My HOMe Is Very Tiny But Not Small In Any Way.  Its Full Of Timeless Character, Uniqueness That's Divine.

Sunshine in the mornings brings Light to the dreams that Wii can manifest each day.

What are you doing with your morning?  Taking shots of the sky?  The Moon, Mother Earth blooming for a day in the sun?  Indeed these are amazing times for the world, for the beings that share the planet and watch it transition into a new era where life will flourish for some while others species and peoples disappear into history.  While some are tasting the winter’s snow ahead of schedule, the floods are taking out large swaths of development by humans as if the structures, roads, and bridges are irrelevant in the movement of water, rocks, lava, and unimaginable hail that has become part of the global changes that no man can stop.

No one should be so cocky as to think they are at their best alone, for without a hen and family you are chickenhawk bird bait in the end.  Thriving means Oneness, the Wii of Global Unity not the we of a nation or race, a planet, or religion.  A World Union of Beings (WUB) is a simple word for our only path to Global Peace.  All countries, nations, peoples, religions, joining for the cause of peace instead of domination.

Above the land of Salvage sits a Miracle of sorts, a place to see and meditate, a place to feel the Wii… to consider the bigger view, to see 360 degrees to the horizon on all sides at the same time, from above instead of in the forest.

My other tiny cottages are here for guests to stay and learn why I love Salvage and will live here all my life.   It is the state of mind, the simpler way of living, stress reduced to things we can control and we are willing to pay for with our life hours, our most valuable gift and currency.

My hOMe is very tiny but not small in any way. Its full of timeless character, the uniqueness that’s divine.

Guard dogs waiting to protect the master she protects, Baby Dolls ferocious barks will scare the wolves away.  Her Love protects me without reservation.

I’ve raised the stones above the water so we can cross still dry. The wooden path is for the floods that could still come with time… but what’s amazing is the fact that once upon a time, not a drop of water sat here past the moment that it fell. It ran away to join the river that flows off to the sea, but now it rests and brings great life for all who visit me.

Best friends are those who know unconditional love without drama, protection at the risk of life without a second thought for the safety of one’s self but for the preservation of the life of others. This is the model I love to live by, taught to me by my loving friends who live barefooted every day, love me in every way, unconditionally.

The water stays in ponds now, not running off to sea. The plants and food abundant now where once was thorns and weeds.

My puppy and my own feet may find burrs and thorns about as we wander about barefoot feeling water, earth, and light.

Welcome to my sandbox.

The water flows down Endless Creek and fills the ponds all day. The plants drink all they want as they grow green and smile at play. The frogs are jumping, birds a feeding, life is green and strong, because of flowing water there is much to love around.

My Tiny House sits high above the mud caves down below. The trees have grown around it and the waters flow for sure. It is the time to love the moment, share the Love Filled tunes that we sing in joy and share with all who come to see and play.

Savor the ride, the moment we are in as Wii forge a new reality out of what was a traditional past we now know to be erroneous at best, intentionally hidden from us by those in powerful places, fearful of our ability to take back our freedom of thought from the controllers who have been in charge of the printed media, TV, Mass Media that has enabled Mass Hypnosis or Brainwashing through the simple tickling of Dopamine receptors.  Like a drug, the brain itself producing the hormones serotonin, and Dopamine, as well as endorphins for pain, or DMT from the Pineal gland turn out to be controllable chemical factories within us that could allow us to escape the grips of Big PHARMA through controlling what goes into our body.  The emergence of frequency, whether through microwave, radio frequency, lasers and even mind controlling helmets used for communications and controlling the aggression levels of those who are wearing the helmets.

We have reached a point of understanding, weaponization of the most advanced inventions by taking them out of the public domain, and neglected the use of these amazing technologies for the cures, prevention of disease, and alteration of pain without meds.  Our ability to generate pure water, cheap energy, and alternative foods sources that could alleviate much of the suffering of our planet is used for military advantage instead, and the public that has paid for the development around the world is instead the recipient of the wrath of power created with such weaponry, control without resistance equal to the strength such advantage has given to so few who are not able to handle such power peacefully.

How is it that we are not seeking to solve the global problems, admitting to uncontrolled population growth being a threat while recognizing that we can not preserve such populations if the food is not being produced, and as of this year, there will be massive shortages based on the diets of the world, the supplies to perpetuate their survival when the floods, weather of all sorts out of norm, and other factors like the loss of farmlands due to volcanic ash fallouts will make food the common denominator leading to a natural reduction in global population.  There is no need to be too concerned with overpopulation when billions will die in the coming weather cycle, as they have in the past, and be buried so deep that the remains will not be found for hundreds of years, perhaps thousands, like Pompeii, Troy, Atlantis, or others that were once considered mythical in nature but not real, if at all.

We live in a world that now has proof of its existence well before any religious allowance in the Christian bible as it has been told to the people for the last 2,000 years, if you believe the stories we are told in this century or the last few since the Dark Ages when history was rewritten in mini ice age times when it is possible to erase three generations of memory in a row, thus teach a new past to the survivors of each such period.  The Earth gets cleansed of People and creatures without mercy or record, again and again, with the discovery of the great past coming just before the cycle comes around again.

Down the deep caves that have the mud that helps the body heal and grow.

Hi and peace from the newest deepest pond.

When you first look into the hole below, you will see more than what the eyes perceive.

The upper chambers of the lower caverns is still quite full of fun.

Look below and follow me to see if you have fear of being buried down below the levels anyone can see.

My Home is Temple Tantra at the top of Endless Creek. Please join me for a tour of Tantra Village if you seek.

The view from Salvage, Texas is amazing all the time. Morning, noon, or after dark the sights are always seen. My ship sits through the day atop the mountain of my dreams, then lifts off in the night when it can barely then be seen.


Savor the day, the journey, the path you choose along the way through life.  It has more meaning than you likely imagine, and if you do, I suspect you will visit one day too.  Welcome when the day comes.


Thank you for spending time in this thought process,


Darby Lettick