Swimming in Color, playing with Space

From the kitchen to the Bathroom is a fantasy away.

Three different houses all made with wood still coming from the El Campos Salvage Expedition. ( See YOUTUBE videos for Pure Salvage Living Channel )

Another Sexy Bathroom window, though I don’t see alot of them in other Tiny Houses, I like them for the air flow they will provide.

The month of May is passing swiftly as we finish up some homes, and soon we will be shipping two of my favorite houses to Midland.  These beauties are some of the most colorful and creative yet, but that means nothing as we have even better in store ahead.   Please enjoy the images and imagine as you look what you could do with salvage to create your own tiny house as great as any I manifest.  You simply need to believe to achieve for that will fuel your passion and hope with the will it takes to make anything miraculous happen.

A new style of stairs for this TTH

This piece of art that will function as a stairwell already has Cypress, Mesquite, Oak, Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly Pine, and will still have other species in the treads.  My intent is always to include as many species of woods in my Artistic Land Arks for they entrap there in all of the records we need to someday take that DNA and use it to grow these trees again when the atmosphere and weather will support them.  My houses are not only Arks full of memories, they are also capsules for the Cosmic and spiritual energy, entrapped human energy that forms them, and the  examples of what human creativity can do with the gifts of our Mother Planet from which we human beings are all are equally composed.

The forms collide intentionally, to force our minds to think. 

Within these walls lie the story of our planets existence, weather for thousands of years, and the capsules of creative energy that manifested in colors of glass.  It is told in the story of the formed wood used for everything from building lumber to decorative elements created out of from trees that stood more than a hundred feet tall.

On the way to the Star Gazing Deck is a ball i hold in hand, sitting on a Black Walnut Newell and catching eyes that pass.

This tiny house holds the story of the ancestors who made the metal parts by hand or hard labor, hardware made from ore and formed by reaching temperatures few humans can even imagine, let alone form molten metal into hardware with the precision and artistic perfection you will see in hardware I use that is over 150 years old and still functioning perfectly.



The windows are the eyes to the reality we wish to see, or at least the ones we materialize each day.