T-shirts for the “Pure Salvage Living Renaissance” Statement

The Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living T-shirt Line Up

Here is a big batch of pictures that show the many slogans and styles of T-shirts and other cloth that we are applying our sayings to.  These are soft vintage shirts and clothes that we have added the logos and slogans to.  They are not new shirts made by poor young children in India or Bangladesh, not freshly imported with the formaldehyde and other chemicals on them so as to pass inspections for bugs and parasites that can travel with cotton otherwise.

These have all been freshly washed but clearly, not yet steamed, though they should be for the pictures.  We will attend to Steamer Training next but in the meantime, you can get a glimpse of the shirts, slogans, and ideas behind the TTH and PSL clothing line.

This is a check for size, stock, and flavor business and Chris   chriscook135@yahoo.com    is going to be in touch with everyone for every shirt near bouts unless we come up with a really good check out system for all of the one of a kind creations we will always be committed to focusing on rather than WIDGETS by the millions.

Stay tuned for pricing and purchase methods.  Credit cards, Paypal, and even old fashioned cash will be used as well as barter for purchase.  The latter is hard from afar, but easy if you come to SalvageFaire.  chriscook135@yahoo.com


Our slogans are intended to spread the word of Salvage Living and the solutions that it brings.

If you are interested in some of the shirts, please contact Chris at All different styles, only one of each so size is an issue.  Check with Chris is you want more information on any of the t-shirts at    chriscook135@yahoo.com and he will work with you direct for anything you are interested in for the shirts and  screen printing options.

Chris has literally created over 200 T-shirts, dresses, bags, and more with our slogans on.  If you would like one of them or to see more, please contact us or Chris and we will set you up.  Not your ordinary game of widgets as each is a one off and there are not a bunch in all sizes and colors.  What you see is what your get, just like the Tiny Texas Houses, no two will ever be exactly alike.


For the big boys and for the children, we have a hoard of sizes and we can handle fitting anyone, but the choices will be limited.

Thanks for looking and letting us know what you think.
We have never really touted any merchandise but this line of vintage clothes that we have now tagged to be messages of Salvage and Salvation so we hope you will help support us and spread the word by wearing it in public.


Hope you have a great day ahead.



Lots of styles but almost all of them are one size and one version. We do not offer multiple sizes and colors in each shirt as they are One offs.

I hope you enjoy the slogans and consider buying one of the t-shirts to support the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance and the Tiny Texas Houses movement.  We are dedicated to teaching others how to build not only a house, but a life out of Salvage.  The T-shirts are simply one more way of getting the word out that we have plenty if we simply use what we have until it is worn out rather than throw it away while it still has lots of life left in it.


The slogans can be applied to your favorite shirts too. You can send them in and Chris will screen them for you so that you get your favorite shirt and us together.


Howling for the Dream of a Tiny Texas House

Heavy cover for the colder climates.

Front and back, we’re always on the right side.

For the daring skin baring folks in the warm climate.

All different styles, only one of each so size is an issue. Check with Chris is you want more information on any of the t-shirts at chriscook135@yahoo.com

Nice colors and super soft because the cloth is nicely aged.

How about some sexy Night time Tiny Texas House whispers? Might get you a tiny HOuse of your own.

a bit brighter for the girl that wants to stand out a bit more than the rest of the crowd.

Pink and light for the light hearted sweety


Even if you are feeling a bit imprisoned by the system, here is a way to speak out if you can not break out. Break free of the Matrix.


Styling with the Royal Purple and TTH

Not just T-shirts for your pleasure.


Here we can actually say we are truly Green.

Major skin showing here, but the important part is on the shirt.

How about a night shirt so you have us in your dreams?

Here we go with color, and a busy look that will keep their eyes a roving.