Temple Tantra finally gets her inner skin

 Here is my Temple Tantra as she comes to life within.  I am loving every moment of the fire that burns again.

The upstair is a changing, can you see yet what will be?

My hOMe is growing quickly 

My hOMe Sweet Home awaits me

though she is not quite complete.

we dream of nights together

when she gives me restful sleep.


We dream of where we’ll travel

far beyond the Earth and Sun,

to dimensions yet not seen by man,

to a dreamland full of fun.

You would not think this trim would fit, and yet it seems to go.
These came from Buffalo New York.


There are no limits to my mind,

nor to where my spirit goes,

As if the Cosmos is my yard,

full of wonders that it grows.

Looking to the far side of my hOMe where my bedroom soon will be. It’s a space I’ve built for no one else. I built it just for me.


I plan to travel lightly,

with my hOMe so tight and small

that no one will ever see me

but will simply hear my call.


Tis the call for others like me

who believe in what we are,

and the gift that God has given us

to reach out to the stars.

The bathroom door goes out the back to an outside porch for me where the shower will be with the sink, and also the Potty. (for sake of rhyme)


To call upon our brethren

other species near and far,

To join us in this challenge

to save Earth before its charred.


There are forces that would have us

pay for water, air, and food.

They would charge for anyone who comes

Yes the planet would be screwed.


Out the back door I will have a half walled porch with screens that will allow me to add stained glass if I ever feel the need.

So the time has come to take it back,

take charge of where we live.

Let’s stop the rich from hoarding,

to not take, instead to Give.


With Love and grateful actions,

with Gratitude and grace,

We could save our dearest planet,

We could bring on world Peace.

From the front view you can see she’s thin, a mere 3 meters wide, well actually 10′ on the outside by 23′ long, including porches top and all.


We could do the things called miracles,

through our actions all could change,

and the richest of the planet

Could be Human once again.


They could join us in this era,

Where we form back into One,

a World Union of Believers

in our chance to get it done.

Vicki Zebu is a favorite too, but I don’t feel the way I do for you. Dear Temple Tantra you are mine, no one else will be so fine.


So please look upon my images,

of Tiny Houses one and all.

For they carry with them seedlings

that will wake you to the call.


Please share them with your friends and foes,

let everyone taste some,

for the seedlings will grow into hope,

and passion soon will come.


Even this is not enough to leave behind my Tantra Hut., but in it I will fly by day, and speed around the world at play.

Soon after Love will light your world,

as you look to dreams you’ll find,

till they’re  growing all around the globe,

bringing sight to  those now blind.


Open up your eyes to what is free,

Open up your mind and heart.

Love the planet that supports us all,

It is time to do your part.

This is not the Tantra shower though it is so nice indeed.


So look upon my pictures,

See what could be all around,

Houses built from what we have on hand,

that through salvage can be found.


Then no one has to cut a tree,

to fire up a forge,

to make the houses that we need,

without feeding till we’re gorged.

The Arched Zebu “House of the Rising Sun” is cute indeed but still not won my heart. Tis my Tantra Temple that I love, and have so from the start.


Wake up my friends and join me.

This of what you give, not take.

Contribute to the future

of the life we want to make.


Let’s create a world that we would want,

If we had just been born,

Into the paradise of life,

that takes on so many  forms.


Vicki Zebu has some bathroom and it really is quite fine.

May we know each word,

each utterance

each Thought we turn to Act

is what will make the world aright

that is our only chance.


The words alone, both good and bad,

Will never change the world,

It is our daily acts from which

reality unfurls.


This looks like some sweet fantasy, indeed it is, tis one by me.

We tell a tale with what we say,

change the world with what we do.

If I could just do more with less

I may still prove this True.


More happiness resides within

the tiniest of homes

than mansions in the mountaintops,

the fortresses of stone.

Sometimes I wonder how it is this reflection I can see, is it really someone inside looking out the glass at me?


The friends that visit cozy

nestled in your home with you,

are most likely all the friends you need

to share your space and food.


For big events go elsewhere,

bigger kitchens you can find,

and the space to seat a dozen

for occasions now and then.

I love the mix of old and true with modern pieces I make new.


I do not need a mansion,

Nor need much that is new.

the only things I need in life:

my Friends, my Love, my Truth.


Darby 2013


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