Want To Get The Materials Fronted To Build An Organic Cottage Business Under Our Flag??

Want to get the materials fronted to build an Organic Cottage Business under our Flag??

For the first time in history we have the ability to communicate and share facts, information, success, and issues around the world in hours, without pipelines of information being censored to the point of totally preventing progress in many fields of science and medicine. So to will the social change come, ... and the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance should be a part of it.
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Weekend Salvage Building Seminars:  Members Only

Weekend Salvage Building Seminars: Members Only

Yes, finally, we are going to offer a series of weekend Salvage Building Seminars. They will last for 4-6 weeks and will take the participants through the framing of the floor to the electrical, plumbing, and finish out of a small house. We will also be using one or two weeknights for training as well, likely Wednesday and Thursday. No charge to participate to members only who will be working physically but.....
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