With New Porches On Both Sides Finished That Will Shed The Water And Let It Feed Some Great Sunflowers And Other Bird Food, Flowers, And People Food, We Are Getting Ready For Spring.  Not The High 70's And 80's Of This Coming Week, But The Other Spring A Few Weeks Further Away.  Heh!
Ooops, This One Is Not For Sale... Its Mine.

Tantra Temple gets some porches with hidden purpose…and is not Abandoned as announced!

A couple quick evening efforts and this is coming together nicely. Just a bunch of old lumber I had laying around that might have rotted in due time if not used once more. Here is a quick view of making due with what was in the pile, some great boards, some not, some Pine, Oak, Poplar, and mystery woods combined to create a watershed porch that add some more flavor to the house.

Would you believe someone posted this house as an Abandoned Tiny House of Texas. Imagine abandoning such a house as this one. The second picture they used in the false post for clicks site was also using the interior of the Vicki Zebu instead of the one for this house to add to the misrepresentation. What is the world of honor coming too? Clearly not one that includes the Truth for many people.

Temple Tantra is in the midst of a remodel, making spaces where I found I could, so soon there will be twice as much space to use even more efficiently while feeling more open.

Here you can see how well the door matches the windows, except the door has French Glue Chip glass around the border.


For those who have not seen this house before on the tour, it will be off the tour for a while after February, perhaps permanently so enjoy the pictures and the chance to come to the last tours with Tantra included. February 4th is not on the tour schedule this month of February because of the Shower seminar that will be keeping us plenty busy instead.