Born In 2006, This Is The First Of The Classic Series, Many Of Which Are Still Being Used As Part Of The BnB With Investors Owning The Houses Now. The LSD Lawyer Seized This House For Taxes Not Owed But Claimed By A Failing School System That Refuses To Do Better But Takes The Taxes Of Those Who Refuse To Support Failure Indefinitely Without Protesting.

Tax Man Mouse Traps are an interesting anomaly, a construct in progress, a story to be shared

The best book on Tiny Homes for shelter in the world, and our Red Mascot is on the cover. My first born organic cottage in the 80 house series unmatched throughout the world.

Tax Mouse Traps

Amazing all the ways we find to trap the rodents if we need,
Some look like food, attract with smell, or even feign to bleed.
We do the dance to lead them on, to get them to go here, 
and then we close the door and think of what we do, or dare.

Cut their heads off, drown them fast, or let them go away?
What do we do with rodents and the mice that want to stay?
Some will not go away and live a life free of our wrath,
and thus we have to take them out, to live another day.

So do not fear the rodents who could make us sick with fleas,
their bites are so avoidable, we need not their disease.
Indeed we need not have them in our lives unless we choose,
to let all things, both good and bad, become part of the news.

So news it is, the Tax Man comes,
He takes like rats that eat me raw,
but I shall trap him and then choose,
which way to show how he did lose.

His honor, love, and all things good,
left far behind to do this work,
to take from those who are afraid,
and taking children in its raid.

But treasure taken, poisoned well,
will lead rats to the water well,
for the thirst that can not thus be quenched,
they’ll drown from drinking to their death.

No way out of the well so deep,
when one trades soul for gold they keep,
too heavy to climb from below,
the rats die deep within the hole.


What is the door to opportunity when lying on the ground.  Until in place and ready to open, it appears to be of no value.  Indeed it is the prayer said before it is constructed that makes the house so fine.

For those following the tale of the Red Mascot sold to Martyr the cause of fighting the local school districts draconian tax collections methods and failure to perform. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a Poster Child Lawyer named Sergio who is taking the bait and making for the greatest tale of how an attorney can take my First Born Sustainably Build Organic Cottage, more recognized than any other sustainably built 95% Pure Salvage cottage in the world. Thank you for the attention you can help get to the cause that the Red Mascot stands for now, atop its other lofty perch.

Want to read a really delicious letter to the Tax lawyer:

