Surprise, Monty Grand Victorian Is Coming Out Of Hibernation: And For Sale

Surprise, Monty Grand Victorian is coming out of hibernation: and For Sale

Imagine having a set of front doors like this on your IRA account, or your 401K. This is a physical asset, a house you can live in, share, and pass along even if the internet goes down, unlike your bank account, you will still be able to access it and survive thanks to it being a hard asset instead of a piece of paper. Plus, this will make you cash back in big chunks compared to tiny ones, or none, as we rent it out for the B&B, care for it, pay taxes on it, and keep it ready for the day you want to bail out of the city and relax, get away, and find a peace and simplicity that only an Organic Cottage like this Tiny Texas House can provide.
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