Chilling The Thought Of A Winter With Snow The Whole Time, But Not A Problem For The Monty Grand Victorian As She Is Coming Out Of Hibernation With The Intention Of Getting On The Move To A New Homestead.

Wintry Monty Grand Victorian is coming out of hibernation: Years End/Beginning Sale Owner says: $99,950 Really!!

Chilling the thought of a winter with snow the whole time, but not a problem for the Monty Grand Victorian as she is coming out of hibernation with the intention of getting on the move to a new Homestead, close by in Texas preferred.       For Sale by Year End Special at a below-built cost of $99,950 from the Seller who wishes to enter the new year knowing good parents have been found for this incredible Organic Cottage.

A view and a story of one of the Best Organic Art Houses ever created at Tiny Texas Houses.

Yes, it is true, the incredible co-creation by the owners, Gladys being the artistic inspiration behind the colors and decor of this wonderful house that it turns out, has never been lived in to this day, after a few years on site.

The Monty Grand Victorian is a great example of what is possible with what some think of as trash. This is a house that most people could live in comfortably.

Circumstances changed soon after the house arrived, including finding out the septic was going to be $20,000 when new regulations went in place. So, with other changes in circumstance, our Sweet Monty Grand Victorian will be adopted and moved to a new place, or back to Salvage, Texas where it could sit for the new owner as a getaway as well as investment they can make a good income from, 8% annual return, use it when they want to get out of the city, and depreciate it over ten years so as to let the government pay for it rather than you pay the taxes on your hard earned income. doesn’t this look better than a check sent to IRS?

The incredible trundle bed that can convert to a king size bed.

The incredible trundle bed that can convert to a king size bed.

Monty Grand Victorian for sale

Trundle bed, day bed, King Sized bed. Your choice.

Imagine having a set of front doors like this on your IRA account, or your 401K. This is a physical asset, a house you can live in, share, and pass along even if the internet goes down, unlike your bank account, you will still be able to access it and survive thanks to it being a hard asset instead of a piece of paper. Plus, this will make you cash back in big chunks compared to tiny ones, or none, as we rent it out for the B&B, care for it, pay taxes on it, and keep it ready for the day you want to bail out of the city and relax, get away, and find a peace and simplicity that only an Organic Cottage like this Tiny Texas House can provide.

Monty Grand Victorian

Imagine sitting on this porch and watching the day come to its end, relaxed.

Want to see more???

The Monty Grand Victorian was only 12” x 30′

This grand Organic Cottage has a footprint on the ground of over 750 square foot with a loft above giving another 120 sf of living space under roof. That is almost 900 sf of floor space with a screened and glassed in back porch, open front porch, loft, and main living areas. Wow. Not a tiny house really but truly an organic cottage.

This is a special illusion wall w/2 closets, a trundle day bed, teeny loft, and designed to give the illusion of much greater size than it has. This is a 12′ wide x 13’2″ loft peak.

This is the Monty Grand Victorian.

Hard to see the big fridge, micro/convection oven, and the double countertop induction plate.




The screened and glassed in back porch can be heated and cooled, but with the glass out, as in when the tax man comes to visit, it will only be a screened back porch and those vintage glass sash inserts will be hard to find.



A trundle bed with two twins, or a King size bed, and closets on both sides.

The long hallway with storage, fold up table, and a look no other tiny house has.



A dollhouse stairway.

Such an entrance on your savings account, a place to live, to make an income you can live on till your ready to come home, to your tiny home that is, perhaps in the midst of ponds, gardens, trees, and away from the city.

The Monty Grand Victorian living area with custom rolling game table.

The screened and glassed in back porch can be heated and cooled, but with the glass out, as in when the tax man comes to visit, it will only be a screened back porch and those vintage glass sash inserts will be hard to find.


Top view of the Monty Kitchen

The Monty Grand Kitchen was one of the nicest of them all.

From the back porch looking in, the Monty is still a great looking house.

So the big Question? How much money to own this incredible one of a kind creation, yet to be lived in……$99,950 which is far less than I could build it for today, if I were still building them for people, which I am not.   What is rarer still, it is possible to also get this Organic Cottage Supreme with all the furnishings, pictures, decor, top of the line appliances, and nearly all things ready for instant living when it arrives.

While it may seem expensive to some people, the 2-3,000 man hours that went creating this house, the quality materials, and the craftsmanship of it will likely not be duplicated again.  One of my best pieces of House Art you can live in for the rest of your life if you choose to stay with it till then.

As I am not building any more for the public, this is a rare opportunity. Only one other house that I have built has ever been lived in and resold, twice over five years due to circumstances that forced a move, and the last time selling for twice the original sale price. Of 75 houses out on land, this will be the second to be offered up for resale.  I have some land I am selling where it could go for investment purposes combined with the buyers use if not desired for full time living which lets you depreciate it and make in come on it until the time you want to live in it.  That is an option, but no matter what, the house has to leave the land it is sitting on and the owners want that to happen by next year, January or close if possible so you get to save $40,000 off the original cost on this Jewelry Box House for the collectors of the most unusual Art in the World.

This is for showing by appointment only and then w/ qualifiers before showing it, such as having money in hand and not needing a bank loan to buy it, having a place to put it in advance or moving it to Salvage Texas is an option.  Then we can arrange an appointment for showing it to a potential buyer as it is on property where an appointment to get in is needed.  It is located in New Braunfels, Texas area, not here on my site in Luling.

Please contact for more information or to arrange a showing appointment.  512-636-6756


Estimates for moving it can be made if being shipped nearby in Texas as the porches fold down, and it goes on a trailer to ship.  Estimates for shipping  will be made based on destination.

Set up cost will also be based on destination as the team to do it will have to be assembled as per location demands. ($7,000 estimate for set up once on site)