Here Is The House That I Live In Without Running Water, AC Electric, Air Conditioning, And Other Amenities Most People Think They Need To Be Happy.  I Have Never Been Happier.  Simplicity Has Its Virtues And This Is A Story About How You Can Simplify And Find A Different Sort Of Happiness From The Debt Loads Of Supporting The American Dream.   Nearly Anyone Can Share In A Dream Like This For Little More Than Human Energy And Desire, Work, And Imagination.  See How To Find This Path.

Super cool video for Godaddy Entrepreneurship video contest: Your VOTE Counts

Yes, Lisa Wagner came all the way down from Minnesota cold country to create an incredible video about what we are trying to do with the Pure Salvage Living community that will enable more people around the country to create, build, or buy an Organic Cottage of the Tiny Texas House caliber, ethos, and style. Please show your support for her effort and vote in the Godaddy Small Business Video contest. Yes it is UP!!!!! PLease Vote as soon as you can to get our shares up as soon as a possible.

So Darby got a new hat to go along with the new year ahead. Many changes in store and hope on the horizon for miracles to happen this year.

Some of the houses we have built and now plan to show others how to create as well.

This video happens to time well for the kicking off our essay contest for the all the critical house parts that most people can only dream of buying for their Organic Cottage creations that will be given away for free to members only, along with other prizes, we are offering many other benefits and opportunities as we enter the new year running hard and fast. Lots of changes in the world and at Tiny Texas Houses on the horizon for 2017. Amongst them, getting Salvagefaire up and operating by the end of summer so we can have some events for the members of the community and the many followers of Tiny Texas Houses who may want one someday. This is a path toward getting more people involved in building them, creating the warehouses to store the parts, the makers co-op spaces to build them in, and much more.

Here is the building that houses the Music/video recording studio, the restaurant for the events that will happen on the stage that is being built to go on the back of the building next.

Here is the link to the new video that Lisa created to enter into the GoDaddy Entrepreneur Video contest. It is only 2 minutes long and if you like it, your vote will go a long ways toward getting this concept the attention it deserves so that more people around the country and world can add this path to their housing plans if they want to build sustainable non-toxic housing that will last them a lifetime. Please view, support Lisa by voting for the great piece she created, and help us get more people involved in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Here is the house that I live in without running water, AC electric, air conditioning, and other amenities most people think they need to be happy. I have never been happier. Simplicity has its virtues and this is a story about how you can simplify and find a different sort of happiness from the debt loads of supporting the American Dream.

Nearly anyone can share in a dream like this for little more than human energy and desire, work, and imagination. See how to find this path.

On way to find it is with the hashtag #smbstories which will take you to some of the stories including us. You may find others interesting as well, but of course, I would ask that you vote for Lisa and help us along a path to creating more videos for you too.

The link to the voting site, once you register with Godaddy to vote, is I will post any other information as soon as we get it so please do check back with us and let us know if you do vote or what you think of it.

Thank you so much for your help and consideration on this exciting dip into the spotlight pool to see what we will see.