kitchen and 10-15 houses eventually around it where the master suites our individual Tiny Houses sit in the trees or gardens of our choices.  This does not presently exist in this dimension so do not think you are coming to DisneyLand already manifested.  Do not come for a vacation from life, for this is truly Life and what you may be doing is just using up your time in this body, on this planet we trash, and perhaps, with the growing cognizance that there is more to life, on all its levels than what we have been sold on TV.

Turn it off, tune out the static, seek and ye shall find.  Simplicity has answers you may learn once here and gone, or if I am lucky, while you are still here.  Please let me know if you are serious about coming to visit this year, now, not in the future someday when you are done with all the other things you want to do.  I don’t want to hear about that part, but thank you for being considerate and waiting to share that until the day you actually come to visit, to help fuel the change the we must be if there is any chance of success.  I believe we can do it if we all react NOW!  Please don’t waste our time with the emptiness of air passed through the vocal cords without the Truth of Heart and Soul that leads to the ACTs that ultimately change all to what it will be.  Show me you are sincere and I will give you all the tools I have to change the world in better ways than when we came, and make your life more comfortable along the way.



Organic Growers


Holistic Healing/ Care Givers

Native American

SalvageFaire (will have its own vote in the Territories)

and more depending on the sponsors we get for some of the villages.

Do you want to stay on site, camp out, pay more to stay in a house, go to a hotel (good luck), or what you think is best for you?

OK  I have opened the box……… let us see what flys out this time.

Please let me know based on my willingness to do this in June, July, and August of this year to test it.  I do not want to hear of how you might do it in the fall or spring or when I am 99 years old.  That is not on the table.  Thank you for respecting being serious or not getting into the spaceship folks, once your spirit comes alive and you are traveling across the cosmos, we don’t like to make stops for people who change their mind about saving the planet and the species before they save themselves.


Sincerely and with great humility,