My dear Poster Child for Tax Attorneys,

Thank you once more for your help in attracting attention to the cause for which I sacrifice my time and attention while incarnate.  Your selection of my First Born Organic Sustainable Cottage, the most visible example on the planet that has been on the front page of several major books, publications, and in a dozen other top-shelf magazines in America, Italy, and further.   I still plan to argue that you had no claim as the businesses had gone under on the ground, sold out all assets in the year they lost $250,000 before the tax report was due, no employees to open mail, respond to nonsense about owing taxes on things that were no longer owned by companies that had become virtual entities rather than physical businesses and used this address when formed, thus they retained it while not having any employees or operations for the last 3 years.  The events that have occurred were personal seminars to empower the poor and those wishing to build with salvage and that is my personal tools that are not taxable, and the things you see are trash, salvage, barter, with o cost thus no tax value to your master, the county, and school tax system.  My accounting in the last year of business shows all the inventory ever purchased had been expensed and sold, the remainder belonging to TTSH LLC which you never sent any notice to and had no cause as their assets are considered landfill, and this a living landfill.
As for the houses, well, as I said, you are a bit of a banana if you thought that house was not worth that tiny bit of money.  With five offers to buy over the weekend, I have selected the winner of this gift, sold at half its value, and the lady who is buying it will be going on video and we will follow as we carry on the Martyrdom of my First Born Red Mascot for the Tiny Texas Houses LLC series which I bought years ago from TTH to help fund their growth as a corporation, you know, the one that is not me which you refuse to allow to defend the corporations so far.  Heh.  Well, that entity went broke, deep in debt to me in fact, and you had no right to take anything from me to pay for their debt.  How you think you are declared a judge and jury and could tell me not to remove or move anything of the thousands of items on my property until you had your tax sale.  What an absurd idiotic thing to say in front of so many people, 7 sheriff deputies, 3 fellow attorneys, and other monkeys in the group that you brought to show off how much of a bully you thought you could be and intimidate or put me in a state of fear.  Did I look afraid to you my dear young man?
I am bringing you the money to pay this round of taxes and have the plan for the other which will be satisfying for the fodder it will add to the cannons I am about to unleash on you, your law firm, and the LSD school district that has taken such draconian measures without just cause to support its severe failure. YOU are indeed more than any man could have asked for, the best fish to catch and the bait, so easy to put in front of you, was indeed my dear child, my son Adam is watching from the heavens, my first born son agrees, my First Born house, created to give his generation an alternative and hope for sustainable housing.  You are providing me with tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars in free advertising, attention-grabbing headlines, and viewers who will love to call you out on this in the future.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Fair warned you have gone forward with this path in spite of all the attempts I made to get you to see the righteousness of my stand.  Instead you have taken every dirty path, pulled out everything to keep me from protecting the entities you are using to fund your wallet, feed your family, pay for your house, your SUV gas hog you sat in as I stared into your eyes, into your very cold heart, to see the much that binds you to the hell you live in, my pity and my blessings, but my anger was truly exhilerating and adrenal filled fun that I look forward to again, for in the end, it was indeed a chance to set you in your place in front of officers who respected me far more than you when it was done, for I know those men aside from that experience, veterans, and warriors, like me, who believe what you are doing is wrong, but it is their job to support you for the moment.  I look forward to the day you have to face them from the other side when you can not call they your attack dogs, but will have to be handled by them in the fashion you had hoped they would be.
Thank you for the theatrical opportunity, the chance to express the full breadth of my displeasure with your acts, you trembling in the roar and being able to do nothing as others watched your attempts to intimidate me with this threat of not moving anything on the property.  You should have seen yourself jump, your eyes widen, and your stiffened response awaiting the next bit of drama to entertain us all.  God, what fun.  Thank you.
So the boards have moved all over, my God the wind and weather took its toll, but alas I have the money from the sale of this fine house, and the other offers are still coming from around the world.  I will be bringing the funds to pay the taxes you do not deserve and proceed not with the legal pursuit of the taking of my personal asset, the threat of taking a clients house stored on site, the attacking of my reputation by calling him to slander and endanger my relationship with him by telling him I owe taxes which you claim, I deny, and that you would take his house as your claim in spite of my telling you it was not the corporate property.  So it goes Judge Sergio.
Now on to the details:?
Cashiers Check to whom:  and do you issue the release upon getting the funds.  Cash means you hand over the document at the time of transfer… so when do I meet the man, oops it might be you, so the person who might be able to handle such a task as receiving the money you claim is owed in spite of being told otherwise.
Where to deliver the check, cash, cashiers check, or blood money:
Thank you for your prompt response,
Thank you for the fun on Friday, and the great laughs retelling the story again and again.
Thank you for the fodder for the public relations cannons that are firing around the world, and you get to be one of the stars.
soon, the emails that document the story, the path we took to get to this space is nearly novelesk at this point, but truly a hoot to read I think, for those who love lawyer stories at least.  This is classic.
Please thank your partners too, for putting you in charge of picking the asset you would sieze.  How could we have asked and gotten that to happen without letting you know why?  We could not… so we had to get you to pick it yourself.  Thank you… they might have done more research to know what sort of Tar Baby you were grabbing on to.
Savor the day, it will get better and better as the week goes on, the traction is growing and the story is just getting started.
5 offers to buy it in the first 2 hours and you said it would not be worth the mere chunk of change you demanded from me for a corporation that had no assets on the site you came to, a mailing address for a cyber entity, a story of how to build houses that no longer exists on the ground.
Let us get this settled so that you do not have to come visit and have me arrested because you told the sheriffs that I should not move… not even move anything, board or nail, on the property until YOU had the TAX SALE to sell my personal property to pay for the taxes you claim on a company that had no assets to tax, no secretary, or employee to send back the mail, respond, or refute your claims or pay for an attorney.  You indeed know what you did and we will be sharing it, exploiting it for the rest of the game which has just now begun.