The Biggest Tent Is Only 100 Feet Long, But There Are A Few.  Want A Dry Vendor Space For A Really Good Price For A 6 Month Or 1 Year Super Price?  Help Us Get This Ramped Up By Joining Us Early And Get Many Rewards Down The Line.

Tents are up, Vendors Call out, Salvage Materials booths already getting set up

Yes, just aq quick note to remind you that we will be setting Salvagefaire up for weekend Flea Markets for all things Salvaged, Created in America New but with sustainable materials, all antiques, organic living goods, prepper paraphenalia, and with the option to barter your way to doors, windows, flooring, and much more.  Check out the tents, gigantic so that the event can happen rain or shine.  Spaces for vendors under tents until we can create their own Salvage Art Installation vendor space with the free materials Darby will supply to artistically create a year round market place for all things created with human energy, imagination, and ingenuity.

Had a tear and had to go backwards, then re-seam the section back on.

40’x70′ and a 40’x100′, a 30’x60′, a couple 20’x20′, 5 15’x15′, and more….

Which one to put the Door Maze in?????

This is how they go up,

The guys look tiny under such a big tent. We will have some trapeze artists perhaps with at tent big enough for circus acts now.

The biggest tent is only 100 feet long, but there are a few. Want a dry vendor space for a really good price for a 6 month or 1 year super price? Help us get this ramped up by joining us early and get many rewards down the line.

Now which tent do I use to put up the “Amazing Door Maze” with 500-1,000 doors to start with in October, and maybe growing it into the next year.

The guys look tiny under such a big tent. We will have some trapeze artists perhaps with at tent big enough for circus acts now.

You can see the tents from Dungeon Alley.

Behind Heath is the building for the Haunted House that leads into Dungeon Alley.

scary, deep, and full of trepidation… Dungeon Alley is going to be dark, underground, and likely scary for the average victim…. hehe


Please visit the site at and check out the specials on vendor spaces, Spooky camping spaces, the House of Insanity, and other great opportunities to put on your event at Salvage, Texas too.  contact or  for more info on spaces under the tents as vendors or most especially, planning those car and motorcycle rallies for the month of Halloween when it cool to drive and get together with old friends.



Open your minds to the Possibilities of Salvaging Mind, Body, Spirit, and Home now that the old ones have been left behind.