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Imagine Your Retirement Fund, Penalty Free, Invested To Assure You Have A Tiny Texas House

Imagine your retirement fund, penalty free, invested to assure you have a Tiny Texas House

That means that since the sales tax was paid over a century ago when the house was built, and property taxes paid for over a hundred years while it was shaped like a house, the materials that would have gone to a dump get saved, and have officially been taxed to death. In the land fill, they do not have to pay any more taxes ever on the contents of the dump.
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As The Stock Market Crashes And Banks Shutter, It’s Time To Invest In A Tiny House.

As the stock market crashes and banks shutter, it’s time to invest in a tiny house.

Thank you for thinking about downsizing, and doing so with as much salvaged materials as you can fit into your future homes and lives. This is the path that our parents would have had us take had we listened to their lessons learned from the depression in the 1930's. Instead it appears, we are about to repeat their experience if it is not already to late for the changes to have an impact if we start NOW.
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From Salvage Bootcamp In Harwood We Complete “the Retreat” In Manifestation Bay.

From Salvage Bootcamp in Harwood we complete “the Retreat” in Manifestation Bay.

While it may be possible to create portable sustainable and healthy houses using other methods, I contend that this methodology is the best example of Reuse without major reprocessing or energy costs up front, in fact banking energy savings more than any other building method on the planet at the moment due to the nearly 0 cost to create the many parts and pieces it takes to create a Tiny Texas House.
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