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The “Loopholer Seminar” Is Filling Up Nicely, “Loopholeology” For Organic Cottage Creation

The “Loopholer Seminar” is filling up nicely, “Loopholeology” for Organic Cottage creation

So if you are one of the people who is looking to thrive in hard times, or to get around the rules and put yourself a house in the midst of your paradise without tripping off the rulers of the land, come to the Loopholer Seminar and learn how to get around them, if possible even how to build them with the intention of building for others, teaching others to build them too,
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For The Investors Large And Small, Not Solicitors All… Opportunity For The Right People…

For the Investors large and Small, not solicitors all… Opportunity for the right people…

What I simply seek is some help now to speed the next phase up rather than have it take too long to do the incredible good I foresee it can if implemented quickly, now that I have worked out the logistics, methodology, and path to making this a world changing ideology scalable so that all can benefit and profit from the industry this opens up for people across our nation.
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Imagine Your Retirement Fund, Penalty Free, Invested To Assure You Have A Tiny Texas House

Imagine your retirement fund, penalty free, invested to assure you have a Tiny Texas House

That means that since the sales tax was paid over a century ago when the house was built, and property taxes paid for over a hundred years while it was shaped like a house, the materials that would have gone to a dump get saved, and have officially been taxed to death. In the land fill, they do not have to pay any more taxes ever on the contents of the dump.
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