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Fund Raising Sale: 1/2 Price Organic Cottages For Investment @ 20% Return 10% Annual Dividends

Fund Raising Sale: 1/2 Price Organic Cottages for Investment @ 20% return 10% annual dividends

Invest in a Tiny Texas Organic Cottage on site for half the regular price, ergo $50,000 house for $25,000 which we lease back for 10 years while paying you $2,500 a year in quarterly dividends, giving you depreciation (10% annual payback), 30 days use of house a year (for you, friends, rent out on your own), and we take care of the maintenance, taxes, and have it ready when you come to visit.
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SalvageFaire Grows Closer To Becoming An Event Venue For Organic Living Event Center

SalvageFaire grows closer to becoming an event venue for Organic Living Event Center

I am looking for some great people to help manifest this Island of Free Thought in the middle of 3 of the biggest cities in Texas so we do have an opportunity for others to invest in some of the land or projects they would like to do and to also reap some of the rewards that lay ahead for creating this unique Market, event venue, and gathering point for the millions who live in the cities nearby.
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Saving The Best Of The Past Includes Our Body, So Here Is How We Salvage It And Build New

Saving the best of the past includes our body, so here is how we salvage it and build new

I hope you like the little video of what three years has wrought in me. This is a compilation of the different moves I have used to reach a state of physical fitness I have never known in my younger decades. I hope to be doing this into my 70's, 80' and more if the world around me allows. I hope to see you there with me. Here is the link to the Body, Mind, and Spirit Salvaging workout.
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